Kayneth archibald
I, the ninth head of the Archibald family, Kayneth El-Melloi, have come. Einzbern's Magus, let us duel for the grail with our lives and honor!
~ Kayneth as he invades Einzbern Castle


Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald (ケイネス・エルメロイ・アーチボルト, Keinesu Erumeroi Āchiboruto) is the Master of Lancer during the Fourth Holy Grail War and an antagonist during the events of Fate/Zero. Confident, self-assured, and an entitled noble, he entered the war simply for the fame and glory, but his arrogance and hypocrisy prove to be his downfall at the hands of Kiritsugu Emiya.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 9-A with Volumen Hydrangum

Name: Kayneth El-Melloi Archibald

Origin: Fate/Zero

Gender: Male

Age: Mid-Late 30s

Classification: Magus, Master of Lancer, Head of the Archibald Family

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Metal Manipulation, Enhanced Senses, Can conceal his presence through illusions or related magecraft

Attack Potency: At least Room level with Volumen Hydrangum (After being injured by Kiritsugu's Origin Bullet, Kayneth laid waste to multiple rooms and wrecked everything in the hallway in a berserk rage)

Speed: Likely Supersonic (Although he was caught off guard by Kiritsugu's Time Alter: Double Accel, his Volumen Hydrangum can easily react to incoming bullet fire as well as grenades that released countless pellets from only a few meters away)

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman with Volumen Hydrangum (Can easily pry open and carry the weight of collapsed ceilings)

Striking Strength: At least Room Class

Durability: Peak Human normally, at least Room level with Volumen Hydrangum (Would have easily deflected the Thompson Contender if not for Kiritsugu's Origin Bullet, However, it would have proven useless against an Anti-Tank Rifle)

Stamina: High (If an incompetent magus like Waver was said to have 5 MP, Kayneth can be said to have 3000 MP, managed to continue using Volumen Hydrangum after being hit with an Origin Bullet and was not felled until he was struck with it a second time)

Range: Several dozen meters with Volumen Hydrangum (Can attack Kiritsugu from the end of a hallway and search the entirety of Einzbern Castle in a short period of time)

Standard Equipment: His Mystic Code, Volumen Hydrargyrum, A customized .38 Webley Mark IV Handgun

Intelligence: Kayneth is recognized as a certified genius in the art of magecraft by his associates, being the most noted Magi of the association by the time of the War and a first-rate lecturer and politician. He is an expert in Summoning, Spiritual Evocation, Necromancy, and Alchemy and has shown the ability to use illusions to hide his presence from the naked eye or magical means. He has even shown the ability to muddle with the contract system of the Holy Grail War, having his fiancee supply Lancer's energy while retaining his rights as a Master. However, he looks down upon modern technology and science, attempting to prove his superiority through magecraft and frowns upon "disgraces" who use "dishonorable tactics" such as guerilla warfare, which leads to various mistakes and tactical blunders. In addition, he is something of a hypocrite, deriding Lancer's code of chivalry when he himself hates "un-magus-like tactics", which leads to strained relations between him and his allies.

Weaknesses: Kayneth is incredibly arrogant and is somewhat of a hypocrite who is prone to ignoring the desires and needs of his allies, which leads him to frequently underestimate his foes and creates friction between him and his associates, Ire Sanctio detects targets based on their vital signs such as body temperature and heartbeat, meaning that if one can slow their vital signs, it won't be able to find them, Does not like use modern technology if he can help it

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Kayneth activating his Mystic Code and breaking into Einzbern Castle
  • Scalp
  • Ire Sanctio
  • Volumen Hydragyrum's Automatic Shield
  • Kayneth's On-Command Shield
  • Kayneth's On-Command Shield twisting around the Origin bullet

Volumen Hydrargyrum: Marrow of the Moon Spirit (月霊髄液ヴォールメン・ハイドラグラム, Getsurei Zuieki): A Mystic Code made of 140 kg of liquid mercury, it serves as Kayneth's means of both attack and defense. Upon being poured from its container and activated with the Latin phrases "Fervor, mei sanguis" (Boil, my blood) and "Automatoportum Quarere, Dilectus Incrisio" (Automated Defense, Attack on Command), it will automatically defend its master from any incoming attack as well as attack oncoming threats. It can be manipulated into various shapes such as whips, spears, and blades at will, with its density allowing it to rival pressurized water cutters in sharpness.

  • Scalp: The Mystic Code converts twists into two whips that can smash and cut through their targets with, slicing at them from both sides to completely bisect them with ease.
  • Ire Sanctio: (Search and Destroy) Kayneth uses his Mystic Code to search for his target, allowing him to scour all of Einzbern Castle in a short period of time by finding targets based on their body temperature and heartbeat. However, since it lacks eyes, it is possible to fool the Mystic Code by dropping one's heartbeat and body temperature down to a level where it can no longer be recognized as human.
  • Shield: Hydrangyrum is able to automatically protect Kayneth from incoming attacks, easily deflecting curses, modern weaponry, as well as supernatural fire, ice, and lightning. However, it can be overwhelmed if struck by a sudden attack whose power vastly exceeds the attacks it was previously defending against. Kayneth is able to generate a more powerful shield by chanting Fervor, mei sanguis once more, generating rows of metal spikes that reach to the ceiling and twist around bullets like those from the Thompson Contender to trap them or pull them off course.


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