Kihara Kagun
Don’t. You cannot defeat me with that. Oh, I wasn’t looking down on you. In fact, I’m saying that you have too much strength to kill me.
~ Kihara Kagun


Kihara Kagun is a former member of the Kihara family. Originally he was a near death experience researcher who had become very respected amongst the Kiharas. During his research he eventually gained the ability to safely stop and restart a person's heart as many times as he wanted. As a researcher, he killed the most people out of all Kiharas, but because he revived those he "killed" no one was damaged by his actions. He ended his research after realizing that, since he could freely kill and revive people easily, he was risking human life being judged at a very low baseline. He then became a famous student keeper, an Academy City position whose main purpose is to prevent students from failing due to skipping classes, but Kihara Byouri, resentful at his actions, manipulated a student to try to murder Kagun's class. Kagun, acting on instinct, killed him to protect the children.

After this, he devoted his life to getting revenge on Kihara Byouri for manipulating and permanently sullying the boy's name. During this, he came into contact with Marian Slingeneyer, who teached him magic, and he eventually joined GREMLIN under the name of Bersi.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 9-C physically, likely higher with landmine, at least High 8-C with Whitting

Name: Kihara Kagun, Bersi

Origin: To Aru Majutsu No Index

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown (On his 20s)

Classification: Human, Scientist (Former near death researcher), Magician, Former member of the Kihara family, Former student keeper

Powers and Abilities: Expert hand to hand fighter, high intellect, magic, nullification of fatal attacks, extensive knowledge of human anatomy (particularly of human's vital spots)

Attack Potency: Street level melee (Superior to Kamijou Touma in strength and fighting skill), possibly higher (He stabbed his hand into the transformed Kihara Byouri's head); likely higher with landmine, at least Large Building level with Whitting (Faced and defeated multiple Railgun Five Overs, faced and killed Kihara Byouri), likely higher (Whitting's power grows as he's attacked by the enemy)

Speed: Peak Human (Physically superior to Touma, easily intercepted Kihara Enshuu's attacks), possibly Supersonic reactions (fought and defeated Railgun Five Overs and Kihara Byouri)

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human

Striking Strength: Street Class, Large Building Class with Whitting

Durability: Street level (Physically superior to Touma), at least Large Building level, likely higher with Whitting's defensive spell (Whitting's magic nullifies any fatal attack that hits Kagun, if an attack would kill him it will cause no damage to him; however, the spell doesn't offer protection against attacks that will injure but not kill him, even if he will die of blood loss later because of the injury)

Stamina: High, continued to fight Kihara Byouri despite receiving several small injuries and even losing his left arm

Range: Standard melee range, several meters with Whitting

Standard Equipment: Landmine

Intelligence: High, he's a former respected member of the Kihara family

Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses, his defensive magic only works on fatal attacks and doesn't protect him against weaker attacks

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

-Whitting (ヴィーティング Vu~ītingu): Kagun's main spell is based on Whitting, the sword of the Icelandic saga character, Bersi. When in battle, the sword scatters when its owner is at a disadvantage, and amongst its shards, a miracle would occur, a spell that could let the user accurately avoid damage and cause the sword to be sharper. When both are assembled, the sword's destructive power will increase exponentially. The sword appears as a bluish laser sword several meters long that extends from Kagun's middle and index fingers. Its magic allows Kagun to nullify all fatal attacks he receives and increases the sword's power every time he's attacked. Thus, when facing a fierce attack by the enemy, he can use a spell that has an infinite ceiling. However, Whitting does not offer protection against anything but fatal attacks, so an opponent that realizes this or has knowledge of the spell can bypass it and take down Kagun by accumulating smaller and non-immediately fatal injuries.

-Landmine: Kagun carries a convex shaped charge landmine strapped to his chest under his coat, to be used as a surprise attack when close to an enemy. When detonated, the anti-personnel landmine scatters five hundred metal balls in a fan-shaped blast with a range of 300 meters and an overall width of 200 meters.

-Knowledge of human anatomy: Due to his former position of near-death researcher, Kihara Kagun's knowledge of human anatomy is supreme, making him capable of easily and safely stop and restart human hearts. Kagun has also been shown to use this knowledge in combat in two ways, either by applying it offensively to kill enemies or defensively to preserve his life. In the first case, he applied a slight shock to the jaw of the manipulated boy who was going to kill his students, impairing his consciousness. Using that moment of defenselessness, Kagun killed the boy. Later analysis showed that the boy’s head had 5 areas that were dug in. As for the perfect cause of death that didn’t give any pain, the pathologist only muttered: "Was he reading a human’s anatomy textbook as he killed?" Secondly, Kagun has been shown to be able to move his body so as to force the enemy attacks to hit his vital spots, making them fatal so that his defensive magic is effective on them.


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