One of the sole survivors of the Tasen invasion of Earth, Iji Kataiser was outfitted with Tasen nanotechnology by her father prior to his death, intended to act as a last resort weapon to drive the Tasen away. Equipped with her newfound powers, Iji fought against the Tasen and ultimately failed to get them to leave, instead (possibly) calling their hunters, the Komato, to Earth instead. The Komato would proceed to hunt down and exterminate the Tasen while killing whatever humans they found, planning to Alpha Strike the planet afterwards, eradicating all life on the planet, even bacteria. Fighting through both Tasen and Komato forces, Iji would fight and defeat Komato leaders such as Assassin Asha, Iosa Sakera, and eventually, General Tor.

Following Tor's defeat at her hands, the General relented, calling off the Komato Alpha Strike of the planet and killing himself, leaving Iji and what humans remained to rebuild their planet.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B physically. At least 9-A with weapons. Unknown with the Null Driver.

Name: Iji Kataiser, the "Human Anomaly"

Origin: Iji

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Classification: Nanotechnology-infused human cyborg.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Nanotechnology (Grants Self-Healing, Hacking, Shielding, and translation), Attack Reflection with Resonance Reflector, limited Reality Warping with the Null Driver.

Attack Potency: Wall level physically (She can break reinforced doors and kill Tasen fodder with a single kick). At least Small Building level with weapons (Heavy Tasen / Komato weaponry should be at least comparable to that of humans). Unknown with the Null Driver.

Speed: Subsonic (She can dodge Tasen / Komato rockets and other heavy weapon projectiles, which have established muzzle velocities of these speeds), Supersonic attack speed with other firearms, Hypersonic+ attack speed with Cyclic Fusion Ignition System and Plasma Cannon (The CFIS has a muzzle velocity of 5, 600 m/s, or Mach 16.3, and the Plasma Cannon has a muzzle velocity of 6, 700 m/s, or Mach 19.53), High Hypersonic attack speed with Velocithor V2-10 (Has a muzzle velocity of 12, 000 m/s, or Mach 34.98).

Lifting Strength: Unknown, likely Superhuman (Capable of carrying a gun almost as large as she is).

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Wall level physically (Can take blows from Tasen and Komato soldiers). At least Small Building level with nanofield (Her nanofield is strong enough to withstand heavy Komato and Tasen weaponry).

Stamina: Extremely high. Fought through the Tasen, and then Komato invasions of Earth without rest.

Range: Several meters.

Standard Equipment:

  • Nanogun: Iji's sole weapon, which can be used to fire any number of projectiles based on certain weapons, from both the Tasen and the Komato.
    • Tasen Weapons:
      • Shotgun: A simple Tasen shotgun that fires a wide, short-ranged blast of bullets. It can be fired harmlessly to instead stun an opponent.
      • Machinegun: A simple and effective long-range weapon that fires a rapid spray of bullets. It can be fired harmlessly to instead repeatedly stagger an opponent.
      • Rocket Launcher: The most simple of Iji's heavy weapons, a high-power rocket launcher. It can somehow be fired harmlessly.
        • Spread Rockets: Fires three rockets at once.
      • MPFB Devastator: One of her most powerful and versatile weapons, the MPFB Devastator fires three highly explosive energy projectiles in quick succession. It can be fired harmlessly, in which cases it simply stuns everyone nearby.
      • Buster Gun: A weapon comparable to the shotgun, except it can be fired rapidly, without the need to reload. It can be upgraded to fire explosive pellets, essentially making it an automatic rocket launcher.
      • Nuke: Causes a massive explosion that hits all nearby enemies.
    • Komato Weapons:
      • Resonance Detonator: Iji causes a short-range burst of energy that knocks opponents away. It can also destroy projectiles.
      • Pulse Gun: Fires a short-ranged, high speed beam. It can be fired under a different setting to instead drain energy from her opponents.
      • Hyper Pulse: An even stronger upgrade to the Pulse Gun.
      • Shocksplinter: Fires a high-speed, high-explosive energy burst. It can also be used to create a simple barrier.
      • Cyclic Fusion Ignition System: Fires a short-range beam that can pierce through multiple enemies quickly.
        • Chain Fractal Injection Shell: Fires a shell that allows Iji to hack into an opponent's cybernetics from a distance.
      • Plasma Cannon: Fires a high-power laser, so fast that it appears to be instant from Iji's perspective.
    • Tasen-Komato Weapons:
      • Splintergun: Fires many "splinters" rapidly, dealing heavy damage and chipping away at enemy armor.
      • Resonance Reflector: Causes a short-ranged shockwave that reflects projectiles.
      • Velocithor V2-10: Iji's most powerful non-hidden weapon, it penetrates nearly all defenses in its way when fired. It's a highly powerful, but tiny fusion-powered coilgun that fires thousands of slugs per second, resulting in the ensuing projectile resembling a laser.
    • Prototype Komato Weapons:
      • Massacre: A highly powerful weapon, the prototype weapon used by the Komato Annihilator that went on a rampage on Ciretako. While it deals ridiculous damage, firing six wall penetrating projectiles in quick succession, it drains Iji's health and armor as opposed to her ammunition.
      • Null Driver: A glitched prototype weapon. Originally intended to be used in opening wormholes, the first step in the "Star Strike", it instead has random, highly destructive effects. It may teleport Iji to unexpected places, scramble the world, transmute her enemies into random materials such as pieces of paper and shell casings, or destroy everything in her surroundings.

Intelligence: Somewhat naive, but shows talent when it comes to combat, quickly becoming more experienced.

Weaknesses: Iji initially dislikes conflict, and is traumatized and unstable.

Notable Attacks / Techniques:

  • Retribution: When knocked down, Iji gets back up and fires all of her weapons at once, causing a massive, high-damage explosion.


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