Incognito is a powerful vampire from the dark continent and is responsible for the creation of the FREAK chip that creates impure vampires. He acts as the main antagonist of the 2001 Hellsing anime series and is a deadly adversary of Alucard.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Likely 8-B, possibly 7-B via environmental destruction

Name: Incognito

Origin: Hellsing

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Vampire

Powers and Abilities: Darkness Manipulation, Intangibility, Blood Manipulation, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Telepathy, Summoning, Dark Arts, Necromancy, Illusion Creation, Precognition, Immortality, Flight, Mind Control, Regeneration, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Preparation, Soul Manipulation, Nanotechnology, Weather Manipulation, Vector Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, Information Manipulation, and Body Control.

Attack Potency: Likely City Block level, possibly City level via environmental destruction. Almost equal to Alucard (He and Alucard destroyed much of London, with Alucard placing a seal over the city)

Speed: Hypersonic+

Lifting Strength: Superhuman+

Striking Strength: Likely City Block Class

Durability: City Block level (Took hits from Level 1 Alucard, Smashed multiple buildings and streets with no damage)

Stamina: Unknown

Range: Unknown

Standard Equipment: ArmsCor 40mm grenade launcher, Minigun, Heavy machine gun

Intelligence: Unknown

Weaknesses: Overconfidence


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