The Landmaster is a tank used by Fox McCloud and designed by Slippy Toad in the Star Fox series of video games. It has an alternative heavy-jet transformation known as the Gravmaster.

The Landmaster tank was originally being developed by Space Dynamics Co., Ltd. as an armored exploration vehicle. However, when the Star Fox Team required a land based combat vehicle, it was converted by adding stronger battle armor and weapons systems. The only prototype is now part of the Star Fox Team's arsenal. Although primarily a ground-based assault weapon, the Landmaster can also hover for a short time, and can roll from side to side to help it avoid land mines and enemy attacks. Since Corneria's defense forces do not have a tank corps, the Star Fox Team's Landmaster is the only vehicle that can do the job.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least High 8-C, likely High 6-A

Name: Landmaster

Origin: Star Fox

Age: Unknown

Classification: Tank

Wielders: Star Fox Team

Powers and Abilities: Hovering (limited flight), Speed boosters, Laser cannon, Can do a barrel roll for evasion, Can transform into the Gravmaster for aerial combat

Attack Potency: At least Large Building level (Destroyed large formations of metal, destroyed an Aparoid that had this size), likely Multi-Continent level (Stated to have more firepower than the Arwing)

Speed: Subsonic (207 kilometers per hour with the booster)

Durability: At least Large Building level, likely Multi-Continent level (Has stronger defenses and armor than the Arwing)

Range: Hundreds of yards

Standard Equipment:

  • T&B-H1 Laser cannon with homing charged shots.
  • Smart Bomb launcher.
  • Missile Launchers.

Weaknesses: A lot less mobile compared to the Arwing.



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