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I remember the night of my 21st birthday, That was the first time I died.
~ Jackie Estacado
~ The Darkness


Jackie Estacado is the current human host of the Darkness, which awakened within him on the night of his 21st birthday. Jackie is an Italian-American ex-contract killer of the Franchetti crime family led by his "uncle" Paulie Franchetti. After killing both Paulie and Eddie Shrote in revenge for the murder of his girlfriend, Jenny Romano, Jackie became the don of the Franchetti family after he was offered the position by Jimmy "The Grape".

Jackie spent the next two years learning about The Darkness as well as how to contain him. With the help of Johnny Powell, Jackie was finally able to contain the Darkness.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B Physically, 8-C with The Darkness. High 8-C with Black Hole | Unknown

Name: Jackie Estacado

Origin: The Darkness (Video Game)

Classification: The Darkness Host, Human

Gender: Male

Age: 23 years old

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Master Marksman, Darkness Manipulation, Flight, Summoning, Gun enhancing, Black Hole Creation, Resurrection, Immortality (Type 1 and 3), Regeneration, Portal Creation, Pocket Universe Creation | Reality Warping (In Darkness Dimension)

Attack Potency: Wall levelBuilding level with the Darkness Powers (Forcefully stopped a subway train in its tracks), Large Building level (with Black Hole) | Unknown

Speed: Superhuman

Lifting Strength: Superhuman, At least Class 1 (Lifted a car)

Striking Strength: Wall Class, Building Class with the Darkness

Durability: At least Wall level, higher with Darkness Armor

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: Standard melee range, Several meters with guns

Standard Equipment: Handgun, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Sub machine Gun, Revolver

Intelligence: Extremely High when it comes to killing and assassination. Average otherwise.

Weaknesses: Light.

Key: Outside Darkness Dimension | Inside Darkness Dimension


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