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Keramon is a Child Digimon that evolved from Tsumemon. Its physique has gotten larger, and with its huge mouth, it can eat away at much more data than Tsumemon could. Because it eats away at more than 100 megabytes of data per second, the data is destroyed the instant it enters Keramon. Due to its extremely cheerful personality, it thinks of its destructive actions as just part of its play.

Kuramon OA
An Unidentified Digimon that suddenly appeared on the Computer Network. The aggression generated by the malice of people who abuse the Computer Network, and the conflicts which are unfolding on the Network, manifested and a single DigiTama was created. Humanity's destruction instinct is condensed within that DigiTama, and as such the mysterious Digimon that was born from it is a very dangerous being. It multiplies like a virus within the Computer Network, causing a slight degree of network failure.

Tsumemon OA
A Baby Digimon that further evolved from Kuramon. The tips of its tentacles have become claw-shaped, and its ferocity has also increased. It consumes data at a terrifying speed, causing the Network to go haywire. Not only that, once it has evolved into Tsumemon, it becomes even more difficult to capture due to its fast movement speed.

An Adult Digimon which has an appearance like a chrysalis. The Child-level Keramon will go into a chrysalis-like state in order to evolve into a stronger Digimon, and once it does so it conserves its energy. For that reason, it is completely unable to move, but it is protected by its tough shell, and can attack the opponent with the tentacles extending from its back. In some cases, it can evolve to Perfect without becoming an Adult, but it is able to evolve to a stronger Perfect by evolving to Chrysalimon.

Infermon crusader
A Perfect Digimon which has an appearance like a long-legged spider. Its form is usually in an outstretched state, with its head and limbs extended, but it is also able to assume a cocoon form, with its limbs retracted into its body. When it goes into its cocoon form, its defensive power is raised such that every attack is deflected, but it can only go forward in a straight line, and the fact that it cannot modify its trajectory is a clear weakness. It is able to penetrate every Network, despite the strength of their security. If Infermon is released into the Network, the world will probably then collapse into chaos.

Diablomon Crusader
It repeatedly absorbs all the data on the Network in order to evolve and grow larger, and is depleting the Digital World to the brink of destruction. A Diablomon that has absorbed a lot of data becomes convinced that it is an all-knowing and all-powerful being, and it takes pleasure in destruction and slaughter. However, when this Digimon congregates in great numbers, its raison d'être is made clear; as that ultimate goal is to hijack a military computer and try to destroy the Real World as well with a nuclear strike, this is a terrifying Digimon.

A Super-Ultimate Digimon that was born when Diablomon's Babies fused in large quantities, causing a mutation. Diablomon had the ability to make many copies of itself, but they were characterized by having lesser abilities than the original possessed. However, by producing Babies in large quantities and then fusing them, it did not disperse its abilities, but instead was able to attain power greater than Diablomon by condensing them into one being. Also, Diablomon-species Digimon are special Digimon that are affiliated with neither light nor darkness.

Powers and Abilities

Tier: 9-B | High 8-C | At least High 6-C | At least High 4-C | At least 2-A | At least 2-A | At least 2-A

Name: Keramon | Chrysalimon/Kurisarimon | Infermon | Diaboromon/Diablomon | Armageddemon/Armagemon

Origin: Digimon

Gender: Genderless

Age: Unknown

Classification: Unidentified Digimon

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Darkness Manipulation, Self Information Manipulation and Reactive Evolution via Overwrite, Can eat data to become stronger, Duplication, Soul Manipulation, Mind Manipulation (Digimon attacks are able to interact with each others' Digicores, which constitute a Digimon's mind and soul. Hence, all Digimon are able to manipulate, attack, and destroy the minds and souls of others), Resistance to Soul Manipulation and Mind Manipulation (The bodies of Digimon shield their Digicores from the attacks of other Digimon, which in turn protect their minds and souls from external interference) | Nonexistent Physiology (Physical. Keramon is a nonexistent being as a natural inhabitant of the Dark Area), Duplication (Can create countless clones of itself. It's clones however have lesser abilities), All of his attacks have a chance to instantly kill the opponent, Can lower his foe's durability, Light Manipulation, Resistance to Soul Manipulation, Mind Manipulation and Existence Erasure (As a natural inhabitant of the Dark Area and thus is a nonexistent being), Poison Manipulation, Immortality (Type 5) | All previous abilities, Existence Erasure, Electricity Manipulation, Mind Destruction, Soul Destruction | All previous abilities, Transmutation, Soul Transmutation, Limited Probability Manipulation, Fire Manipulation, Attack Reflection | All previous abilities, Can raze with meteors, Age Manipulation (Can de-age his opponents), Flight | All previous abilities.

Attack Potency: Wall level (Via this calc) | Large Building level (Equal to other Rookie Digimon) | At least Large Island level (Comparable to other Champion level Digimon like Meramon) | At least Large Star level (Equal to Ultimate level Digimon such as Cerberumon) | At least Multiverse level+ (Has consistently shown itself to be a Digimon that is somewhat comparable to the Royal Knights) | At least Multiverse level+ (Far stronger than Diaboromon) | At least Multiverse level+ (Fought the Digimon World: DS protagonist who was able to face Chronomon right afterwards)

Speed: Unknown | Infinite (Is a natural inhabitant of the Dark Area) | Infinite | Infinite | Infinite, possibly Immeasurable (Comparable to the Royal Knights) | Infinite, possibly Immeasurable | Immeasurable

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | Immeasurable | Immeasurable | Immeasurable

Striking Strength: Wall Class | Large Building Class | At least Large Island Class | At least Large Star Class | At least Multiversal+ | At least Multiversal+ | At least Multiversal+

Durability: Wall level | Large Building level | At least Large Island level | At least Large Star level | At least Multiverse level+ | At least Multiverse level+ | At least Multiverse level+

Stamina: Extremely High

Range: Several dozen meters | A few hundred kilometers to Universal as Diaboromon | Universal to Multiversal+ as Armageddemon

Standard Equipment: Nothing notable

Intelligence: Seems to be a highly intelligent and crafty Digimon. As Diaboromon and above it has consumed so much knowledge that it even considers itself to be all knowing. Diaboromon and Armageddemon were shown to be so powerful and skilled that they could give the likes of Omegamon trouble and even overpower him, proving that their skill level is close to that of the Royal Knights.

Weaknesses: Insane. The more Diaboromon absorbs, the more arrongant and overconfident he gets.

Notable Attacks/Techniques

Overwrite: All Digimon can rewrite their data, so that they are able to react to various situations that were once problematic for it. This usually causes a gigantic increase in power and sometimes new skills and resistances are gained. However, the more emotional the Digimon is, the more violent the overwrite becomes.


  • Nail Scratch: Slashes with the claws on its tentacles.
  • Duplication: Tsumemon can make countless clones of itself to aid it in battle.
  • Destruction Cannon: Blasts the opponent with dark energy.
  • Blood Eye: Confuses the enemy with its eye.


  • -Crazy Giggle (Bug Blaster): Fires a shot of pre-eminent light with destructive power from its mouth while laughing.
  • -Fool Out (Network Flapping): Emits an unbearable discord.
  • -Crazy Smoke: Blows out poisonous smoke.
  • -Crazy Turn: Attacks by extendings its arms and spinning around.
  • Destroyer: An ability that give all his attacks a 10% chance of instantly killing the opponent.
  • Crazy Turn: Attacks by extending its arms and spinning around.
  • Crazy Smoke: Blows out poisonous smoke.
  • Duplication: Keramon can make countless clones of itself to aid it in battle. These clones have weaker powers.


  • Data Crusher: Destroys the opponent's configuration data with the tentacles extending from its back. This can mean destroying the mind, body and soul of the opponent individually or flat out erasing their existence by destroying them all at once.
  • Misconnecting: Flies up in the air and squashes the enemy with its huge body.


  • Spider Shooter (Hell's Grenade): Fires off shells of a terrible, destructive energy from the gun muzzle inside of its mouth.
  • Cocoon Attack: Charges the opponent with its cocoon form.


  • Catastrophe Cannon: Fires a powerful shot of destructive energy from its chest-cannon.
  • Paradise Lost: Uses all the power in its body to hit the enemy.
  • Cable Crusher: Stretches its arms and launches its huge clawed hands to slash or grab the enemy.
  • System Failure: Encases himself with a gigantic green sphere, blasting all nearby opponents away and causing them to devolve.
  • Virus Download: Holds his hands back, charging them, and then thrusts forward, extending his arms and shooting his hands forward.
  • Page Fault: Rolls over and strikes enemies with the blades on his back.
  • Line Surge: Spreads both of his arms outwards and spins in place.
  • Duplication: Diablomon can also produce copies of himself for aided attack or copies of Kuramon for aided defense.


  • Full Scale Attack (Black Rain): Fires energy shells from its back into the sky, which fall like rain as scattered beams.
  • Destiny Destroyer (Ultimate Flare): Emits a destructive energy wave from its gaping maw.

Keys: Tsumemon | Keramon | Chrysalimon | Infermon | Diaboromon | Armageddemon | Armageddemon (Digimon World: DS)


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