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Infamous is a open world adventure series created by Sucker Punch Productions in 2009. The story revolves around a man named Cole MacGrath, a college dropout who works as a bike courier, delivering packages to people around the city. One day, he was delivering a package of an item called a Ray Sphere, which exploded, destroying multiple city blocks and killing hundreds of innocent lives... except for his own. After surviving the blast, he was granted powers of electricity. It is now his job to discover who gave him the package and why. After discovering the truth of why he was given the package, he was to prepare for and defeat a Beast of immense power. Later, the series stars a new protagonist, Delsin Rowe.

The selling point of this series is the choice to either become a hero or a villain. When you're a hero you are looked up to by the citizens and you're tasked to protect them. You also gain abilities that relate to precision and protecting others. When you're a villain, you are hated but you get the chance to go all out and might gain some unsavory allies. You also get more chaotic and destructive abilities when you pick this route. The ending also changes depending on which karmic route you follow. Every action will change the way people look at you.

The Power of this verse

The power of this verse is a bit diverse and low. Common conduits are pretty low in power but possess superhuman traits, even with generic mooks. At best however they are only wall level with some peaking at building level or higher. The mid to top tiers of the verse are slightly stronger possessing around city block to multi-city block level of power and can react to bullets. However they make up for it with unique abilities or shared traits. There are numerous powers such as Teleportation, Telekinesis, Mind Control, Power Absorption, Time Travel, and the capability to heal from absorbing an element they represent. Conduits also grow stronger with time as even unactivated conduits could survive incidents that should've killed them.

The most powerful character in the game however is "The Beast", a conduit which has the power to destroy cities and create an army of conduits. He possesses the ability to share, unlock and even drain powers from other conduits and possess other assortments of abilities. Another feat for the Beast is the capability to regenerate from an atom after being hit by a nuke. Another version of him from another timeline laid waste to the entire world and was able to destroy the moon.

Other notable top tier conduits are Cole MacGrath and Delsin Rowe. Both are quickly becoming stronger and stronger as the main characters of the game. The former managed to absorb numerous Blast Cores and unlocked a sub-power that allowed them to go toe-to-toe with the Beast and could've absorbed his power. The latter on the other hand could copy any ability of another conduit and is steadily growing with each Core Relay he absorbs.

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Character Profiles

Infamous 1

Cole MacGrath


Alden Tate

John White


Infamous 2 and spinoffs

Lucy Kuo

Joseph Bertrand


David Warner

Bloody Mary

Infamous Second Son

Delsin Rowe

Henry Daughtry

Abigail Walker

Eugene Sims

Brooke Augustine

Celia Penderghast

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