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I remember my so-called fellow video-game loving "Netizens" saying this. "Wouldn't it be great if life were just like a game?!" What if everyone had levels above their heads and I could find out my EXP. Points and set my status however I want? But to to tell you the truth, if you were to ask me if I'd enjoy this, I would say: No. Not at all.
~ Jee-Han's opening narration


Han Jee-Han was an ordinary high school student who was addicted to Korean MMORPGs. One fateful day, he suddenly gained the ability to interact with the world around him as if it were one of his beloved video games. This quickly drags him into the Abyss, the supernatural underground world that lays the foundation for modern society as we know it. Jee-Han soon finds that he'd better start grinding if he wishes to survive this tumultuous environment, lest he be hunted down for his surprisingly valuable ability.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 8-C, likely 8-B ​| 8-A | Low 7-C

Name: Han Jee-Han, The Gamer, Undead Executioner

Origin: The Gamer

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Classification: Human, Natural Ability User, Magician, Tutor, Chunbu Spirit Specialist

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsSkilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant (Via Chunbu Martial Arts), Weapon MasteryRegeneration (Low-Mid, Will recover from any injury for as long as his HP doesn't hit zero), Enhanced Senses (Augmented with Observe and others), Extrasensory Perception (via bloodlust sense and ring of detection), Earth Manipulation, Flight, Summoning, Mana Manipulation, Dungeon Creation and Minor Space-Time Manipulation (With ID Barriers), Empathic Manipulation (via Yunhon Soul Recovery, can heal psychological distress), Forcefield Creation, Electricity Manipulation, Resistance to Time Stop and to Mind Manipulation | All previous abilities on a heightened scale, as well as various new applications of previous abilities, Telekinesis, Fire Manipulation (via explosion and summoning), Mana Sealing (via magical shackles of binding), Water Manipulation (via summoning), Air Manipulation (via summoning), Light Manipulation (various techniques), Poison Manipulation (with equipment), Sleep Inducement (can cast a sleep spell), Soul Manipulation (Can create artificial spirit), Time Manipulation (via time acceleration), Metal Manipulation (via artificially imbued golems), Teleportation, Resistance to Magic Negation (resisted Lolikiano's Magic Smash) and Fire Manipulation (Via eqipment) | All previous abilities on a heightened scale, as well as new applications of previous abilities, Can open a dimension to unleash an artificial meteor, Statistics Amplification (via various items and Spiritual Realm of Sorcery), Can take the abilities of others through an advanced application of his life drain ability and give those abilities to others (Not combat applicable), Transports himself, his home, and his enemies to a protected space where they play a game of tower defense, His golem barrier can nullify flight and teleportation and increase his own perception of time, while decreasing his opponent's, Can stop the movement and thinking of others through Fool's Act, Can summon orbs which nullify magic that comes in contact with them, Magic Neutralizing Barrier, Can strengthen the power of his familiars, Resistance to Empathic Manipulation, Mental Erosion and likely Possession (via The Gamer's Mind), Limited Power Mimicry (only spells he himself knows), Mirror Image, Invisibility, possibly Longevity 

Attack Potency: At least Building level (Can pulverize several golems), likely City Block level (Easily destroys giant monsters later on with a wide scale attack. Comparable to The Black Rock Mage group combined, who were able to do this) | Multi-City Block level (Should be much stronger compared to before) | Small Town level (Summoned an artificial meteor)

Speed: Superhuman reactions (is constantly stated to be far above average people) and Superhuman travel speed with flight, ([1]), Speed of Light attack speed with Lightning Arrow (which is specifically said to travel at the speed of light) | At least Superhuman reactions and travel speed, likely higher, Transonic with enhanced time acceleration (capable of one shoting the guild leader, who is capable of reacting at the speed of sound) | At least Superhuman, likely higher. At least Massively Hypersonic+ with time acceleration (on par with The church of masks swordsman, who is this fast). At least Transonic flight speed

Lifting Strength: Superhuman, augmented even further with magic and Chunbu training, Class 5 with Gnome (Gnome stated she could move 4770kg of earth)

Striking Strength: At least Wall Class, likely higher | Multi-City Block Class (Broke through a church of masks member's barrier) | Small Town Class (His energy and mana are the same, such that his physical strength compares to his magic power)

Durability: Wall level physically (Bullets fired from an assault rifle barely faze him, Physical Endurance lowers damage taken), Small Building level with Chunbu Breathing Technique, Large Building level with Mana Barriers (Survived an attack that destroyed a large building) | Unknown (Much higher now in comparison to before) | Likely Small Town level (His mana barrier protects him from attacks based upon his magic power)

Stamina: Superhuman, almost limitless by actively recovering. Mana can be constantly replenished. Can keep using an ability that enhances physical stats, a mana barrier, flight and attack with numerous arrows at the same time. Has trained for 50 days straight without needing rest.

Range: Several dozen meters with projectiles, can cause a sinkhole the size of multiple city blocks with prep, hundreds of meters with his artificial meteor

Standard Equipment: Various items kept in Inventory. Also has a lot of money.

Intelligence: Extraordinary Genius. He scales with the INT and WIS stat of his character. Frequently puts himself in his opponent's shoes, uses information about magic, history, gameplay mechanics and deals with opponents much stronger than he is. Constantly thinks of how to strengthen himself and avoids future problems by aiming to resolve his weaknesses. He has been stated to be able to calculate as fast as a quantum computer and having over several thousand times an average human's memory capacity.

Weaknesses: Needs time to train abilities and grind but mostly fixed by Time Barriers. Status can still be decreased and vision can be impaired. Cannot learn every skillbook in existence. May be vulnerable to gas attacks despite mana shield. Cannot heal dismemberment.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Gamer Power Traits

Gamer's Body: Grants a body that allows the user to live the real world like a game. Values such as HP, MP, SP, and various other statistics are made. Can also level up, take lethal hits until his health depletes to zero, get quests and unlock various skills. Defeating or killing someone will allow Jee-Han to gain exp which helps him level up.

Gamer's Mind: Allows the user to calmly and logically think things through with a peaceful state of mind. No interference from outside sources and becomes beyond immune to mental effects from outside sources. Even one's own emotions are suppressed to prevent mistakes.

Inventory: An arsenal of items kept in his inventory. Called by his friend to work in the similar way as a Dimension Storage.

Looting: Every successful kill on a target grants either money, skill book, or an item. The latter two being dependent on the monster's traits and might even take away abilities from them or create new ones. High chance of the latter two if the opponent killed was powerful. Even described to create 'something' out of nothing.

Party System: Can form parties with allies and provide several benefits. Can level up allies and keep a voice chat for long distance communication. Showcases all status effects on a person and warns the entire team if they're attacked or ambushed. If someone has the affinity can also learn skills from skillbooks. Can make someone several times more powerful than they were in a matter of hours by using ID Barriers.

Minimap: A detailed map throughout the entire area. Showcases geographical information and list of enemies too. If ally is in a party shows where they're located.

Unlocked Skills

Physical Skills

  • Enhances Senses: Because of his ability has greatly enhanced senses. Vision is boosted below by observe. Could hear whispers from afar and even see/sense chi. Can even sense numerous attacks coming from multiple directions or behind him. Could also see chi, ki and mana.
  • Observe: Observes the target and summons a window that shows various information (Health, Mana, Level, Name, Title, Stats, Age, Gender, Exp etc). Only exception is if someone is too strong, otherwise some values and names/titles would be labeled as question marks. It can even be used to find supernatural things such as Illussionary Barriers, which are typically invisible, and diseases and emotions.
  • Sense Danger: Could detect ominous and dangerous events that are about to happen. Seems to be more like natural instincts mixed with precognition. Low level but if trained high enough would be able to foresee dangerous events and scenarios.
  • Detect Bloodthirst(LVL 6+): Detects blood lust and warns the user of the origin. Early on had a radius of 30 meters and could soon detect bloodthirst from someone on top of a telephone pole.
  • Physical Endurance (LVL 56): Capability of the body to resist physical damage. Reduces 3% + Level of physical damage, heavily reducing all physical damage taken.
  • Weapon Mastery: Enhances stats such as attack speed and damage when using weapons that he has used before. At a high level, gives off the experience as if Jee-Han had always used that weapon. Currently applies to Blunt weapons such as bats, sword weapons, and spear weapons. 
  • Crafting: Capability to create objects. Currently on a low level.
  • Parkour: Unnamed ability but has developed the capability to easily traverse the environment by hopping. 
  • Fool's Act: Performs a series of movements that are insanely silly and stupid, confusing the enemy. Has an actual effect of preventing an opponent  from acting for a short time and leave them vulnerable. When used against Yoohwa it was revealed that it also paralyzes the mind briefly.
  • Ring of Detection It transmits information in real time, allowing Jee-Han to feel his enemy's position in the form of a three-dimensional space. It also informs Jee-Han of how many enemies there are.

Magical Skills:

Temporal/Spatial Manipulation: (With a bit of Converting Spirital Energy into Physical Beings)

ID Barriers, ID Create and ID Escape: One of the natural ability of Ability Users. Creates a dimensional barrier that can replicate the area. Allows superpowered beings to fight and not worry about any civilian casualties. Typically 500 meters in diameter but can vary, some are even infinite. Can also trap certain people inside.

  • Empty Barriers: Empty barriers.
  • Monster Barriers: Can make Barriers that are filled with ghosts, zombies, spiders, slimes, lizards, kobolds and ogres. For certain monsters there are certain requirements in order to summon them. Can have only one species of monsters or mix them together. Even has a mob boss that pops up if enough monsters are killed.
  • Time Dilated Barriers: Can create dungeons that warps time in a 15:1 Ratio.
  • Labyrinths: Can replicate the DLC Dungeon which has at least 50 stages. Replicates it perfectly and easily created.
  • Boundaries and Rules: Limits and rules of the barriers are all up to Han Jee-Han

Barrier Destruction: Destroy barriers by using mana. However, strong enough barriers can withstand this skill. This skill is affected by INT and WIS level.

Mana Manipulation: Can manipulate mana in various ways. Each effect and damage scales to INT level.

  • Energy Bolt: Small bolts of energy that could oneshot zombies early on. Explodes with high damage.
  • Spiral Energy Bolt: Created by gathering mana into the palms and causing it to spiral. Can oneshot mob bosses and deal damage to a giant skyscraper sized golem. Should be much stronger now. Has at least 20% defense penetration.
  • Mana Arrow and Magic Arrow: Former is a self-created condensed mana shaped as an arrow. Latter is one learned from a skilbook and seems to be a stronger variant.
  • Spinning Mana/Magic Arrow: A series of spinning arrows. At its full potential can be cast 20 times per minute, and shoots out 25 arrows. Can be fired at multiple directions or while running. 
  • Infinite/Endless Magic Arrows: Increased Quantity of above and higher damage.
  • Mana Shield: Can make a spherical barrier that protects Jee-Han from damage. Can make a triple layered variant. In the past tanked an attack that destroyed a building. Can even bounce attacks or be repeatedly summoned if broken.
  • Mana Bomb: One of his stronger attacks. Very destructive
  • Lightning Spiral Magic Bomb: An upgraded version of mana bomb, imbued with the power of lightning. It is incredibly destructive, and easily one shot an enemy of Hyung-In's caliber, taking off the former's hand. It should be noted that the charge time for this technique is almost negligible.
  • Mana Rope/Bind: Uses mana as tethers to bind a target. Earlier on was able to restrict giant monsters.
  • Wide-Range Shackles A pulse of yellow light is released from Jee-Han. Anyone who is touched by it is instantly wrapped up in mana shackles. It is uncertain whether or not these seal mana, but they do act as a physical immobilizing technique.
  • Attack Dispel: Can negate mana nets by releasing mana to the spell directly. Causes a reversed effect.
  • Curse Removal: Can remove curses and solidify them, making it possible for him to destroy curses.
  • Observation Skill
  • Spinning Mana Arrow
  • Mana Barrier
  • Spiral Mana Bomb
  • Mana Shackles

Earth Magic: Can manipulate the Earth with his familiar, Gnome. See below.

Fire Magic: Can utilize flames with the use of magic or with his familiar, Salamander.

  • Exploding Flames: A gigantic fireball that explodes and burns anything caught inside. Range and heat increases the more mana is used.
  • Artificial Meteor: Jee-Han opens a hole in the air above his target, releasing eight pillars. He then increases the size of the pillars, as well as the gravity on them, raining down the artificial meteor on his target and destroying it in a large explosion.

Flight: Can utilize the ability to fly. Depending on how much mana is used, can affect height and speed. Casually supersonic but can move at MHS speeds.

Psychokinesis: Telekinesis. Can casually lift someone from afar while performing actions. His mana is applied directly to this skill due to Demigod Magic Power, making the effect stronger despite this is not a spell.

Lightning Magic: Can utilize lightning and mana as an attack. Unlocked in Chapter 66.

  • Lightning Arrow: Imbued lightning into a magic arrow. Officially labeled to move at the speed of light and is impossible to dodge unless the target is aware of the position and is already dodging. Oneshots giant monsters.
  • Electric Cape: A passive ability. After Jee-Han suffers a physical attack, electricity surrounds his body, shocking any who attempt to make contact with him.

Light Magic: Most of the light type spells he employs, seem to be quad spells.

  • Great Magical Beam: Magic. Magic. Magic. Light. Jee-Han fires a beam of condensed magical energy in the form of light. It is incredibly powerful, seeming to annihilate the bodies of the enemies it was used against. This attack is also faster than his infinite spinning mana arrows.
  • Purifying Sunlight: Purify. Magic. Light. Amplify. With this technique, Jee-Han can dispel of darkness in the surrounding area, even using it to completely dispel darkness/shadow based attacks. It also causes a blinding light to surround Jee-Han's body.

Summoning Magic: Can summon elemental to assist in battle.

  • Gnome: A summoned elemental that can shift the Earth for Jee-Han. Follows basic orders and can act independently. Can casually wield a large ogre's club early on. She can locate various beings by sensing the vibrations created by their heartbeats, a faint impulse of which is sent through the earth. She can make tunnels, traps, and control it as she pleases. Can even turn to rock. Can be either manifest physically and independently or be used astrally, unseen by enemies. Also keeps in contact with Jee-Han via telepathy.
  • Golems: After fighting the Black Rock sect Jee-Han gained the ability to use a number of golems in combat. These regenerate themselves using the earth beneath them, making them very difficult to destroy. They're also physically powerful and serve as excellent shields and distractions. However, they lack Gnome's intelligence so they aren't used for direct combat and only as bait or decoys. Can be made to act independently (although limited) or be controlled.
  • Golems (with artificial spirit): The golems imbued with an artificial spirit are made of metal, weigh 10 tons, and are capable to stretching their limbs. They also have some degree of resistance to flame and lightning based attacks. Jee-Han has 98 of these and typically summons around 5 or 6 at once. With Golem Booster mode, Jee-Han can provide a 100% skill enhancement to his golems for two minutes, once a day. During this time, the golems become much stronger and faster than before, capable of making more complex maneuvers, and even seeming to have some proficiency in martial arts. Jee-Han has also given his golems the ability to unleash what seem to be semi-automatic rubber bullets, capable of disarming mana (or spells). Essentially, when struck, the afflicted takes physical damage as well as damage to their mana, limiting the mana they can use, and disrupting any magical connections they might have. Being hit by one doesn't do too much. But being hit by hundreds severely hampers those that are struck. Jee-Han can also manipulate three of these golems to form a golem barrier. While the barrier is up, teleportation is nullified for the enemy, while flight is nullified for both parties. Jee-Han's perception of time increases, while that of the opponent decreases. Jee-Han's abilities grow stronger, while those of the opponent become weaker.
  • Sylph: A summoned elemental that can manipulate the wind for Jee-Han. Follows basic orders and is capable of acting independently. Has been shown the capacity to create whirlwinds and what appear to be small tornados with ease.
  • Salamander: A summoned elemental that can manipulate fire for Jee-Han. Follows basic orders and can act independently.
  • Nymph: A summoned elemental that can manipulate water for Jee-Han. Follows basic orders and has the capacity to act independently.
  • Four Elemental Familiars
  • Artificial Golems

Soul Manipulation:

  • Artificial Magic Creation: Can infuse an artificial spirit into an object (He did this with a golem). The ability of the spirit is depended on his magic power.

Time Manipulation:

  • Time Acceleration: Time speeds up for himself, such that everything before him seems to be slow. Has only been used once in combat to allow him to combine four spells into one to quickly gain the upper hand.

Buff/Support Magic: Applicable to allies and others.

  • Bronze - Iron Skin: Enhances skin to become as hard as Bronze/Iron.
  • Troll's Restoration Power: Increases health and stamina recovery.
  • Strength of a Giant: Strength boost increase (+30).
  • Basic Granting Magic: Enhances an object with a magical effect for 10 minutes.
  • Floating Orb: Illumination ability.
  • Spiritual Realm of Sorcery: A spiritual realm created by Jee-Han's will. It amplifies his powers while weakening those of his enemies. It also neutralizes the power of any barriers of the opponent made within the space. The 'realm' is only a couple meter radius all around him of white energy. Jee-Han can, however expand his territory to encompass upwards of ten meters. His territory acts as a forcefield that can neutralize enemy attacks given that they aren't too overpowering.
  • Space Control Barrier: Jee-Han can create a space that disallows the unauthorized from entering or leaving. Those not allowed cannot determine any information within the space. The durability of the space is equal to Jee-Han's magic power such that any magic power lower is unable to damage the barrier. The radius seems to cover at least a few tens of feet, but is likely even multi-city block in size as it is likely to cover the entire protected space.
  • Magic-Neutralizing Barrier: This barrier requires 98 golems to create. Magic for all parties is neutralized for those within its borders. No beings are permitted to use magic.
  • Mirror's Protection: This ability allows him the ability to instantly use an ability an enemy used as long as he himself knows it. This uses up around 30% of his mana.
  • Life Force Manipulation: Can drain energy from other enemies and transfer to allies or himself to apply a healing effect. Channeling ability.

Illusion Manipulation:

  • Mirror Images: Creates dozens of mirror images, synched up with movement, body temperature and Mana of Han.
  • Invisibility: Mask the presence of the user, even from mana sensing. 

Chi/Ki Manipulation: Can manipulate chi/ki in various ways below.

  • Chunbu Techniques (various): Teaches many techniques such as breathing, sword, martial arts, spear, foot and Outer Ki Technique. Grants various stat boosts and enables augmentation of attacks with ki.
  • Yunhon Soul Recovery (LVL 45): A healing ability that costs barely any mana in comparison to his mana recovery. With this can remove most status effects and illnesses, even emotional stress. Can even use soul stones to recover MP and have a better healing effect, to the point of removing curses and turning them solid. Has reached the point that an injury that would take a year to recover, for someone much stronger than him, was healed instantly.

Massage: With the use of this ability can cure fatigue. Self-applicable.

Mana Affinity, Medium Mana Capacity and Regeneration: Former is a massive increase in MP usage. Enhances MP Recovery rate, MP Effects and MP Limit. Second one enhances mana attacks and lessens mana cost. Last one doubles Mana recovery. Allows Jee-Han to fight for a long amount of time.

Advance Magic and Magic Control: Formed when used 100 Skill points on intelligence. Massive boost to attacks, 30% increase in magic attack and 40% less MP consumption. Allowed his near limitless stamina.

Demigod Magic Power: Activate when INT reachs 700. Mana attack gains 300% effectiveness, MP cosumption decrease by 99%. 


  • Phone: Keeps in touch with the Dark World Dealer Sung Ma-Hyun. Able to buy or sell items or information.
  • Medical Supplies, Potions, Food, Water Bottles: Various effects but mostly provides healing effects and stamina recovery.
  • Soul Stones: Augments Yunhon Soul Recovery.
  • Basic Melee Weapons: Chunbu Swords, Spear, 10 kg Ogre Club.
  • Ogre's Tigerskin Panties: Ignores damage beyond a certain threshold. Manly version is much stronger.
  • Ogre's Magic Bast: Creates an hour-long illusion by saying 'Smash' with a bit of MP.
  • Ogre's Fancy Hat: Invisibility at the cost of 10 mana per minute. Needs to say "Ehey! It's an ogre hat!".
  • Various Mana Effect Items and Accessories: Augments mana recovery, lessens mana consumption, doubles mana effect power.
  • Black Rock Alchemy Staffs of Increasing Power: Enhances alchemy effects and can only use medium rank attacks with these (aka constant building leveling attacks). Also naturally boosts magic power by 25%.
  • Toothpick: A sword made from the teeth of the Red Scale Snake boss. Poison effect of sword can poison and paralyze at the same time.
  • Ring of the Kobold King: Allows the use of Aura Body.
  • Heart of Flame Golem Necklace: Fire resistance and Fire effects are enhanced.
  • Devil's Belt: Absorbs magic with each hit taken from an enemy.

Key: Pre-Lolikiano Training | Post-Lolikiano Training | The Church of Masks Arc


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