Lilith is a character from Nightside. Lilith herself says that the Biblical myth is just a parable and not the truth, but her story is still compelling. The first woman created by God, she refused to bow down and accept Adam's authority. So she was removed from Eden and cast down into Hell where she lay with the demons there and gave birth to the most awful creatures, those who later turn out to be most of the inhabitants of the Street of Gods during the war.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Ranges between 4-A to 3-C, likely much higher

Name: Lilith

Origin: Greenverse - Nightside

Gender: Female

Age: At least thousands of years old

Classification: First woman created; Creator of the Nightside

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Reality Warping, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Time Manipulation, Cross-Dimensional and Universal Travel, Pocket Dimension Manipulation/Creation, Probability Manipulation, Teleportation, Immortality (Types 1, 3, and 4), Regeneration (Low-Godly), Spatial Manipulation, Acausality, Soul Manipulation, Elemental Manipulation, very knowledgeable of magical forces, Matter Manipulation/Creation, Incorporeal, Existence Erasure (Can erase beings from existence or banish them to Heaven or Hell)

Attack Potency: Ranges between Multi-Solar System level to Galaxy level at full capacity for her avatar (Created the Nightside which is large enough to contain thousands of stars never seen outside of it; in an alternate timeline she and John were engaged in a war that extinguished many of said stars), likely much higher with her true form

Speed: Unknown, likely Superhuman

Lifting Strength: Superhuman

Striking Strength: Superhuman

Durability: Unknown (The physical form seen in books is just an avatar; noncorporeal nature), immortality, and regeneration make her difficult to kill)

Stamina: Near limitless

Range: At least Interstellar; powers function across time and dimensions

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Very knowledgeable of things ranging from the universe's beginnings to now

Weaknesses: Needs John as an anchor in reality to prevent her from being sent to Limbo by opposing forces; Same link between the two can be used to weaken her to pull off the same result; avatar still significantly weakened in what was her current state; the fact that she needs an avatar to operate in more limited realities like our universe

Notable Attacks/Techniques :

First and foremost she created the Nightside, a dimension with thousands of stars unseen outside of them.

1) “I was young,” said Lilith. “You know how it is. We all do things we later regret, when we’re being rebellious teenagers. Anyway, I got over that phase, and after travelling extensively through the many levels of reality, seeing the sights and working out my options, I finally ended up in the world of men. Not that men had made much of an impression on the place, in those days. Beings and Forces still walked freely, and a new legend was born every minute. I created the Nightside, a world within a world, in a place the Romans would later name Londinium. Interesting people, the Romans. A very savage form of civilisation. Some of them worshipped me, and I let them."

2) “Careful!” I said loudly in her ear. “Some of those things aren’t really cars. And some of them are hungry.”

But she wasn’t listening to me. She’d looked up at the sky, and her upturned face was full of wonder and awe. I smiled, and looked up too. Deep deep black, the sky, falling away forever, blazing with the light of thousands and thousands of stars, far more than you’d ever seen above any earthly city, dominated by a full moon a dozen times larger than the poor pallid thing Joanna was used to seeing. I’ve never been sure whether the moon really is bigger in the Nightside, or whether it’s just closer. Maybe someday someone with serious money will hire me to find out.

3) The night sky was brilliant with stars, laid out in constellations never seen outside the Nightside, while the full moon was a dozen times larger than most people are used to.

The very nature of said dimension was passively imbued with the ability to severely weaken any Angels and Demons who stepped into it.

4) “We cannot simply walk into her city and destroy her,” said Gabriel. “Lilith has designed her creation so that simply by entering it, all emissaries of Heaven and Hell would be terribly weakened.”

Cockblocked the effects of Madman's reality warping with fair ease.

5) It was as though an earthquake had hit the place. Tables and chairs danced and clattered on the juddering floor. The walls bowed in and out, the solid stone flexing unnaturally. Strange colours came and went, and sounds that made no sense. Distance became uncertain and unreliable, and things were both close and far away at the same time. Directions changed without warning. Madman’s hold on reality was weakening again, and reality around him weakened as well. Merlin’s great oak tree slammed back into the bar again, taking up the middle of the room; and then it was a tower built of stained and discolored bones, and then it was gone again. Cracks crawled jaggedly across the floor, opening wide to show vast watching eyes. I could hear things scuttling across the outer walls of our perception. Things that wanted in.

“That’s enough of that,” Lilith said sharply.

And just like that, everything was still and normal again. Madman’s projected unreality was immediately suppressed, the bar snapping back into sharp focus as Lilith’s super-presence stabilized the world, and him.

Intercepted and influenced John, Suzie, and Tommy's journey through time.

6) “I take it we are still in the Nightside?” Suzie said suddenly. “I mean, for all we know this kind of s*** is normal in the sixth century.”

I pointed up at the night sky. Even through the drifting smoke, the crowded constellations of brilliant stars still burned like diamonds in the dark, and the oversized full moon looked down like a huge unblinking eye.

“All right,” said Suzie. “Let’s be logical about this. Who is there, powerful enough to intercept a journey through Time? Powerful enough to override Old Father Time himself and send us here? That’s got to be a pretty short list.”

“Just the one,” I said, feeling the anger pulse briefly again. “Lilith. Dear Mother. I should have known she’d be watching me. I think perhaps … she’s always watching me now.”

Stated that the form seen and confronted throughout her tenure is just an avatar she projected into reality.

7) I remembered the man called Madman, who Saw the world and everything in it more clearly than most, saying that the Lilith we saw and experienced was only a limited projection into our reality of something much greater and more complex. We only saw what we could stand to see. He also said that the human Lilith was really just a glorified glove puppet that she manipulated from afar.

Sent whole churches and temples in the Street of the Gods straight to Hell.

8) She walked in glory down the Street of the Gods, treading the air high above the conflict that surged back and forth, while lesser beings raged beneath her. Wherever she passed, churches and temples and cathedrals juddered and shook themselves to pieces, and were swallowed up by the ground breaking apart beneath them. Lilith was sending them all to Hell, by the direct route. Gods and followers caught within these sanctuaries, too scared to come out and face Lilith, died screaming.

Implied that in a war in an alternate timeline, she and John might have "broke" Time itself.

9) “It’s hard to keep track of time any more,” said Jessica, in a voice like a shell-shocked child. “There’s no way of measuring it, you see. There are no days, the night never ends, and watches don’t work even though there’s nothing wrong with them. Perhaps you and Lilith broke Time, during the War…”

No sold Merlin's attempt to BFR her.

10) Merlin tried to open up interspatial trapdoors under Lilith’s feet, to drop her into some other, dangerous dimension, that she’d have to fight her way back from…but Lilith just walked right over them, as though they weren’t there. And perhaps for her, they weren’t. She was Lilith, imprinted on the material world by an effort of her own will, and he was only a dead sorcerer.

Note: Not to be confused with the similarly named characters from Darkstalkers and Supernatural.


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