Jack of Blades
I have returned. After an eternity away from you all, Jack of Blades is back!


Jack of Blades is the central main antagonist of Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable Anniversary. According to the Snowspire Oracle, Jack was already ancient by the time humans came into existence. It was revealed by the Tales of Albion that Jack of Blades came from a place called the Void. It is also revealed that he had come with the Queen of Blades and the Knight of Blades, who together were known as the Court. He and the others demanded that the people of Albion bow down before them. When the people refused, the Court "burned Albion until the earth turned black and the sky was thick with smoke". When the people refused a second time, they lifted the sea into the sky and flooded the world. The third time they demanded worship, they claimed that they would bring peace, but again the people refused, so the Court twisted their minds until they went insane. Finally, the inhabitants bowed to the Court.

Later in the future, when William Black was consulting a tome, Jack transported William from Albion to the Void. Jack tried to enslave William with an ornate sword, however William managed to fight back and escaped, and at the same time managed to steal the sword from Jack, which was later discovered to be the Sword of Aeons.

Their second meeting consisted of yet another battle. William Black managed to break Jack's body, destroying his form for a time. However, Jack's soul was believed to have escaped and possibly took refuge in his Mask. Whilst in his humanoid form, he was never seen without the Mask, nor his original body ever shown. He is a master of strength, skill and will.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 6-A

Name: Jack of Blades

Origins: Fable

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown, was said to be ancient by the time humanity came into existence

Classification: Being of the Void

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, Telekinesis, Levitation, Forcefield, Dimensional travel, Teleportation, Summoning, Possession if someone puts on his mask, Energy blasts, Able to drive entire populations of people insane with his will powers, Pyrokinesis, Immortality (Types 1, 2, and 6)

Attack Potency: Multi-Continent level (Helped lift the sea into the sky and flood the World with the rest of the Court of Blades)

Speed: Supersonic+ (Far superior to Reaver who can casually swat away bullets with a cane), Hypersonic+ reflexes/reaction time (Capable of reacting to and blocking attacks from The Hero of Oakvale with mastered Slow Time)

Lifting Strength: At least Class M+ (Immensely superior to any form of creature roaming Albion, this is inclusive of Trolls, Krakens, and Dragons)

Striking Strength: Multi-Continent Class (Proved capable of trading blows with William Black before his defeat)

Durability: Multi-Continent level (Was able to survive for a while against William Black before his body was broken)

Stamina: Superhuman+ (While not on par with the Queen of Blades, as a member of the Court of Blades, his stamina should be immense)

Range: Extended human melee range with weapons; Planetary through magic

Standard Equipment: Sword of Aeons, Jack's Mask

Intelligence: Is an ancient demonic entity with vast amounts of combat experience

Weaknesses: Nothing notable


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