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Kat is the main protagonist of Gravity Rush. Having started out as a lost girl with no memory when she woke in the abandoned slums of the city to find a mysterious and seemingly otherworldly cat sitting beside her. She eventually befriended the creature and named him Dusty. During her first encounter with the city folk, she discovered that Dusty had the ability to manipulate gravity and helped her save a child from a raging Gravity Storm. Kat quickly embraces a superhero role within the city of Hekseville as a shifter. Her adventures eventually take her to the ends of the world, where she is allowed glimpses of her forgotten past.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A | At least 9-A, likely higher | At least 9-A, likely far higher

Name: Kat, Queen Alua, Gravity Queen, Kitten

Origin: Gravity Rush

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Classification: Shifter

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Gravity Manipulation, Flight, Walking on walls, Expert in Martial Arts, Teleportation, Telekinesis via Gravity Manipulation, Absorption via Micro and Ultra Black Holes (Whatever touches the center of the hole will be destroyed. The Ultra Black Hole absorbs what it destroys to heal herself), Attack Reflection with Vortex Field, Air Manipulation and Temporary Invulnerability with Gale Zone, Healing of herself by absorbing enemies into the Ultra Black Hole, Sealing, Can create pseudo-black holes

Attack Potency: Small Building level (Could easily destroy large walls. Can take down giant monsters and Nevi) | At least Small Building level, likely higher (Much stronger than before) | At least Small Building level, likely far higher (A combination of the Panther and Phoenix Modes. Defeated the Destructive Force)

Speed: Supersonic+ (Can defeat a horde of Nevi before a meat skewer could reach the ground)

Lifting Strength: Likely Superhuman, higher with gravity powers

Striking Strength: Small Building Class (Can trade blows with people who can harm her)

Durability: Small Building level (Can take hits from people who can harm her. )

Stamina: High

Range: Standard melee range. Hundreds of metres with Shifter abilities

Standard Equipment: Dusty

Intelligence: Unknown

Weaknesses: Despite her immense powers, Kat needs to remain in contact with Dusty in order to use them. Without her animal companion, she cannot manipulate gravity. There is a time limit for Kat's ability to fly. If Dusty becomes sick for any reason, the time limit becomes even shorter. Being new to the superhero role, Kat is also somewhat inexperienced and can be easily deceived, as evidenced when Alias (disguised as Syd) tricked her into stealing the Sacred Gem protecting Auldnoir.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Gravity Powers: As a shifter, Kat has the ability to manipulate gravity. Her foremost ability is to shift gravity in any speed or direction to float and fall accordingly which makes her able to fly and walk on walls. Her fighting style is dominated by the use of various moves based on her gravity powers:
    • Gravity Slide: A technique where she tilts the gravity around her, causing herself to slide across the surface of an object at high speed.
    • Gravity Kick: A technique performed during air combat. Kat shifts gravity in the direction of an enemy and uses the acceleration of the fall in order to hit the opponent with the strong impact. This is Kat's most basic fighting technique.
    • Stasis Field: Kat can create a stasis field arround herself, through which objects in her sourrounding start levitating around her. After she has gathered objects this way she can shift gravity again in order to launch them at her opponent, as projectiles.
    • Spiraling Claw: The Spiraling Claw, as the name suggests, is a technique that involves Kat spin-diving into an enemy with shape-shifted claws. Depending on the size of the target will determine if Kat crushes or strikes them.
    • Gravity Typhoon: In this technique Kat seemingly creates earth spikes out of nothing and launches them at her opponent in quick succession.
    • Micro Black Hole: Cat spins around herself engulfing herself in gravity creating a micro black hole. The black hole drags in the things around it and destroy what touches its center.
    • Singularity: Kat can transform herself into a singularity and by that seal others inside an inescapeable blackhole. In doing so Kat either sacrifices herself or requires a year to escape it. (Which of the two is correct is left open by the game's ending, though the latter is strongly implied). Notably she sealed the Destructive Force using this method.
  • Lunar Style: A shifting style used by Kat. In this form there is only very few gravity by default, enabling Kat to be very agile even if her powers are negated otherwise. This style also changes various of her moves and adds new ones:
    • Wormhole Kick: The Lunar Style version of the gravity kick. Kat opens a wormhole to teleport towards her opponent and deliver a series of kicks.
    • Vortex Field: The Lunar Style version of the Stasis Field. Additionaly to the normal function of the Stasis Field this version sourrounds the objects into a vortex. If an enemy is hit with such an object it is cought in the vortex and through that is continously damaged and gets incapacitated for a few seconds, leaving them open for attacks from Kat. While the field is activated physical and energy based attacks are reflected.
    • Gale Zone: Create a devastating whirlwind that hurts enemies, blocks attacks, and makes Kat "invulnerable".
  • Jupiter Style: A shifting style that is the opposite to the Lunar Style. In this form gravity is strongly increased per default. In this mode Kats agility suffers, but she also is harder to knock back and all of her attacks do a lot more damage. Also in exchange to her decreased agility her Gravity Slide becomes faster. This style also changes various of her moves and adds new ones:
    • Surge Kick: The Jupiter Style version of the gravity kick. Kat can charge the gravity kick and by doing so her kick will not only do greater damage to the opponent, but will also damage all opponents in the sourroundings through the impact wave.
    • Debris Ball: If Kat uses the Stasis Field in Jupiter Style she can compress the gathered objects into one giant ball and launch it into opponents.
    • Ultra Black Hole: A powered up version of the Micro Black Hole. If Kat absorbs enemies with this attack she regains some health.
  • Panther Mode: A mode where Kat fuses with Dusty gaining Panther like claws. In this mode Kat is more powerful than in any other mode (except Sphinx mode), however she can only use it for a limited amount of time. When activating it she regains her health. In this mode she can fully transform into a Panther in order to run through the air and attack her enemies through strikes with her giant claws.
  • Sphinx Mode: A mode Kat can only archieve with the help of Xii. IN it Kat, Dusty and Xii fuse becoming a Sphinx. In this mode Kat can create countless Panthers and Ravens of the same kind as Dusty (but bigger) and Xii, which attack her enemy. Contact with the Ravens and Panthers seemingly dissolves the opponent.
  • Dusty: Dusty is Kats guardian, a mysterious creature that only appears for a member of the Eto royal family. Dusty appears as a cat and his presence is what grants Kat the power to manipulate gravity. When Kat is flying Dusty usually disappears and seemingly teleports to her when she is landing again.

Key: Base | Gravity Panther | Gravity Sphinx


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