I'll do it over, no matter how many times it takes. I'll re-live it over and over again. I will find a way out. The one path that will save you from this destiny of despair. Madoka my one and my only friend. I don't care because if it's for you, I'll stay trapped in this endless maze... Forever.




Homulilly Card2

It has to be this way. I'm never going to let you go again, Madoka.


Homura Akemi is a main character in the main series, and the protagonist in Wraith Arc and Rebellion. In the main series, she travels through time repeatedly (Approaching 100 times actually) to help save Madoka Kaname from becoming a magical girl and the curses that come with it.

"The Nutcracker Witch. Its nature is self-sufficiency. Its gallant form, which once split many nuts, is now useless. Without any other purpose, this witch's last wish is her own execution. However, a mere decapitation will not clear away the witch's sins. This foolish witch will forever remain in this realm, repeating the procession to her execution." -Official Description of Homulilly (Stage One)

"The Nutcracker Witch. Her nature is self-sufficiency. Her teeth are showing, her skull is melted, and her eyeballs have fallen out. A promise is the only thing that pitifully planted in that head which can no longer crack any nuts, but within the husk of the awakened witch is the distinct form of a magical girl. Her servants shamefully refer to that thing as a good-for-nothing." -Official Description of Homulilly (Stage Two)

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-C | Unknown | 7-B | 2-A

Name: Homura Akemi, Mortal World Witch, Nutcracker Witch

Origin: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Classification: Magical Girl | Crystalized Magical Girl | Mortal World Witch, Nutcracker Witch, Mutate Witch | Devil

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Firearm and Missiles Mastery, Magic, Time Manipulation, Time Stop, Time Travel, Technological Manipulation, Immortality (Type 2 and 6 [Though the latter should not come up in combat], Type 8 when inside her labyrinth [Depends on the labyrinth's existence]), Forcefield Creation, Weapon Creation, Preparation, Flight, Healing, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Transformation, Power Drain, Magic Sensor, Weapon Enhancement, BFR and Portal Creation (Through sending people to her shield's Pocket Universe), Time Paradox Resistance (Through contact with her shield), Energy Projection, Teleportation via Space Leap, Becomes stronger once critically hurt, Resistance to Mind Manipulation, Magic, Life Absorption, and Status Effect Inducement | Likely all previous abilities other than Time Manipulation, Time Stop, and Time Travel abilities, (Though in Wraith Arc, she does eventually regain them), Memory Manipulation, Can pierce through Barriers with her Magical Arrows | Likely all previous abilities but enhanced, Transformation, Familiar Summoning, Reality Warping, Memory Manipulation, Pocket Reality Manipulation | All previous abilities, but enhanced, Soul Manipulation Immunity, Acausality (Only on 3-D scale), Conceptual Manipulation, Dimensional Manipulation

Attack Potency: Town level (Capable of creating massive explosions, one of which reaching 42 kilotons of energy) | Unknown (Without using on her amplified military equipment and potentially different stats, it is unknown how strong this Homura can be) | City level (Created an entire city in her soul gem and its outskirts, said city would be destroyed if Homulilly is killed) | Multiverse level+ (Poses a threat to even Goddess Madoka)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic (Caught a bullet with a ribbon within a small time interval at Mach 619) | Unknown, likely Massively Hypersonic (Should at least be as fast as her normal self prior to Madoka's final wish), Possibly Higher | Higher to an unknown extent | Nigh-Omnipresent (Equal to Ultimate Madoka)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: City Block Class (Kicked Sayaka Miki so hard she got stunned in Rebellion) | At least City Block Class | At least Multi-City Block Class (Had combated Sayaka Miki's Witch form in Rebellion) | Unknown

Durability: City Block level (Was capable of enduring the collision of a skyscraper falling on top of her), At most City level with her forcefields (Was able to tank only one attack from Walpurgisnacht before being broken.) | Unknown | Likely City level, Moon level with barrier (Was able to resist Madoka Kaname's arrows.) | Multiverse level+ (Note that conventional means i.e. the destruction of her body, will not be able to kill her)

Stamina: Very High as a magical girl, likely limitless as a witch or in her Devil form

Range: Several kilometers with normal weaponry, Tens of kilometers with preparation or Time Stop. | Nearby Surroundings | Tens of kilometers | Multiversal+

Standard Equipment: Shield (Storage and time jump device), pipe bombs, IMI Desert Eagle, FN Minimi, Beretta 92FS, Remington 870, Howa Type 89, M26 frag grenades, flashbang grenades, RPG-7, AT-4, C-4 explosives, Magical Bow, and a golf club

Intelligence: Very High (Has fought against enemies like Walpurgisnacht hundreds of time despite extremely inferior stats, fought against veterans like Mami Tomoe at one point), likely Low as a Homulily Pu (It is unknown whether or not this form is like the Rebellion witches), Nigh-Omniscient as Akuma Homura (Gained all of Goddess Madoka's powers, including the factors that made her nigh-omniscient)


  • Has survived encounters with Walpurgisnacht for a hundred of timelines. (Intelligence Feat)
  • Has gone up against significantly stronger enemies, one of which had prep against Homura's main abilities. (Intelligence Feat)
  • Caught a bullet mid-air with a ribbon directly after being shot in the head. (Precision Feat)

Weaknesses: Homura is protective of Madoka to a fault and tends to be insane.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Blunts and more blunts: Whacks the enemy with her Golf Club.
  • Pressure Point Strike: Used originally on Sayaka to knock her out with one hit (Who has notably more durability than Homura has striking strength).
  • Forcefield: Encases Homura in a magical barrier, first seen in episode 1.
  • Black Wings of Corrosion: Shown at the end of the main series, not only do these wings grant flight, they cause massive erosion.
    • Angel Wings: Seen in the last episode, they also grant flight, however, their secondary ability is unknown.
  • Witch's Kiss: Corrupts the enemy into despair, also allows the user to control the enemy
  • Magical Arrow: Fires off an arrow that can pierce enemies.
    • Combination Squall: An attack used alongside Madoka in Rebellion, it is a more powerful form of Madoka's Magical Squall.
  • Clock up: Manipulates time to make it appear as if Homura is faster than she looks.
  • Clock down: Slows down enemies using time manipulation by a lot.

Key: Magical Girl Homura | Crystalized Magical Girl Homura | Homulilly (Stages 1 and 2) | Akuma Homura

Note #1: Homulilly (Pu) is from Madoka Magica Portable and can be regarded as secondary canon. The same can be said about her "ClockUp" and "ClockDown" abilities.

Note #2: Unlike normal magical girls, Homura uses amplified military weaponry instead of her own natural magic as a weapon, thus she is capable of Town level destruction despite having an Attack Stat of 0 (City Block level).



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