John Pen's Mode

Chapter 20, Verse 9. Detected a distorted Christian motif. Beginning construction of the most effective spell in response to the aforementioned spell. Preparations for the activation of the spell named Eli Eli Lema Sabachthani are complete. Activating it immediately.
~ Index's John Pen Mode


Index Librorum Prohibitorum (禁書目録 (インデックス) Kinsho Mokuroku (Indekkusu), lit. "Index of Prohibited Books") is the eponymous character of Toaru Majutsu no Index. Commonly known as Index, she is the main female character of the series and is considered the main heroine of the Magic Side. She is a member of Necessarius and has a perfect memory. She holds within her mind 103,000 magical texts known as grimoires.

She met Kamijou Touma while fleeing from members of Necessarius, mistakenly thinking they were her enemies when in truth there were her former comrades and friends, who had been led by their organization into thinking Index needed to have her memory wiped once a year because of the grimoires contained in her head. However, the memory wipe turned out to be just a safety measure instituted by the Anglican Church to prevent Index from realizing she can actually use magic and the knowledge of the grimoires on her own, which is considered a great risk since the knowledge could be used to turn someone into a Magic God.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-B | 7-B | 7-B, 3-A with Gungnir

Name: Index Librorum Prohibitorum, Dedicatus545 (The dedicated lamb protects the knowledge of the strong)

Origin: To Aru Majutsu No Index

Gender: Female

Age: 14 - 15

Classification: Human, Magician, Nun in training

Powers and Abilities: Perfect Memorization, Spell Intercept | Magic, Healing, limited Spatial Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Can summon Legendary Weapons, Pain Manipulation, resistance to pain

Attack Potency: Human level | City level (Dragon's Breath is a high-class spell that would be capable of destroying a Pope-class Walking Church, which is comparable to a nuclear shelter) | City level, Universe level with Gungnir (With Gungnir, has the potential to be a Magic God)

Speed: Normal Human with Subsonic reactions (Can react to Leep)

Lifting Strength: Regular Human | Unknown

Striking Strength: Human Class | Unknown

Durability: Human level | Unknown

Stamina: Average | Unknown

Range: A few meters with song-based techniques, unknown with Spell Intercept | Several ten-thousand kilometers (Killing Breath of the Dragon King reached into the Exosphere) | Universal with Gungnir

Standard Equipment: None notable. Previously wore a Pope-class Walking Church

Intelligence: Average, genius in the field of magic; has the ability to memorize everything she experiences perfectly and holds a vast amount of magical knowledge about magic through memorizing 103,000 magical grimoires. Can quickly analyze a golem's structure and cause it to fall apart by throwing safety pins at specific locations while saying the counter-spell. Recognizes most styles of magic and specific spells and their origin on sight.

Weaknesses: Is normally unable to use magic on her own, requiring John's Pen mode to do so and thus leaving her nearly helpless in most fights. | Thought process becomes extremely rational and will determine anyone who tries to get her to snap out of it, be it friend or foe, as a target to be destroyed. Can be controlled by a special remote while in John's Pen Mode.

Notable Attacks/Techniques

Base Index Abilities:

  • Perfect Memory (完全記憶能力 Kanzen Kioku Nōryoku, lit. "Capability of Perfect Memorization"): Index is capable of perfectly memorizing anything, this is one of the reasons why she was chosen as the vessel for the 103,000 grimoires. Not only that, but she has powerful analytical skills, able to watch a 30 fps anime and easily analyze to search for inconsistencies in the animation from frame to frame off the top of her head, as well as making her able to reconstruct an image on a surface, like a balloon or bottle, even after it is destroyed.
  • Spell Intercept (強制詠唱 (スペルインターセプト) Kyōsei Eishō (Superu Intāseputo), lit. "Force Chant"): Index uses Notarikon codes, a quick Kabbalah reading method that uses only the first letter of a word, to hijack the spell formula that the caster has been conjuring in their head and cause the magic to go berserk or be outright cancelled. It can also be used against magical automatons like golems that are acting automatically by disturbing their movements through verbal commands, and even against wielders of magical weapons to interfere with their weapon's movements and power. Against powerful magical items like Curtana Original, Index might need some time to analyze their workings before being able to interfere with them.
  • Sheol Fear (魔滅の声 (シェオールフィア) Mametsu no Shō (Sheōru Fia), lit. "Voice of Defacement): This is an ability in the form of choir that points out and impeaches the contradiction of the basis of the religion or theory of magic that has been cast and causes a break down in the enemies mind. It only works when the intended targets can hear it.
  • Information Transfer: Index is able to transfer a large amount of information from her Grimoires directly into the mind of another person by singing in ultrasonic frequencies, but this requires her to keep singing to maintain the connection.
John Pen's Mode Manga

John's Pen Mode in the manga

John's Pen Mode Pre-Othinus Arc:

  • John's Pen (自動書記 Jidō Shoki (Yohane no Pen), lit. "Automatic Secretary"): John's Pen is a state of Index that appears to defend her and the grimoires she holds and preserve her life, though she can also be forced into that state through two controllers held by the Anglican Church and the British Royal Family. While normally Index can't use magic, she is fully capable of using it and the knowledge of her grimoires in this form. In this state Index talks with machine-like and toneless voice, and her speech becomes blunt as she calmly and methodically analyzes everything in front of her and searches for the most appropriate response to enemy attacks and spells. She also seemingly becomes immune to pain, as she was capable of calmly instructing Komoe into helping her cast healing magic as if nothing was wrong despite her life-threatening wounds.
  • St. George's Sanctuary: A high-class defensive spell which distorts space-time. Two magic circles over two meters across are positioned in front of Index’s face, each fixed in place with its center over one of her eyes. The circles glow before exploding into something that looks like pitch black lightning. This is described as cracking space open, with the cracks quickly spreading in front of Index and looking like a barrier preventing anyone from approaching Index. Additionally, something that seems to be pulsating swells up from within the cracks, and a beast-like scent wafts in from the slight opening created by the pitch black cracks. Kamijou Touma instinctually realized that the thing inside the cracks was very dangerous, even if he didn't know what it was exactly.
  • Dragon's Breath (竜王の殺息 Ryūō no Satsuiki (Doragon Buresu), lit. "Killing Breath of the Dragon King"): A high-class offensive spell, used after casting St. George's Sanctuary. The black cracks caused by the previous spell suddenly open and widen all at once. Then a pillar of light, looking like a laser beam a meter across shoots out of the cracks. The spell holds the same power of the legendary dragon of Saint George. Upon trying to use Imagine Breaker to stop it Touma found out that his right hand couldn't negate the beam fast enough to counter its power, so the spell started to slowly eat into his hand. He also realized that the beam wasn't a solid mass and that each individual piece of light making it was different, which he speculated might be a result of Index using her 103,000 Grimoires to cast 103,000 types of magic at the same time. The spell has shown to have an incredibly long range, destroying Academy City's satellite Tree Diagram by accident when fired from Earth.
    • Feather of Light: An aftereffect of Dragon's Breath. This spell creates many feathers of light which can kill any person who touches them. They seem to work by frying the brain.
  • Scarlet Stone of Pexjarva: This spell causes the bones of the feet of the target knee starting to feel a deep pain as the joints between the bones are stretched apart by force. This invisible attack seems to come from the ground and seeps into the body of the target from there.
  • Eli Eli Lema Sabachthani: It's a powerful anti-Christian spell which throws a powerful bloody-red beam of light from a magic circle originating from Index's face.
  • Sulfur Rain Will Scorch the Earth: An attack that throws about 50 arrows from top to bottom that can drill and burn the target. One arrow is sufficient to turn solid stone into dust.
  • Legendary Weapons: She has also displayed the ability to summon legendary weapons and artifacts creating multiple copies of the same and using them to attack, all of them 'being able to "suffocate the enemy just by floating in the air".
    • Sword of the Harvest God Freyr: Also known as the Sword of Victory, it's the magic sword of the god Freyr from Norse Mythology, which fights on its own "if wise be he who wields it", also famous for its wielder never having suffered defeat in the myths while he had it. It takes the form of a thin Western sword made of a collection of something that looked like particles of light. The sword floats around and automatically moves to attack the enemies of the wielder by slipping through gaps on their defense to pierce their vitals.
  • Red Wings: Index grows dozens and dozens of red wings from her back, described as looking closer to blood than to fire in color. The wings are powerful enough to destroy and collapse large portions of St. George's Cathedral despite the latter being a highly reinforced magical stronghold comparable to the best in the world. Index was also capable of destroying an Innocentius supported by thousands of rune cards with one swing of the wings, as the destructive power far surpassed the fire being's regenerating properties. She can freely manipulate the size and shape of the wings. The red wings can also burst, releasing and shooting dozens of red light beams that look like sprays of blood at the enemy from multiple angles.
  • Shockwave: Sparks fly from Index's forehead, and immediately afterwards a huge fan-shaped shockwave shoos out from her body. The shockwave is strong enough to completely blow away several magicians who were protected by spiritual items and destroy a magically reinforced door of St. George's Cathedral.
  • Healing Magic: With a small amount of prep time and mundane items she is able to use magic to heal otherwise lethal wounds by preparing a temple and creating an angel replica from mana.

John's Pen Mode post Othinus Arc:

  • Gungnir: Index can create Othinus' Lance Gungnir. Even though it loses most of its powers, because it is used by a human, it´s ability as a throwing lance remains. The effect of throwing it is splitting apart the entire Universe, gather the whirl of fragments, and create a giant spear tip out of them.

Key: Base | John's Pen Mode pre Othinus Arc | John's Pen Mode post Othinus Arc


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