The Hysterical Dame is the female alter-ego of Problem Sleuth.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least Low 7-B

Name: Hysterical Dame

Origin: Problem Sleuth

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Classification: Problem Sleuth's alter ego

Attack Potency: At least Small City level, (Defeated base Mobster Kingpin. Is Problem Sleuth's female alter-ego. Traded blows with Madame Murel)

Speed: FTL (Defeated base Mobster Kingpin)

Lifting Strength: Above average human (Carried a bunch of large guns and lobbed them into traffic lights)

Striking Strength: Small City Class

Durability: Small City level (Took a hit from Mobster Kingpin with maximized vim, as well as some lashings from Madame Murel, although she was knocked out by the former)

Stamina: Unknown, likely very high

Range: Extended melee range; higher with Skeleton Flail. She has shown good throwing range and accuracy.

Standard Equipment: Scale Bodice, Skeleton Flail, Lipstick/Chainsaw

Intelligence: Should be pretty high; has been shown to be pretty good with puzzles and did this to Demonhead Mobster Kingpin's defenses

Weaknesses: Can be too hysterical to think properly sometimes


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