The HsF (Hard science Fighter) is a series of supersonic fighters developed by Academy City. The only iteration seen in the series so far has been the HsF-00, deployed by Academy City during World War III. Based on the HsB-02 supersonic stealth bomber, the HsF-00 is an 80-meter fighter that can fly at 7000 km/h. Thanks to its superior speed, weaponry and technology, just ten HsF-00 supported by a small number of smaller unidentified special mid-air refuelling crafts were enough for Academy City to maintain air superiority over the Sea of Japan and easily defeat the Russian air forces sent to attack them.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B with machine guns, likely at least 8-C with lasers, bombs and air-to-air missiles

Name: HsF-00

Origin: To Aru Majutsu No Index

Age: Unknown

Classification: Supersonic fighter

Wielders: Unknown

Attack Potency: Wall level with machine guns, likely at least Building level with lasers, bombs and air-to-air missiles

Speed: Hypersonic (Top speed of 7000 km/h)

Durability: At least Wall level, possibly Room level

Range: At least several dozens of kilometers with missiles, probably higher; unknown with lasers

Weaknesses: None notable

Maneuverability: HsF-00 can fly sharp corners at full speed and do several stunts that would be impossible for conventional aircrat and pilots, like moving straight forward while the entire craft is angled at 90 degrees and spinning around at high speed like a top

Stamina: At least several hours, likely tens of hours (The HsF-00 uses the frictional heat on the armor surface as energy. In other words, it gets more efficient the faster it goes. That can reduce its consumption of fuel by up to 90%); higher when resupplied during high-speed flight by Academy City's special mid-air refuelling crafts.

Standard Equipment: Machine guns, air-to-air missiles, 10 lasers and white phosphorus-based bombs

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Mental control: To pilot the HsF-00 most of the pilot's body is frozen at -70 degrees Celsius to protect him/her from the massive Gs the aircraft is subjected to. With this, the pilot doesn't need to use their fingers to operate the aircraft or their mouths to communicate with their allies. The distribution of blood in the pilot's brain, the amount of chemicals secreted, the flow of electronic signals and the monitoring of the active regions of his brain with sonar are some of the methods used to directly gather information from the pilot's brain and allow him/her to control the aircraft.
  • Lasers: The HsF-00 is equipped with about ten optical lasers. Since lasers fire at lightspeed they are extremely effective weapons for air combat, allowing the fighter to easily shoot down and destroy enemy fighters and missiles. The lasers are attached to the aircraft with some kind of thin wire, and after being deployed they fly around it like independent sports kites, allowing the HsF-00 to shoot the enemy from several directions at the same time.