Battle - 015


Ichigo is Reiji and Sayuki's foster-mother, she appears in the series wearing her witch mantle and welcomes Reiji back to the island after a long time of absence. After "Ragnarok" starts Ichigo begins to set out for days on end to search for the one behind the ritual who she suspects to be Odin while not letting her family know of her true identity.

Ichigo was a member of "Vorspa" an organization that gathered researchers from around the world to study the "OOparts" magical gems that give certain humans magical powers and turn them into mages. She was the partner of "Sosei Yoshino" (Reiji's father before he became Odin) and the best friend of "SAKURA" (Reiji's late mother and Odin's wife).

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 3-C

Name: Sagara Ichigo, Yggdrasil

Origin: Fortissimo

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Classification : Magical Artifact user

Powers and Abilities : Superhuman speed, can return anything she see into nothingness (including magic, attack, people and things)

Attack Potency: At least Galaxy level (Odin said that she could defeat Rõge with her current power, when she fought Odin in Sayuki's route, the two magic powers combined was shaking the universe)

Speed: MFTL+ (Speedblitzed Odin)

Striking Strength: Peak Human

Lifting Strength: Peak Human

Durability: At least Planet level, possibly higher (Survived Odin's Gungnir)

Range: Hundreds of meters

Intelligence: Skilled fighter, has engaged in battles for many years

Standard Equipment: Artificial Gem (Ichigo's magical weapon which was artificially created for her as a means to fight against magi in the "Fimbulvinter War")

Weaknesses: Endless Banish can only be used in low-range

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Endless Banish (摂理たる終焉(エンドレスバニッシュ) Endoresubanisshu: Ichigo's only magical power but also one of the strongest in the series. It is the ability to return anything and anyone to nothingness; that includes magi and their magical weapons, but it seems that it is only effective when something is in close range of it

Other Skills

  • Excellent Battle Experience: Having fought many magi in the "Fimbulviter War", Ichigo's speed, strength, and overall knowledge exceeds that of any magi. In her fight against Odin she moved so fast that he could not react fast enough even though he himself developed the "Ultimate Arts". And in "EXS Nachsten Phase" (Momiji's Route) it was because of Ichigo's knowledge and power that "Jin Arizuka" created ways to overcome Ayana's/Valkyrie's absolute defense and attack after he killed her.



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