Just watching you gives me the shivers...! Ugh. What exactly is your purpose in life again? Would you mind refreshing my memory...?
~ Hazama to Arakune in Arcade Mode


Hazama is a captain of the Novus Orbis Librarium's Intelligence Department. In reality, he was an artificially created human designed by Relius Clover to be the host vessel for Yūki Terumi. In Chronophantasma, Hazama has separated from Terumi due to Platinum's Muchorin and has his own agenda separate from Terumi's.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-A

Name: Hazama

Origin: BlazBlue

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Bleu Grimoire

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Expert Martial Artist, Regeneration (Mid-Low), Energy Projection, Mind Manipulation, Can inflict conceptual Soul Damage (Is a Bleu Grimoire himself), Chain Manipulation (Via Ouroboros), Seemingly immune to the effects of Phenomena Intervention, AcausalityResistance to Mind, Soul, TimeProbability, and Spatial ManipulationImmortality (Type 8, has a Life Link with Noel, which prevents them from dying unless both are killed on the spot), When his Grimoire is activated he possesses an Aura that slowly leeches away the life of nearby opponents. He also receives a general Statistics Amplification.

Attack Potency: Large Planet level (Can easily keep up with Jin)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+, possibly higher, with Relativistic to Speed of Light reaction/combat speed (Has no problem keeping up with 20% Hakumen, Ragna, and Jin)

Lifting Strength: Likely Class K (Should be near if not as physically strong/stronger than Jin or Ragna)

Striking Strength: Large Planet Class

Durability: Large Planet level

Stamina: Superhuman

Range: Extended Melee Range normally, Unknown with his Nox Nyctores (Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros is stated as being on a chain of infinite length)

Standard Equipment: Many butterfly knives, as well as his Nox Nyctores, Geminus Anguium: Ouroboros.

Intelligence: Very High; roughly on-par with Jin Kisaragi in terms of general knowledge and tactical ability, and at one point nearly overtook Yūki Terumi.

Weaknesses: Due to his whole body being his grimoire, if its Seithr based powers are nullified, he will be severely weakened, almost to a crippled state, but still able to fight.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Venom Sword (蛇刃牙, Jabaki, lit. "Snake Fang Blade"): Hazama extends a spike of energy in the shape of a snake's head.
  • Vengeful Viper (蛇骸, Jagai, lit. "Snake Corpse"): Hazama side swings with his hand, trailed by a snake shaped aura. He can then perform weaker versions of Falling Fang, Rising Fang, or Devouring Fang immediately after to mix-up his attack, or enter his Serpent's Benediction stance.
  • Serpent's Benediction (蛇刹, Jasetsu, lit. "Snake Temple"): Hazama enters a stance while gathering energy on his arm. He can cancel this stance, or follow it up with these moves:
    • Falling Fang (裂閃牙, Ressenga, lit. "Rending Flash Fang"): Hazama slams his opponent with an overhead strike, trailed by a snake shaped aura.
    • Rising Fang (牙昇脚, Gashōkyaku, lit. "Fang Rising Leg"): Hazama extends a knife hidden in his shoe, performing a rising crescent kick, trailed by a snake shaped aura.
    • Devouring Fang (残影牙, Zan'eiga, lit. "Tracing Fang"): Hazama twirls his knife then scoop slashes his opponent low, trailed by a snaked shaped aura.
    • Serpent's Redemption (蛇滑, Jakatsu, lit. "Snake Slide"): Hazama dashes forward/backward during Serpent's Benediction.
    • Serpent's Haste (構え中断, Kamae Chūdan, lit. "Stance Break"): Hazama breaks his stance during Serpent's Benediction.
    • The Serpent's Unholy Wrath (大蛇武錬葬, Orochi Burensō, lit. "Serpent’s Martial Tempering Burial"): Hazama dashes forward and grabs the opponent, removing his hat to reveal his Terumi persona. He then binds the opponent, and then kicks them down to stomp them several times, finishing with a backward kick trailed by a snake shaped aura.
  • Wind Serpent's Fang (飛鎌突, Hirentotsu, lit. "Flying Sickle Thrust"): Hazama swing kicks downward while in the air, trailed by a snake shaped aura.
  • Shadow Serpent (蛇冥迅, Jameijin, lit. "Dark Swift Snake"): Hazama drops straight down with a leg revealing a knife on his heel out, trailed by afterimages.
  • Bloody Fangs (牙砕衝, Gasaishō, lit. "Fang Smash"): Hazama grabs the opponent while twirling his knife, stunning them. When his Grimoire is active, he follows the grab with a series of slashes, then having three dark serpents knock them away.
  • Hungry Coils (蛇咬, Jakō, lit. "Snake Bite"): Hazama extends Ouroboros at an angle into the air, if it connects to the opponent, he will swing them in the opposite direction forcefully.
  • Serpent's Infernal Rapture (蛇翼崩天刃, Jayoku Hōtenjin, lit. "Snake’s Heaven Crumbling Wing"): Hazama vanishes, leaving an after-image, then kicks the opponent high into the air with an energy pillar that reaches into the heavens. When his Grimoire is active, he can perform a lesser version of this move.
  • Eternal Coils of the Dragon Serpent (蛟竜烈華斬, Mizuchi Rekkazan, lit. "Violent Gorgeous Slash of the Rain Dragon"): Hazama conjures a portal to grab the opponent, reeling them in with Ouroboros to slash them repeatedly with his knives, then summons three dark serpents to strike his target away.
  • Den of Hungry Snakes: Can only be used when his Grimoire is active. Hazama seemingly vanishes, then strikes his target from above with a swinging kick trailed by an energy snake, following it with a scooping slash trailed by another energy snake to launch them into the air. He then pulls them down with his chain and launches them, doing this repeatedly, then finishing it by kicking his downed opponent and laughing, holding his hat.



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