Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C, Low 2-C with preparation

Name: Kowalski

Origin: Dreamworks

Classification: Looks like a Pygoscelis adeliae (Adélie Penguin)

Gender: Male

Age: 25 (Unknown if it is in penguin years or human years)

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Multidisciplinary Scientist and Engineer, Preparation

Attack Potency: Street level (Held his own against Skipper, fought evenly with Rico), Universe level+ with preparation (Accidentally created a time machine and created a paradox that was going to make the universe cease to exist)

Speed: Superhuman (A security camera has several problems catching the moves of his team)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Street Class (Can break all the bones of the neck with a single strike)

Durability: Street level (Has survived blows that would easily kill any normal penguins and frequently works with Rico, who is constantly packing explosives)

Stamina: High, can tirelessly work on his inventions and keep up with the rest of the team while in unfavorable conditions

Standard Equipment: Any kind of melee weapon or firearm he can get his hands on, Often improvises additional equipment from the contents of Rico's stomach

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius. Kowalski is the team's premier scientist and go-to tech guy and quite possibly the single most intelligent character in the series. Despite being a penguin, he has shown expertise in engineering, theoretical physics, cosmology, biology, chemistry, and other disciplines and can create a working device out of practically anything if given enough time. However, he has shown himself to be scatterbrained at times, having trouble staying focused on a single task outside of his own experiments and feels the compulsive need to explain things down to the last detail.

Weaknesses: Sometimes he has problems focusing on one thing. Needs food, sleep, and water to survive, and subject to metabolic hazards like any ordinary living thing.


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