Heavy with large recoil. Popular in fiction.


The Desert Eagle is semi-automatic pistol, it is used by U.S Soldiers and Israli forces.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-C

Name: IMI Desert Eagle

Origin: Real Life

Wielders: Many people but it is relatively uncommon compared to other pistols.

Classification: Semi-automatic pistol

Powers and Abilities: Fires a high velocity projectile which hits the body and produces a large pressure against it, thus causing injury and possibly even death.

Attack Potency: Street level (Maximum firepower with the GDHP Speer .50 AE is around 2200 J)

Speed: Supersonic (About 470 m/s with the GDHP Speer .50 AE)

Range: Effective range is 50 meters.


Desert Eagle 50cal Ballistic Gel Test02:53

Desert Eagle 50cal Ballistic Gel Test