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I really, really hate humans. I really hate Shinigami too.
~ Hiyori to Shinji


Hiyori Sarugaki (猿柿 ひよ里, Sarugaki Hiyori) is the former lieutenant of the 12th Division under Captains Kirio Hikifune and Kisuke Urahara, and currently a Visored.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-A, higher with Hollow Mask

Name: Hiyori Sarugaki

Origin: Bleach

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown, at least over a hundred years

Classification: Former lieutenant of the 12th Division, Shinigami, Visored

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Hakuda Expert, Expert Swordsman, Spiritual Awareness, Energy Manipulation, Pseudo Flight

Attack Potency: Mountain level (Presumably was able to fight against a Hollowfied Bankai Ichigo, should be comparable to Lisa), likely Mountain level+ with Hollow Mask (Overwhelmed Shikai Ichigo and pressured him to use his Bankai. Held her own against a Resurrección Harribel, also according to Aizen, hollowfication allows Shinigami to reach power levels far surpassing that of either a Hollow or a Shinigami)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Could keep up with Harribel)

Lifting Strength: At least Superhuman

Striking Strength: Mountain Class, likely Mountain level+ with Hollow Mask

Durability: Mountain level (Presumably withstood attacks from a Hollowfied Bankai Ichigo), likely Mountain level+ with Hollow Mask

Stamina: Very High. Weaker characters can fight for days without issue and with injuries that would be fatal to even the hardiest of normal humans. Survived being cut in half across the waist by Gin Ichimaru and was even conscious for several minutes after.

Range: Extended melee range with her Zanpakutō, several kilonetres with Cero

Standard Equipment: Her Zanpakutō, Kubikiri Orochi, Hollow Mask

Intelligence: Combat Smart

Weaknesses: Quick to anger. Hollow Mask only lasts 5 minutes but it can be reapplied

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Hakuda Expert: Hiyori is a very capable hand-to-hand fighter, who commonly use various kicks in combination with her Zanpakutō to take out opponents. She effortlessly overwhelmed a dangerous inmate from the Maggot's Nest who had taken her hostage.

  • Gatling Mad-Stomping (ガトリング地団駄, Gatoringu Jidanda): Hiyori performs multiple foot stomps on an opponent's face. The technique is powerful enough to send Ichigo flying and completely shatter his Hollow mask.
  • Super Harisen Slipper (スーパーハリセンスリッパ, Sūpā Harisen Surippa): Hiyori smacks her opponent with her sandal. This technique, while simple, possesses enough force to send Shinji Hirako flying through a nearby wall and Hachi's barrier.


Suikawari (西瓜割; Japanese for "Watermelon Splitting"): Hiyori comes down with her sword upon an opponent. She used this technique to cleanly cut down through the head and mask of a Gillian with ease.

High Spiritual Power: Hiyori possesses lieutenant-level Reiryoku. Being a Visored, Hiyori possesses a dual-type spiritual energy, part Shinigami and part Hollow. With her mask on, she can focus considerable amounts of energy into a blast to knock targets away.



Kubikiri Orochi

Kubikiri Orochi (馘大蛇, Beheading Serpent): Hiyori's Zanpakutō is a standard katana, though its tsuba (decorated sword guard) is decorated in small hearts. During her days as a lieutenant, she would wear it by her belt, but as a Visored, she normally carries her sword over her right shoulder on her back. In the anime, during her days as a lieutenant, Hiyori also carried her Zanpakutō on her back.

  • Shikai: Its Shikai command is Chop Cleanly (ぶっ手切れ, buttegire). Hiyori's katana becomes a large cleaver with a serrated saw-like blade.

Shikai Special Ability: Unknown.



Hiyori's Hollow mask

Hollow Mask: Skeletal in appearance, her Hollow mask sports a prominent horn centered on the forehead and a row of diamond-shaped markings over the eyebrows. Upon donning her Hollow mask, the sclera of her eyes turn black, though her irises remain brown. She took the longest to defeat her inner Hollow out of all the current Visored (excluding Ichigo, who took about the same amount of time) at 69 minutes and 2 seconds. When angered or provoked in some way, the mask's power increases due to her emotions ruling her.

Power Augmentation: While wearing the mask, Hiyori's Hollow powers supplement her Shinigami powers, giving her a vast increase in both strength and speed.
  • Cero (虚閃 (セロ), Sero; Spanish for "Zero", Japanese for "Hollow Flash", Doom Blast in the Viz translation"): Hiyori can fire a red Cero from the open mouth of her Hollow Mask. The powerful blast is sustainable, and can be used as a sweeping beam which can take out more than one target in one pass. Hiyori can also create a Cero in both hands while forming one in front of her mouth before firing them simultaneously.


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