John Marston is the Central Main Protagonist of Rockstar Studio's Red Dead Redemption.

John Marston was an outlaw gang member and gunslinger. He ran with Dutch van der Linde, Bill Williamson and Javier Escuella, committing robberies, raids, murders, kidnappings, and other crimes across the frontier. According to Marston, the gang stole and fought for a reason. In stealing from the rich, they in turn gave to the poor. They wanted to elicit change in the people of the West, although this might just be his own justification for their actions.

In 1906, after being shot in a failed robbery and left to die by his comrades in arms, Marston sought to retire from outlaw lifestyle. Putting his history behind him, he left his old life along with his wife Abigail, their young son Jack and his deceased daughter (who is implied by Javier Escuella in "The Gates of El Presidio" to have still been alive at this time), and began a ranch in Beecher's Hope. Between his gang days and 1911, Marston's daughter died from an unknown cause.

Despite Marston's apparent reformation, he remains a masterful and experienced gunman, marksman, rider and hunter. Marston is a rugged survivalist and knows life as a fight for survival; he adheres to the old-fashioned West in a world rapidly experiencing the advancements of modernized American lifestyle.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C to 9-B

Name: John Marston

Origin: Red Dead Redemption

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Classification: Human, Cowboy, Outlaw

Powers and Abilities: Peak Human physical characteristics, Master Marksman, Enhanced Reflexes, Immortality (Type 7; Undead Nightmare only)

Attack Potency: Street level, Wall level with some firearms.

Speed: Peak Human, Subsonic reaction speeds with Dead Eye

Lifting Strength: Peak human (Can push back a bear with physical strength)

Striking Strength: Street Class

Durability: Street level

Stamina: Fairly High (Can fend off continuous waves of enemies without rest)

Range: Average melee range with a knife, a few dozen meters with a lasso, hundreds of meters with firearms.

Standard Equipment: A knife, lasso, pistols, revolvers, shotguns, throwing knifes, sniper rifles, etc.

Intelligence: Average

Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses, Dead Eye only lasts for a limited time.

Feats: Has fended off continuous waves of soldiers

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Dead Aim: John's reflexes are enhanced greatly, allowing him to focus on targets with deadly efficiency.


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