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Jeane is the main antagonist of the original "No More Heroes". Though she wasn't Mentioned until the very end of the game, it has been revealed that she's Travis's half-sister. Which is awkward considering Travis had a crush on her when they were young and he didn't know until she told him.

She hates Travis and his family for being stuck with their paternal father who sexually molested her after causing her mother to commit suicide. She resorted to "Special means" to fund her training in an attempt to seek revenge. She then proceeds to kill Travis's parents and destroy his home

Years later, she kills Dark Star (The Highest Ranked Assassin) in front of Travis with a single blow from behind (and she did this by literally punching off the Dark Star's Crotch). After a brief talk, the two proceed to fight.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-A

Name: Jeane (Surname Unknown)

Origin: No More Heroes

Gender: Female

Age: 25

Classification: Travis's Half Sister, MMA fighter, Assassin

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength, speed, durability, and reflexes, Expert in mixed martial arts

Attack Potency: Multi-City Block level (Almost killed Travis if Shinobu hadn't stepped in to save him)

Speed: Hypersonic+ with Massively Hypersonic+reactions (Can Keep up with Travis)

Lifting Strength: Possibly Above Average Human

Striking Strength: Multi-City Block Class

Durability: Multi-City Block level (Can survive most of Travis's Attacks)

Stamina: High

Range: Standard melee range

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Average

Weaknesses: None Notable


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