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Lifting Strength is defined as the mass that an individual can lift. Pushing, pulling, and tearing feats are also considered a part of this statistic. It may or may not be dependent on Striking Strength.

Lifting Strength Levels

Below average: 0 to 50 kg

Regular Human: 50 to 80 kg (The mass of an adult human, or a large dog)

Above average human: 80 to 120 kg (The mass of a washing machine, or a tumble dryer)

Athletic human: 120 to 227 kg (The mass of a mature lion)

Peak human: 227 to 454 kg (Olympic weight-lifters)

Superhuman: ? (Any level above peak human that is for the most part unknown)

Class 1: 454 to 1000 kg

Class 5: 1000 to 5000 kg (Capable of lifting small trucks, etc.)

Class 10: 5000 to 10^4 kg (The mass of an adult elephant)

Class 25: 10^4 to 2.5x10^4 kg (The mass of Big Ben's bell, a truck, a large motorboat)

Class 50: 2.5x10^4 to 5x10^4 kg (The mass of a semi-trailer truck)

Class 100: 5x10^4 to 10^5 kg (The mass of a tank)

Class K: 10^5 to 10^6 kg (The mass of the largest animal: blue whale, the heaviest of air-crafts)

Class M: 10^6 to 10^9 kg (The mass of the largest ship, small pyramids)

Class G: 10^9 to 10^12 kg (The mass of the human world population, the largest man-made structures)

Class T: 10^12 to 10^15 kg (The mass of the heaviest mountains)

Class P: 10^15 to 10^18 kg (The mass of small moons or small asteroids)

Class E: 10^18 to 10^21 kg (The mass of the atmosphere of the Earth)

Class Z: 10^21 to 10^24 kg (The mass of large moons or small planets)

Class Y: 10^24 to 10^27 kg (The mass of larger planets)

Pre-stellar: 10^27 to 2x10^29 kg (The mass a solid object can reach before the gravitational collapse to a small star)

Stellar: 2x10^29 to ? kg (The mass of a smaller star up to a solar system)

Multi-Stellar: (The mass of multiple stars or solar systems)

Galactic (The mass of a galaxy)

Multi-Galactic (The mass of multiple galaxies)

Universal (The mass of a universe or multiple physical universes)

Infinite (Countably infinite strength by 3-dimensional standards)

Immeasurable (Beyond 3-Dimensional concepts of mass: 4D hypermass lifting level and above. Meaning: Level Low 2-C to High 1-B.)

Irrelevant (Beyond all dimensional scale. Meaning: Tier 1-A and above.)

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