Summary of the plot

The story begins in Tokyo on the fifteenth birthday of Kagome Higurashi, a girl who lives on the grounds of her family's hereditary Shinto shrine with her mother, grandfather and little brother. When she goes into the well house to retrieve her cat, a centipede demon bursts out of the enshrined Bone Eater's Well (骨喰いの井戸 Honekui no Ido?) and drags the girl into it. Instead of hitting the bottom of the well, Kagome ends up 500 years in the past (1497) during Japan's Sengoku period. The centipede demon is revealed to have been after a magical jewel known as the Shikon Jewel (四魂の玉 Shikon no Tama?, lit. "The Jewel of Four Souls") before being slain by a priestess named Kikyo. Revived by the Shikon Jewel's power in the present time and mistaking her for Kikyo, the demon attempts to kill Kagome to gain the jewel. Kagome finds a young man pinned by a sacred arrow on a tree and, in a moment of desperation, frees him to defeat the centipede demon after she removed the Shikon Jewel from Kagome's body.

The youth is revealed by the nearby villagers to be Inuyasha, a half-dog demon who was sealed by a dying Kikyo fifty years ago after being apparently betrayed by her and attempting to take the Shikon Jewel (which grants any wish the bearer desires) in order to become a full demon. Furthermore, revealed to be the priestess reincarnated, Kagome unknowingly thwarted Kikyo's death wish to take the Shikon Jewel away for would be thieves back before it was accidentally shattered into numerous shards that disperse across ancient Japan and fall into the hands of those who gain the individual shards' power. After Inuyasha gains his father's sword Tetsusaiga and is subdued by a magical necklace to keep him in line, he aids Kagome in collecting the shards and dealing with the threats they cause.

Throughout their adventure then, they come across new friends who joins them on their quest.

Power of the Verse

The strongest characters are at least Small City level, likely much higher and have low supersonic to supersonic speeds.

Supporters and Opponents of the Verse








Skodwarde The Almighty


Inuu Kagome 2 Sess Naraku Prin Kik

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