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Despite his young appearance, Jin Arizuka is in fact the Game Master of Ragnarök, being able to call forth Eye Space and change the rules at will. Unlike most participants, he does not have something to protect but rather, wants to prove that he is more powerful than Odin.

At some time before the beginning of the story, Jin received his Magic Armmament from Odin and was given the task of gathering participants for Ragnarök; he was also granted the right to call forth Eye Space at will. Jin managed to gather 10 more combatants and explained the rule, but instead of making them fight each other, he persuaded them to be his followers, so that he could defeat Odin. Only two took up his offer, the rest fought for themselves. Jin especially spent a lot of time to persuade Momiji Satomura, but all she gave him was a cold and disgusted attitude.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-B to 5-A

Name: Jin Arizuka

Origin: Fortissimo

Gender: Male

Age: Early teens

Classification: Magi

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 3), Flight, Forcefield Creation, Fire Manipulation, Limited Conceptual Manipulation (Can create an absolute rule that aspect of reality have to obey, i.e.your attack will never hit me, I'll always be faster than you, you will get burn to ashes if you touch my attack, etc.), Dimensional BFR, Can erase anything from existence with a glance, Can create an eternal flame that can steal the opponent's life force and knowledge and then burns the victim to death, Regeneration (Mid-Low), Can resurrect himself after he is killed by using up one of the lives he has stolen with Forbes Blutgang

Attack Potency: Planet level (Confirmed to be one of the seven mages with enough destructive power to destroy the planet), Large Planet level using Endless Banish (Erased Ryuichi's Thorhammer Fullaccess). Forbes Blutgang can ignore durability

Speed: FTL (Can fight fairly equally with Ryuichi and Ayane)

Lifting Strength: Superhuman (Magi have been stated to surpass the ordinary human being in physical strength)

Striking Strength: Superhuman

Durability: City level via powerscaling, Planet level with Muspelheim (Tanked Ryuichi's Thorhammer)

Stamina: Very high

Range: A dozen of meters

Standard Equipment:

  • Gjallahorn (ギャラルホルン gyararuhorun): Jin's weapon takes the form of a red cell phone with black fire-like decorating. Its offensive power limited to only manipulating fire, but its true ability allows him, the Game Master to set up absolute rules that others have to obey. Utilizing this, Jin can either set himself to be invincible or his attack unblockable, rendering his enemies' every course of action useless. The only way to oppose this ability is to counter with higher magical power; in other words, using sheer power to break through the rules. When Jin achieves Second Access, Gjallahorn becomes a touchphone.

Intelligence: Gifted

Weaknesses: Arrogant, aside from his Forbes Blutgang (Which is a high-level concept), his conceptual manipulation is really weak, it can easily be overwritten by any other conceptual power. Forbes Blutgang consumes a great deal of magical power. His Fire barrier can be weakened if struck relentlessly by quick moving attacks and it consumes Jin's magical energy until he releases the spell., Endless Banish has a very limited range.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Arcadiajinx (曇りなき真実の嘘(アルケイディアジンクス) arukeidiajinkusu; English for "Arcadia Jinx", Japanese for "Lie of Unclouded Truth"): Jin's magic allows him to create absolute rules that other combatants have to obey. He usually uses this power to render himself invulnerable to certain attacks. However, this ability cannot bring back the dead or directly kill his targets, forcing him to use roundabout methods to do so (i.e. rendering his opponent vulnerable to all attacks before killing them with one of his fire attacks).
  • Fire Creation: Jin can create fireballs from out of thin air, they can range from being huge bursts of fire or several small shots.
  • Muspelheim: A fire spell that Jin uses in his battle against Valkyrie in Momiji's Route of Nachsten Phase. When activated, a wall of flames appears and deflects any attack used against him. However, this barrier will fail if struck by a very powerful attack like Ryuichi's Thor's Hammer. The barrier will also weaken if struck relentlessly by quick moving attacks. Valkyrie was able to break through this defense by hammering it with her String Load at a very quick speed. A major weakness of this spell is that it consumes Jin's magical energy until he releases the spell; as stated by Valkyrie.
  • Lævateinn: A sword made of flames that appears in Jin's hands as he speaks its name. Jin can extend it as far as he wishes and it will even burn through magic.


  • Endless Banish: After killing Ichigo Sagara; using the forbidden fire spell, Jin absorbed her knowledge and power. Jin was able to overcome both Valkyrie's and Ryuichi's most deadly attacks by erasing them using this spell. However, as Jin stated; he can only use it at close range and it takes more time and magic to use.
  • Himinbjorg: An enhanced form of "Muspelheim". The flames that surround Jin take the form of wings and enable him to fly out of his enemies' reach.
  • Forbes Blutgang (聖剣ならざぬ焔の翼(フォーヴズ・ブルドガング) fōvusu burudogangu; Japanese for "Blazing Wings That Cannot Become The Holy Sword"): also known as the Flame of Loge, a devastating forbidden Magic that steals life and knowledge of the opponent to add to the user, then burns the victim to death. While Jin's limited magical power does not allow him to use the attack as effectively as its past wielder, the black flame is still lethal and almost unstoppable. Since it consumes a great deal of magical power however, Jin has to use Arcadiajinx to make sure that the opponent cannot dodge it. The flames also have the ability to stock up the lives it's stolen, allowing him to sacrifice those stolen lives to revive himself should he somehow die.
  • Isabel: Some time before the main story, Odin created the space for the purpose of explaining the rules as well as negotiations with its inhabitants. Isabel appears as a green field as far as the eye can see and a clear blue sky. Isabel's concept is that no one can harm another while they are within the dimension; this rule applies to everyone, including Odin. However, Loki was able to launch an attack at Jin or rather the dimension itself due to him not seeing Jin as an enemy.


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