Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown. Likely 8-A

Name: Itsuki

Origin: Yu Yu Hakusho

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Demon

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Telekinesis

Attack Potency: Unknown. Likely Multi-City Block level

Speed: Unknown. Likely Hypersonic+

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman

Striking Strength: Unknown. Likely Multi-City Block Class

Durability: Multi-City Block level

Stamina: Unknown, probably large

Range: Standard melee range

Standard Equipment: None notable

Intelligence: Highly Intelligent

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Dimensional Travel: Itsuki possesses the shadow hands, a powerful demon ability unique to Yamanate, as Kurama calls him in the anime, that allows him to travel between dimensions and to create dimensional portals. It also allows him to control demons from different dimensions, such as in the fight between Yusuke and Sensui. These shadow hands are also why he is nicknamed the Dark Night Stroker. In some video games he can actually strike people with the shadow hands, as well as heal himself.
  • Gatekeeper: Itsuki guards the inner depths of Demon World. Meaning he could trap someone in the depths Demon World for how long he wants.
  • Uraotoko: This vaguely-humanoid creature is Itsuki's pet . Given all the debris seen within it, it can be inferred that this creature has existed for a long time. This creature is able to capture other humans, demons or any other being.
  • Telekinesis: Itsuki briefly demonstrated this ability when he, apparently through psychic means, mentally lifted a late Sensui into mid-air; ceasing when he was able to cradle the spirit detective's body in bridal position.


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