Janus 1

"May I say how refreshing it is to see someone trying so hard?"

Janus 2

"Though I loathe violence, there are some immortals who could use the door slammed in their face! Heheh."

Janus 3

"All systems are online. I look forward to working with you."

Janus 4

Janus 5

"I was gonna make a bass joke, but guess I'll drop it!"


Many fear change. Venturing into the unknown. Deviating from a path of safety and certainty into something unexpected. But life is change; a journey through doorways both physical and emotional, with every moment a passage to something new, and it is Janus, God of Portals and Transitions that governs this.

Bearing two faces, Janus is ever looking to the future and to the past, knowing both but controlling neither. He is only the in-between, found in the changing of seasons, at the birth of a child, at the entrances to the temple and the tavern. For this reason the Romans named the first month after him: January – a portal between the old year and the new.

Yet the Roman emperors also attribute a strange tradition to Janus. At each end of his temple stand massive doors. In times of peace, these doors are closed, but in times of war, flung open. As Rome rose to power, rarely were these doors shut, but almost four hundred years of peace have clothed Rome since then and the temple has grown dusty with absence. These days, however, the doors are open once more. It seems war has returned, and the greatest of changes are upon us.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 3-C

Name: Janus, God of Portals and Transitions

Origin: SMITE

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown. One of the oldest existing Gods

Classification: Deity, Roman God (No Greek Counterpart), God of Portals and Transitions

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Strength, Speed, Durability and Stamina, Immortality (Types 1, 2 and 4), Reality Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Spatial Manipulation, Time Manipulation, Creating Portals / Manipulating Transitions (Physical and Conceptual), Flight / Levitation, Telekinesis

Attack Potency: Galaxy level (Above Jupiter / Zeus as a primordial deity. In the official SMITE Magazine, we see that within his "home" lies a plate containing all of the Milky Way's mass in liquid form, which he can manipulate by will.)

Speed: Massively FTL+ (Above Jupiter / Zeus, who is comparable to Odin)

Lifting Strength: Unknown. Likely Galactic (Considering what the mass of an entire galaxy is to him)

Striking Strength: Galactic

Durability: Galaxy level

Stamina: Likely Infinite

Range: Galactic

Standard Equipment: Unknown

Intelligence: Extremely high. He is one of the oldest Gods, can look into any point in the space-time continuum, managed to fool Chronos, albeit not for long

Weaknesses: None notable.


See Attack Potency


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