Justice (Afro Samurai)

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C

Name: Justice

Origins: Afro Samurai

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Human/Mutant

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, master gunman, and swordsman, Has a hidden third arm on his back used for a surprise attack with a sword, He gets the number 1 headband which apparently makes him invincible to anyone other than the wearer of the number 2 headband, Immortality, Regeneration, Ability to control the Number One's throne room to an extent, an example, of course, being when he created a spike to impale Afro

Attack Potency: Building level (Superior to Rokutaro and comparable to Afro)

Speed: Hypersonic (Blitzed bullet timers like Rokutaro and Afro.)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (His tendrils can impale and effortlessly lift several warriors)

Striking Strength: Building Class (Brought down his katana hard enough to break it against Afro's defense. With said katana he sliced Rokutaro's head clean off)

Durability: Building level (Took many slashes from Afro, to the point where he as turned into a small pile of bloody bits and still survived. Regeneration makes him hard to kill)

Stamina: Superhuman (Survived waiting decades in the Number One throne until Afro arrived, killing numerous other challengers in the meantime and only needed some of Afro's blood to regain his old stats)

Range: Several meters (His bullets had a velocity high enough to take a wounded Afro by surprise. His tendrils can grow from wherever he wants inside his throne room)

Standard Equipment: His two long barreled pistols and katana.

Intelligence: Mastery of gunman and sword skills, a good tracker having been able to find all headbands up until the Number One.

Weaknesses: A messiah complex, driving him to talk a lot to justify his reasoning or leave himself wide open when he thinks he has won.


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