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Uni01 Her will… Everything she wanted, I’m doing in her stead. That’s all.
~ Hyde


Hyde is the main protagonist of Under Night In-Birth EXE:Late. He was a normal high school boy living a normal high school life until one day he was attacked by a Void. He was rescued by Linne and at the same time awakened his EXS, the EXS of Darkness "Red Void". Linne then decided to live in Hyde's house for a good amount of time, often leaving to protect Hyde. One night Linne goes missing and Hyde begins his journey to find Linne.

Hyde gets to the point and is very focused, he faces any challenge and does his best to overcome it. He is upon normal circumstances cool-headed, however, when in combat, he becomes cocky and reckless often getting himself into dangerous situations. Hyde cares much for others and just wants to live life normally.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B, 7-C via Gyre Vortex

Name: Hyde Kido (English), Kido Haido (Japanese), Unknown Actor

Origin: Under Night In-Birth

Gender: Male

Age: Likely 16 (High School Student)

Classification: In-Birth

Powers and Abilities: Darkness Manipulation (Slashes give a wave of darkness and has darkness rings in spinning attacks), Magma Manipulation (VIA Gyre Vortex), Existence Manipulation (his sword cuts up his foe's existence AKA deleting them from existence)

Attack Potency: Wall level (Strikes cause the road to break), Town level with Gyre Vortex (Equal to Linne's Godslay/God Mower)

Speed: Speed of Light (Dodged and blocked flashes of light.)

Lifting Strength: Peak human (Can lift Waldstien who weighs 298kg with ease)

Striking Strength: Wall Class (Strikes can cause the road to break)

Durability: Town level (Survived Godslay/God Mower and the force of his own Gyre Vortex), possibly higher

Stamina: Very high, shows little sign of tiring in combat (only time of tiring is shown after using Raging Roar in which he quickly recovers)

Range: Sword = 171 cm, Black Orbiter = Unknown

Standard Equipment:

  • EXS of Darkness "Red Void": It gives him the ability to spawn his sword "Indulgence of Sever-Rending".
  • Indulgence of Sever-Rending: A sword that is capable of destroying one's existence. Stated to be able to kill immortals and anything close to that.

Intelligence: Still in high school, trained by Linne in combat.

Weaknesses: Used to fighting on his own, cares for other people too much, no best stat.

Feats: Survived hits from Waldstein who uses the EXS of Mountainous Strength, kept up with Linne (Linne wasn't at max speed), used a move that is very much similar to Linne's "Godslay/God Mower", sword causes chunks of road to fly out of the ground.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

The moves have two names one set is from the Japanese version (references popular anime AKA Once Piece, Nasuverse, Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, and Kill la Kill) [and the other is from the English version (original move names)].

  • Vestige of Cruelty [Strict Daze]: A charged slash (both hands are used).
  • Wicked Vortex of the Torus [Black Orbiter]: A darkness projectile in the shape of a ring.
  • Black Lotus Blooming in the Abyss [Dark Lotus]: A follow-up to Black Orbiter, turns the projectile into darkness strings that work somewhat like a wall. If the opponent comes in contact with it great damage is dealt and major knockback occurs.
  • Distorted Aperture [Bend Sinister]: Another option for a Black Orbiter follow-up. Hyde jumps forward with a large slash with a major knockdown. It can be used to enter a combo.
  • Crimson-Clad Wing of Darkness [Red Clad Craver]: A Shoryuken but with a sword. Wait? You want a better explanation? Hyde jumps upward facing away from his opponent with his sword swinging from behind. Hyde is open to being attacked while landing.
  • Fault Dividing the Empty Air [Vacant Shift]: Hyde leaps toward the opponent with a slash, then goes for a two-handed slash that carries the opponent into the air, then finally smashes them into the ground with his sword. Hyde counts his slashes as he does this move.
  • Earth Drilling Shadow [Shadow Scare]: Hyde turns around and smacks his sword into the ground from behind causing the location where it hit to break apart. A flame then appears at the other end of the hole.
  • Wedge of Sick Crimson Calling the Calamity [Pale Bringer]: Hyde dashes forward and hits the opponent into the air with his sword and kicks them back to the ground. Normally used as a combo finisher. Can only be used when at max EX.
  • Spiral Cage Alluring to the Demise [Gyre Vortex]: Hyde spins his sword like a helicopter and then slams it into the ground causing a magma plume to spew from the ground.
  • Savage God's Roaring Howl [Raging Roar]: Hyde Charges a Strict Daze with wind mixed with darkness gathering around his sword. He leaps toward his opponent with his sword (while shouting the move's name) and a large spread of darkness appears before him. A violent storm mixed with darkness surrounds the foe and deals consistent damage. Afterwards, Hyde needs to catch his breath for a quick moment as the opponent crashes into the ground.



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