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Stopping to dirty tricks is a mage's role. My kind just fights where and when we're told.
~ Lancer, to Rin


Lancer is the Lancer-class Servant of Bazett Fraga McRemitz during the Fifth Holy Grail War, but he becomes Kirei Kotomine's Servant after he ambushes Bazett and steals her Command Seals.

His true name is Cú Chulainn, Ireland's legendary Child of Light, a great hero of the Ulster Cycle. A demigod, the son of the mortal woman Deichtine, the younger sister of King Conchobar mac Nessa, and Lugh, the god of the sun. He was born Sétanta, taking on his best-known name after slaying the guard dog of the master blacksmith Culann. Ashamed of his actions, he offered to become Culann's guard dog to make up for this loss, and was ever since known as "Culann's savage dog".

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-B, 7-A with the Soaring Spear that Strikes with Death, higher with runes. | 7-A, higher with the Soaring Spear that Strikes with Death and runes.

Name: Lancer, Cú Chulainn, Sétanta, the Child of Light.

Origin: Fate/stay night

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Classification: Lancer-class Servant, Heroic Spirit, Demigod

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Enhanced Senses (Heard Shirou breathing from forty meters away), Master Spearman and Combatant, Rune Magic (Allows for Forcefield Creation, Elemental Manipulation, Healing, Clairvoyance, Magic Resistance and temporary boosts to his Noble Phantasms and parameters), Pseudo-Precognition against projectiles (Can easily predict the trajectories of projectiles by sensing an enemy's killing intent or hearing the sound of the air being cut), Regeneration Negation and Causality Manipulation with Gáe Bolg (The Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death possesses the concept of "always pierces the opponent's heart", allowing it to reverse causality so the effect of the target's heart being pierced occurs before the cause of the attack in addition to making wounds it inflicted difficult to heal by inhibiting it), the Soaring Spear that Strikes with Death distorts space to split into thirty spearheads and homes in on its target, can temporarily fight on even with lethal injuries, is an expert at slaying monsters, Soul Manipulation (All Servants can consume souls to replenish their mana), Intangibility and Invisibility in spirit form, Immunity to Modern Weapons (Servants are Divine Mysteries that cannot be harmed by modern weapons such as guns, knives, or bombs unless they are infused with a supernatural aspect or possess a certain amount of age), Resistance to Magic (Including effects such as Petrification, Spatial Manipulation, and Mind Manipulation), Regeneration (Mid-Low; all Servants have regenerative capabilities)

Attack Potency: At least City level+ (Fought against every Servant of the Fifth Holy Grail War, including Saber and Assassin, while being forced to hold back due to Kirei's Command Seal. Casually overwhelmed Archer in their second fight during Unlimited Blade Works), Mountain level with the Soaring Spear that Strikes with Death (It broke through all seven layers of Archer's Rho Aias, which the original had blocked Durindana, though this may have been due to a battle of concepts), higher with runes (He'd have a small chance of winning against Berserker through ranking-up his strength and Noble Phantasms). The Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death ignores conventional durability (It reverses cause and effect to bypass barriers and always strike its target's heart). | Mountain level (When summoned in Europe, or, more specifically, Ireland, his strength is at his peak, making him superior to Diarmuid at his peak and comparable to Saber and Berserker at their peaks), higher with the Soaring Spear that Strikes with Death and runes. The Barbed Spear that Pierces with Death ignores conventional durability.

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Superior in speed to Saber and Gilgamesh as the fastest Servant of the Fifth Holy Grail War alongside Rider, surpassing her in short burst speed. Casually blitzed Archer and is able to break through the latter's guard when not being held back, and should be comparable to his prototype self).

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman (Even the weakest Servants are stronger than the finest humans)

Striking Strength: At least City Class+ | Mountain Class

Durability: At least City level+, Mountain level with runic barriers (Stated to be able to block a great Noble Phantasm) | Mountain level, higher with runic barriers

Stamina: Very high (He was able to fight against Gilgamesh for half a day despite being utterly outmatched, and his Battle Continuation allows him to survive lethal wounds and keep on fighting, allowing him to stay alive and continue acting even after he was forced to stab himself in the heart with Gáe Bolg. Was thought to be able to do six battles in a row, provided that they are done in 1-on-1 fashion).

Range: Extended melee range, further with runes, Tens of Kilometers with the Soaring Spear that Strikes with Death (Lancer can throw it from forty kilometers away).

Standard Equipment: His spear, Gáe Bolg

Intelligence: As Ireland's Child of Light and a shining existence on par with King Arthur and Heracles, Lancer possesses incredible combat ability, killing Culann's fierce guard hound as a child even before being properly trained, and slaying five thousand of Medb's soldier everyday after finishing his training with Scáthach in the Land of Shadows. He prefers to fight with his full power as a warrior, using his beast-like agility to fight with intensity while showing no vulnerabilities in his spear technique, utilizing every part of the spear to attack his opponents while leaving few opportunities to counter-attack, allowing him to close in on foes despite the disadvantage it would normally create for a spear wielder. While Lancer is a skilled offensive fighter, he is even better when fighting defensively, being able to survive a battle with every Servant, including the monstrously powerful Berserker while being prevented from going all out due to a Command Spell. When using his true ability while fighting Archer during their second battle in Unlimited Blade Works, he managed to completely overwhelm him, with Archer only surviving due to having fought Lancer previously. Despite his reputation as a fearsome warrior, Lancer is also a master of rune magic, having mastered the use of the original eighteen Norse Runes with enough proficiency to qualify for the Caster class. Due to this, he is highly experienced in thaumaturgy, easily determining the quality and origin of the Blood Fort Andromeda. In addition, Lancer is also an expert monster hunter, giving him great comparability against monsters or those who can become monsters or were monsters in the past (i.e. Rider).

Weaknesses: Lancer is somewhat arrogant and has a "warrior's dignity". He can be goaded into using the Soaring Spear as opposed to the Barbed Spear (such as when Archer insulted his pride) and doing so will drain most of his mana reserves, leaving him unable to use Barbed Spear or Soaring Spear until he takes the time to recharge. The Barbed Spear can potentially be avoided if Lancer's opponent is sufficiently lucky or has a degree of divine protection. The Soaring Spear can be potentially intercepted by a sufficiently powerful bulwark like Rhos Aias, a conceptual defense against thrown or launched projectiles.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Noble Phantasms

  • Gáe Bolg
  • Moon Cell version

Gáe Bolg: An ominous cursed spear given to Cú Chulainn by Scáthach following his training in the Land of Shadows and his most famous Noble Phantasm. A red spear as long as two meters, it was created from the skull of a great beast, Curruid. Additionally, it is said to have descended from both the Norse God Odin's "Gungnir" and the lance "Brionac: The Five Roaring Stars" wielded by the Celtic God of Light and Cú's father Lugh. Due to its length and size, it was said that no one but Cú Chulainn himself was powerful enough to wield and throw it, where it would also split into countless thornheads that will skewer the enemy upon hitting its target. In some Celtic Myths, it was even said that Cú threw the spear by the fork of his toes to increase its power; the technique also being named as "Gáe Bolg". In Fate, the spear has two unique functions that can even classify them as separate Noble Phantasms themselves:

  • Lancer using the Barbed Spear against Saber
  • Lancer using the Barbed Spear in the original visual novel
  • Lancer using the Barbed Spear in Fate/Unlimited Codes
  • Lancer using the Barbed Spear in Fate/Extra
  • Lancer using the Barbed Spear in Fate/Grand Order
  • Lancer using the Soaring Spear against Archer
  • Lancer using the Soaring Spear in the original visual novel
  • Lancer using the Soaring Spear in Fate/Unlimited Codes
  • Lancer using the Soaring Spear in Fate/Extella

Unnamed Noble Phantasms: In Ireland, Lancer would also have access to a rare castle Noble Phantasm, a chariot, and a "Blessing of Wakefulness".

Class Skills

  • Magic Resistance: An ability that grants protection against magical effects. As opposed to the Resistance effect, which merely rejects Magical Energy, this ability cancels the spells altogether. Lancer's C Rank cancels spells with a chant below two verses, but cannot defend against Magecraft on the level of High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals.

Personal Skills

  • Battle Continuation: A skill that reflects one's exceptional vitality and endurance, allowing the user to fight on despite grievous wounds and to never give up even when defeated. Cu's high rank of this skill relates to his legend where, following the suffering various geas placed upon him via the acts of Queen Medb and of grievous wounds from fighting off her army, tied himself to a post to help himself stand upright before taking his final breath. Thus with A-rank Battle Continuation it makes it possible for him to fight even with deadly injuries and will remain alive for as long as he does not receive a decisive fatal wound, such as having his heart or head completely destroyed though he is shown to have great determination as he was able to last a little longer even after being ordered to commit suicide by stabbing his heart. In the Moon Cell, however, this was ranked down to C due to his master boosting his Endurance to A, thus lowering the skills effectiveness.
  • Disengage: The ability to break away from combat. Due to having C Rank proficiency in this skill, it also has the bonus ability to return the conditions of a fightback to what they were at the beginning.
  • Divinity: The measure of one's Divine Spirit aptitude, reflected in high ranks by the user becoming part Divine Spirit. At A-rank, it is even an indicator as one who has reached the Throne of Gods. Additionally, it possesses another effect that allows one to reduce "Anti-Purge defense" in proportion to the rank of their Divinity, allowing them to break through defensive abilities such as Protection of the Faith and Savers Enlightenment of the Sacred Fig. As the son of Lugh, the God of Light, who possessed every skill and is a member of the Tuatha de Danaan, he has B-rank Divinity.

Key: Base | Summoned in Europe



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