Hisou no Tsurugi

Credit to Baba


The Sword of Hisou is a relic that can only be wielded by Celestials and Tenshi's primary weapon.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 4-C

Name: Hisou no Tsurugi / Sword of Hisou, the Sword of Scarlet Perception

Origin: Touhou Project

Age: Unknown

Wielders: Tenshi Hinanawi

Classification: Celestial Jian

Powers and Abilities: Energy / Chi / Soul Absorption (It can absorb spirits and spiritual energy from its surroundings, converting them into energy), Energy and Chi Manipulation (Tenshi can release the energy absorbed by the Sword of Hisou in attacks and as beams of energy), Soul Manipulation (Reduces spirits it slashes into a scarlet mist that it can absorb, and it can completely destroy purely spiritual existences like Phantoms), Weather Manipulation (The mist created by the Sword of Hisou can be used to influence the weather), Reactive Evolution (The Sword of Hisou detects the nature of any enemy Tenshi faces and changes its properties to better utilize this knowledge and exploit their weaknesses)

Attack Potency: Large Star level (Should be comparable in power to Tenshi herself).

Speed: None depends on wielder, Massively FTL+ attack speed (Its beams are comparable in speed to Tenshi and her opponents)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Large Star Class

Durability: Large Star level

Range: Hundreds of Kilometers (Affected weather and people all across Gensokyo), likely Planetary (Marisa mentioned that its beam attack is similar to her Master Spark, and Tenshi affected Gensokyo with it from Heaven)

Weaknesses: Nothing notable

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