Installation 05


The Halo Installations are part of the Halo Array. It is a superweapon designed by the Forerunner to contain The Flood by destroying all life on the galaxy with enough biomass to be a food source for them

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown (Doesn't focus on destruction since it fires a beam that damages certain cells in the nervous system)

Name: Halo Installation

Origin: Halo

Classification: Ancient Forerunner superweapon 10,000 km in diameter

Powers and Abilities: Destroying all of the Floods food-source by sending a highly radioactive beam

Users: The Forerunners, Covenant Attempted to use it

Attack Potency: Unknown (Capable of destroying all of the life in a galaxy if every single one of them is fired, one of them can kill up to 25,000 light years)

Durability: Unknown

Range: 25,000 light years