You survived because of me. So having you die so I can live... Is just natural. I'll live... for "your" sake too.


Masato Kusaka is a member of Ryusei School who was apparently absent from the reunion, but signed the autograph card. He is the only Ryuseiji who was capable of wearing the Kaixa Gear without disintegrating afterwards and as such is the Gear's primary wearer. As a child, Masato was often bullied and alone with only Mari Sonoda as his friend. In time, Masato came to love Mari, though his feelings were not reciprocated back, and results to unethical means to remove any he views as competition or a threat to Mari's happiness like Takumi.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C | At least High 8-C, likely higher

Name: Kamen Rider Kaixa, Masato Kusaka

Origin: Kamen Rider 555

Gender: Male

Age: 26-27

Classification: Human, Kamen Rider

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, agility, and endurance, Night Vision and limited X-Ray Vision, Energy Manipulation

Attack Potency: Large Building level (Comparable to Kamen Rider Faiz) | At least Large Building level, likely higher

Speed: Superhuman movement speed (15.8 m/s) with Massively Hypersonic reactions | Likely at least Subsonic movement speed (100 m/s) in Vehicle Mode. At least Superhuman movement speed (33.3 m/s) in Battle Mode with Massively Hypersonic reactions

Lifting Strength: Class 5

Striking Strength: Large Building Class (Physically stronger than Base Faiz)

Durability: At least Large Building level (Took a beating from Faiz with no injuries afterwards)

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: Long range w/ SB-913P Kaixa Phone and SB-913X Kaixa Blaygun | A range of 2400 meters (Battle Mode)

Standard Equipment:

  • Kaixa Driver:
    • Kaixa Phone: Kaixa Driver control unit.
  • Kaixa Shot: Knuckle-duster modeled after a digital camera that Kaixa uses in his rider punch attacks.
  • Kaixa Pointer: A pair of binoculars that Kaixa uses in his rider kick attacks.
  • Kaixa Blaygun: A special weapon with pistol, dagger and lightsaber modes.
  • Side Basshar: Kaixa's sidecar motorcycle that can transform in a robot-like Battle Mode. In Battle Mode, the Side Basshar is armed with various weapons: the right arm equipped with the four-barreled Photon Vulcan and double-pincered Heat Point that can generate heat up to 2000°C, the left arm with the X-zap Buster that can fire 6 Smart Brain multistage sidewinder mini-missiles (each sidewinder able to split further into 8 micro-missiles with a range of 2400 meters)

Intelligence: Above average (Manipulated a lot of people in the series, Skilled combatant)

Weaknesses: If he transforms into Kaixa too much the belt will eventually drain his life energy and kill him

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Kaixa's finishing moves, which give him a tremendous power boost, are known as Exceed Charges.

  • Gold Smash: A Rider Kick attack where Kaixa uses the Kaixa Pointer to produce an energy drill to stun the target while he drop kicks for the deathblow.
  • Grand Impact: A Rider Punch where Kaixa uses the Kaixa Shot.
  • Kaixa Slash: A Rider Slash where he cocks the hammer of the Kaixa Blaygun and fires a constricting energy net from the gun section, while simultaneously over-charging the sword section and temporarily increasing Kaixa's speed for a dashing strike.

Key: Base | With the Side Basshar


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