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Because you're not a trigger-happy idiot, Cradossk. You're just a professional with a bad gene pool."
~ Jango to Cradossk


Jango Fett was a male human bounty hunter, widely regarded to be the best in the galaxy during the last years of the Galactic Republic, he was also the genetic template of the clone troopers for the Grand Army of the Republic and the father of Boba Fett.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C. 9-A with his blaster. High 8-C with his Rockets and other heavy weaponry.

Name: Jango Fett

Origin: Star Wars

Gender: Male

Age: 44 at the time of his death

Classification: Mandalorian, Bounty Hunter

Powers and Abilities: Peak Human attributes, Weapon Mastery, Sharpshooter, Can fly using his jetpack, His equipment consists of a laser pistol, a disintegrator, a rocket launcher and a flamethrower

Attack Potency: Street level (He should be able to do what his clones can like easily overpowering normal people and dent metal with their bare hands). Room level with his blasters (Took down the Reek with one shot, his blaster should scale to this ones). Small Building level with his disintegrator (It takes this much energy to vaporize someone) Large Building Level with his Rockets and other heavy weaponry (JT-12 Jetpack rockets and thermal detonators have shown to be capable off destroying TIE Fighters)

Speed: Peak Human with Hypersonic reactions and combat speed (Can react to hypersonic blasters reaching into Mach 1000+, Jango managed to react, dodge and even land a few punches on Obi-Wan). His jet pack is at least Subsonic+ in flight speed

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Striking Strength: Street Class, possibly Wall Class (Clones of him can easily overpower normal people and dent metal with their bare hands)

Durability: Building level with his armor (This armor survived being run over by a monster that weighed at least a ton, only the jet pack suffered damage)

Stamina: Peak Human

Range: Standard melee range. Hundreds of meters of ranged weapons.

Standard Equipment: Fett wore a set of Mandalorian armor equipped with a jetpack, flamethrower and rope cord which is capable of holding Chewbacca via powerscaling from Boba and likely the same equipment such as a wrist laser, WESTAR-34 blaster pistol.

Intelligence: High

Weaknesses: None Notable


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