Sketch of a Hound Dog by Kiyotaka Haimura


Hound Dog (猟犬部隊 Ryōken Butai (Haundo Doggu), lit. "Hound Force") is an elite black operations unit under the command of Kihara Amata that takes orders from Aleister Crowley himself. Unlike Anti-Skill, Hound Dogs covertly perform operations that are considered against regular military conduct and even laws. They are well known for their ability to track other people relentlessly, henceforth the group's name. Their main tactic against enemies is to overwhelm and kill them quickly with the least amount of actions and effort, such as by ambushing them and then disapearing after erasing their own tracks. They work well in small squads, but due to their main tactics they are unused to situations in which there are lulls and delays in combat.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-A physically, 9-C with firearms, 9-A with missile launcher | 9-B physically, 9-C with firearms, 9-A with missile launcher

Name: Unknown, use Western names as codenames during missions

Origin: To Aru Majutsu No Index

Gender: Varies

Age: Varies

Classification: Human, Soldier

Powers and Abilities: Skilled black ops operators, skilled at using firearms and other weapons, experts at tracking other people and erasing their own trail | Superhuman Physical Characteristics

Attack Potency: Athlete level physically, Street level with firearms, Small Building level with missile launcher | Wall level physically (Use Hard Taping like Komaba Ritoku), Street level with firearms, Small Building level with missile launcher

Speed: Athletic Human | Subsonic (Use Hard Taping like Komaba Ritoku)

Lifting Strength: Athletic Human

Striking Strength: Athlete Class | Wall Class

Durability: Athlete level

Stamina: Above average | Above average, Hard Taping strains their body

Range: Standard melee range, dozens of meters with handgun, hundreds of meters with rifle and missile launcher

Standard Equipment: Sub-machine gun/assault rifle, handgun, grenades, radio, bulletproof vest and special tools to erase their own tracks. Some Hound Dogs carry specialized equipment such as shotguns, anti-tank missile launchers and Olfactory Sensors. | Same equipment as before plus Hard Taping

Intelligence: Average

Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses | Normal human weaknesses, Hard Taping strains their body

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Olfactory Sensor: A portable machine that can track the scent of a person, even in the middle of the rain. Originally used by perfume and deodorant industries, it was later converted for military use. The machine is shaped like a handgun with a suppressor. However, the muzzle is actually a sponge-shaped sensor similar to how a microphone looks. A 3-inch LCD monitor is mounted on it, allowing the user to track the target's scent.
  • Hard Taping (Bane Hōtai (Hādo Tēpingu), lit. "Spring Bandage"): Hard Taping is a type of special military-use ultrasonic wave elastic taping used in Powered Suits to give them their mobility and speed. It can be used directly in the human body to enhance and reinforce joints and muscles to gain increased speed and strength, while still allowing for the subtle and minute adjustments characteristic of a living being. However, without the safety devices present in Powered Suits, Hard Taping puts a heavy strain on the user's body.
  • Erasing Tracks: Hound Dogs are experts at erasing their own tracks. Not only do they have access to a special cleaning agent that can be used to cover their own scent, even from their own Olfactory Sensors, they carry acid sprays that remove any evidence of their presence, such as fingerprints, blood stains and DNA information.

Key: Base | With Hard Taping


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