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Powers and Stats

Tier: 6-C, Low 2-C with Giga Slave | Low 2-C

Name: Lina Inverse/The Pink/Dramata/Dragon spooker/Little girl with little breasts/Scares the dragon from its nest/Enemy of all who live

Origin: Slayers

Gender: Female

Age: 14 (beginning of the series) - 18 (Slayers Evolution R)

Classification: Human Sorceress

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength and speed, Blessed, Magic with specialization in Black Magic and Fire Magic and some degree on Astral, Wind and Healing, decent skill in martial arts, true flight, contact with the Lord of Nightmares for Chaos Magic, autobarriers depending on the spell as well as force field spells, some mind manipulation capabilities, can attack non-corporeal beings as well as those in other dimensions, can summon golems, animals, and other creatures (which is also helpful in escaping dimensional sealing)

Attack Potency: Island levelUniverse level+ with Giga Slave | Universe level+

Speed: Superhuman, Subsonic flight speed. Subsonic+ reactions/reflexes

Lifting Strength: Class 5

Striking Strength: Wall ClassUnknown

Durability: Island level, at least Galaxy level with barrier (Hellmaster Phibrizzo could not break through the Giga Slave barrier) | Unknown

Stamina: Superhuman (Can run long distances and battle using high level magic for a good amount without tiring) | Limitless

Range: Several hundred meters normally, several kilometers with Dragon Slave | Universal

Standard Equipment: Demon Blood Talismans (these talismans channel the power of 4 universal destroyer dark lords and can be used to cast more spells, boost a spell's power or allow the user to have a better degree of control over a spell), a black dragon beard headband that protect against mental attacks, a short sword

Intelligence: A high level of intelligence for human standards, good understanding of magic and combat tactics and strategy, very hard to trick (unless you're using treasure and food)

Weaknesses: Lina possesses all peak human normal weaknesses.

Dexterity: Extremely proficient in the use of magic and trained in close quarters combat.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Shamanistic Astral

  • Blast Ash: The caster makes a black void appear in a certain area, and anything alive or possessing an astral body is turned into ash. Inanimate objects such as the ground, buildings and equipment are not affected; the spell has an effect of a relatively large area, making this one of the few black magic spells which can be used in cramped alleys and town squares.
  • Elmekia Lance: The weakest of the spells which solely affect astral targets; the lance of light created by this spell can knock an opponent out on a direct hit, but does not deliver serious astral damage, although the target's mental strength (and so his ability to concentrate on spells) might be weakened for a while.
  • Elmekia Flame: (Japanese: 烈閃咆エルメキア・フレイム, Kanji translation: Violent Flash Roar, Romaji: erumekia fureimu) is an offensive spell belonging to astral shamanistic magic. Its possible connections to the Elmekian Empire are unknown. This spell is a significantly more powerful version of the Elmekia Lance, even the incantations are similar. However, this spell manifests itself as a pillar of light which engulfs the target, meaning that targeting the spell is easier. The astral damage caused by this spell is big enough for a human's mental component to be torn asunder.
  • Shadow Snap: The spell is usually cast on a small object, which then can be thrown at the opponent's shadow. If the object lands on it, it causes the shadow to be frozen in place, preventing its owner from moving. The target can still breathe, speak (and therefore cast spells), but is otherwise held completely rigid and motionless. Despite this, the spell cannot be used to stop a person from falling because it only affects the astral plane and not the physical world.

Shamanistic Air

  • Bomb Di Wind: A shamanic air spell. Creates a powerful gust of wind via compressing air in an area and releasing it at high speeds. Can be used for several purposes, from uprooting trees to leveling a medium-sized building to making sailboats move.
  • Ray Wing: a shamanic air spell. Creates a vortex of air around the caster, which can be used for flight. It can be also used as a means of shielding the caster from physical attacks, and can be even used to breath underwater.

Shamanistic Fire

  • Blast Bomb: A high-level shamanic fire spell. The spell is considered to be one of Lina's most powerful spells(aside from the Dragu Slave, the Laguna Blade and the Giga Slave). Creates a battery of fist-sized flare orbs which explodes upon impact. There are different ways to cast this spell; while it's raw damage exceeds that of the Dragu Slave it is limited to the material plane. In addition, like the Dragu Slave, it requires a lot of magic/mana from the caster.
  • Burst Flare: (Japanese: 裂火球バースト・フレア , Kanji translation: Rend Fire Ball, Romaji: bāsuto furea) is the strongest fire shamanistic spell castable by a human without amplifying her bucket capacity. A ball of light appears in the targeted area, and in the next instant the ball bursts, raising a tongue of blue-white flame. The flames can melt even a golem made of metal with ease. Against a human, not even the bones will remain. This spell can have a very large blast radius, unless the caster explicitly focuses on keeping its destructive power in check. Burst Flare can be used to counter its ice counterpart, Vice Freeze; if the two spells collide, they vanish with a loud explosion, leaving thick fog behind.
  • Fireball: A simple shamanic fire spell that just deals material plane damage, Lina has modified this spell to be able to detonate at her will.
  • Flare Arrow: A simple shamanic fire spell which creates a fiery arrow of flame. Usually Lina creates more than one Flare Arrow on each occasion, and has been shown to create flare arrows from a different direction, as opposed to from her hand/finger.
  • Flare Lance: A relatively high-level shamanic fire spell. Creates a pillar/spear/lance of flame which is then thrown at the target. It is apparently more powerful than the standard fireball spell, and has a wider area of effect.
  • Vice Flare: (Japanese: 炎裂砲ヴァイス・フレア , Kanji translation: Flame Rend Cannon, Romaji: vaisu furea) is an offensive spell belonging to fire shamanistic magic. The spell is a stronger version of Val Flare; the Flare Arrow-like projectile deals considerably more damage on a larger area. Vice Flare should never be cast indoors; if used irresponsibly, the spell can seriously damage the caster as well.

Shamanistic Earth

  • Dill Brand/Dill Brando: A shamanic earth spell which sends objects and the like flying upwards at high speeds, with the caster as the center of the spell. The shock wave itself isn't lethal, although landing on a bad spot can render people unconscious.
  • Mega Brand/Mega Brando: A shamanic earth spell which is identical to Dill Brand/Dill Brando, but with increased area of effect.
  • Vu Vreimer/Vu Vraimer: A shamanic earth spell. Creates a golem which can be commanded to fight for the caster. Since this is a basic summoning spell, the golem has limited intelligence, and can only be told to do simple commands.

Shamanistic Water

  • Demona Crystal: (Japanese: 霊氷陣デモナ・クリスタル , Kanji translation: Spirit Ice Ranks, Romaji: demona kurisutaru)

The spell causes thick, cold fog to appear from the ground, and suddenly freeze anything within. Since the fog comes out of the ground, only battle-scarred veteran adventurers can dodge this spell.

  • Vice Freeze: (Japanese: 氷魔轟ヴァイス・フリーズ , Kanji translation: Ice Demon Roar, Romaji: vaisu furīzu) is an offensive spell belonging to water shamanistic magic. It is the strongest known water spell a human can use without artificially enlarging their bucket capacity. The spell is the ice counterpart of Burst Flare. It causes a ball of ice to appear in the target area, which, upon bursting, covers its surroundings in ice. It can also be used to counter Burst Flare; if the two spells collide, they vanish with a loud explosion, leaving thick fog behind.

White Magic

  • Lighting (Japanese: 明り, Kanji translation: Light, Romaji: raitingu): The spell creates a ball of light which is about as bright as a street lamp. Normally the duration of this spell is 2-3 hours, but by shortening the duration the spell can be made brighter. A blinding flash of light, for example, can be made by decreasing the duration to a split-second.
  • Recovery (Japanese: 治癒, Kanji translation: Be at peace Healing, Romaji: rikabarī): The spell actually does not heal the target directly, but rather hastens his or her natural healing rate, which makes wounds close and disappear in a matter of minutes or seconds, depending on the seriousness of the injury. However, such a process is exhausting for the human body, and therefore casting Recovery on someone who is already weak because of injury or illness will do more harm than good; the recipient may very well die. Furthermore, the spell also affects any bacteria or viruses inside the target's body, so casting it on a diseased person may actually worsen the disease.

Black Magic

  • Assher Dis: This single-target spell is designed to attack undead. Most undead creatures such as vampires will disintegrate on contact, leaving only a small quantity of black dust behind.
  • Dragon Slave/Dragu Slave/Drag Slave: A spell that takes the power of the resident demon lord Ruby Eye Shabranigdu, the spell takes the form of a red blast with destruction capability of Citybuster+, this spell affects both the material plane and the astral plane, which means the damage it does to the material plane it also does to a spiritual level, capable of damaging noncorporeal creatures and souls (The strongest version of the spell can destroy a mountain and further boosted with the demon blood talismans).
  • Garv Flare/Gaav Flare: The caster releases a beam of red flame, which has a limited homing ability. While it is a single target spell, Garv Flare is powerful enough to pierce through most opponents and damage anyone who might be standing behind it.

Chaos Magic

  • Ragna Blade/Laguna Blade: Calls forth the power of the Lord of Nightmares in the shape of a sword (varies greatly in the novels, the length its about a long sword), this sword can cut material things and those in other dimensions, so far it has cut Mazoku Lords and even the weapons of light. Also called Laguna Blade.
  • Giga Slave: The Giga Slave may very well be the very most powerful spell of all time, the perfect version's power annihilating anything unfortunate enough to be in its way. Even the imperfect version of the spell was able to destroy a piece of Ruby Eye Shabranigdu. Casting the spell is very dangerous, however, should the caster fail to cast it properly or lose control of it even once, the spell would destroy the entire universe.


There are 3 instances in which Lina has employed outside sources of power:

One was in the ghost city chapter when she was possessed by the Lord of Nightmares The other was during the legend of the aqua lord where the air lord granted her his power. And last one was on the evolution - R manga when she was possessed by Ruby Eye Shabranigdu but was rescued by Lord of Nightmares before her soul was consumed.

Note 2:

During the course of the series it has been noted that she fears 3 things; the first and primarily being her sister (Luna Inverse), the second being slugs (it was rumored that this was because Luna punished Lina using slugs) and third being fish people, although this was only apparent on the first anime/season.

Further info at KanzakaDex:

Key: Normal | Avatar of the Lord of Nightmares



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