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Hakuryuu Ren (練 白龍, Ren Hakuryū) is the Kou Empire's fourth emperor. Hakuryuu is the owner of two Djinn, Zagan and Belial. He is a Dungeon Capturer, capturing two dungeons, and a King Vessel. Hakuryuu had fallen into depravity, but got his Rukh white again when he completed his revenge. During the three years Alibaba's consciousness was drifting, he abdicated the throne due to the Kou Empire facing internal strife from the four new laws installed by International Alliance, and later became one of the three most wanted criminals in the world for carrying Zagan's Metal Vessel. He is one of the main characters of Magi.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B normally 8-A with magoi manipulation | High 6-C, likely 6-BHigh 6-C, likely 6-B

Name: Hakuryuu Ren

Origin: Magi - Labyrinth of Magic

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Classification: Human, dungeon capturer

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Skilled Spear UserMagoi Manipulation | All prior in addition to Magic, Empathic Manipulation (can plant seeds in people's brains which increase their anger and hatred and remove their fear), Memory Manipulation (can implant false memories and erase existing ones with Belial), Illusion Creation (can create illusions with Belial), Plant Manipulation (can control plants and their growth), Life Manipulation (Belial is described as being a Djinn that controls life), Fungus ManipulationBiological Manipulation (can alter the biology of living things, such as turning microscopic bacteria into giant monsters or arrows), Matter Manipulation (can control bacteria to decompose organic matter), Absorption (his metal vessels allow him to absorb magoi from the phenomena of life and earth), Perception Manipulation (can destroy the five senses of any who hear the roar of Belior Zauto, his attacks with Belial's Scythe do not physically damage the body, but instead permanently sever the senses connected to the damaged body part by sending the senses to another dimension, making it impossible to use the damaged limbs and body parts), Soul Manipulation (should his scythe strike the head, it sends the victim's soul to another dimension and leaves their body comatose and dying), Likely Resistance to Life and Earth Manipulation (due to wielding metal vessels of Life and Earth, he should have resistance to attacks of that nature, similar to how Alibaba was resistant to fire and heat based attacks), Resistance to Mind, Soul and Fate Manipulation (due to falling into depravity, Hakuryuu is separated from the Great Flow, and was thus unaffected by Sacred Palace Sinbad rewriting the Ruhk which governs souls and fate and altered the minds of the planet's population)

Attack Potency: Wall level normally, Multi-City Block level with magoi manipulation (This technique can be used to damage something which even Morgiana's kicks couldn't damage) | Large Island level, likely Country level (Fought evenly with Alibaba using Zagan), (Belial's scythe actually doesn't do damage but instead sends any body part cut by it into another dimension but if the entire body is cut by it then the soul is sent into another dimension) | Large Island level, likely Country level (His bacteria ignores conventional durability by decomposing its targets. He was able to easily get past Arba's Borg and decompose her arms.)

Speed: Sub-Relativistic+ reactions and combat speed (Comparable to Alibaba) | Sub-Relativistic+ reactions and combat speed (Faster than before) | Sub-Relativistic+

Lifting Strength: Superhuman | Superhuman | Superhuman

Striking Strength: Wall Class normally, Multi-City Block Class with magoi manipulation |  Large Island Class, likely Country Class(Can match Alibaba) | Large Island level, likely Country Class

Durability: Wall level normally, Multi-City Block level only on the area covered by his magoi | Large Island level, likely Country level | Large Island level, likely Country level

Range: Extended melee range normally. At least several dozens of meters with Extreme Magic.

Standard Equipment: His spear, swords

Intelligence: Very high

Weaknesses: Low self-esteem, weak to mind based attacks (Overcame this), Wooden Prosthesis (no longer applicable).

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Physical Abilities: Hakuryuu is physically strong and well-trained in many weapons. Firstly, he is an extremely strong and talented spearman. At a very young age, Hakuryuu was trained in Royal spearmanship. He has managed to go "toe-toe" with Alibaba's Swordsmanship in the past. Hakuryuu is also shown to have a decent skill in swordsmanship. Besides his weapon skills, it is shown he has increased durability. He stands still against many heavily injuring attacks or over usage of his Magoi etc.
  • Advanced Intelligence: Hakuryuu was given a high level of education in the Royal Palace of the Kou Empire. He knows difficult languages like Torran Language and possesses high knowledge concerning various matters.
  • Magoi Manipulation: He was taught the ability to entrust his Ki into his spear by training with the Yambala Gladiators, thus making it strong enough to pierce something even Morgiana's kicks couldn't damage. He has also learned how to combine his Magoi Manipulation with Zagan's powers, including when using Djinn Equip.
  • Metal Vessels: Hakuryuu is the master of 2 Djinn: Zagan and Belial. Zagan is the Life Djinn that Hakuryuu obtained when he conquered the 61st Dungeon. Zagan is the Djinn of Loyalty and Purity. Hakuryuu uses his Djinn to control earth and life. It awakens the power of plants from anything the Metal Vessel touches.
  • Djinn Equip: Hakuryuu is able to perform a half body Djinn Equip complete with his weapon. In this form, he is able to equip exactly half of his body, with the right side being normal and the left side being that of his Djinn. Once he has equipped half of his body with Zagan’s power, he can become a being more close to a Djinn and his abilities are not limited only to controlling plants his metal vessel has touched anymore. The Djinn of life, Zagan, not only controls plants, but also several other creatures he can also send his Magoi to like the microscopic fungus that exists in the atmosphere make them grow, turning them into his servants. These monsters are very similar to the ones in the Dungeon Zagan. These monsters come out every time he swings his weapon. These monsters are very acidic and can easily melt Aladdin's Borg. After six months have passed he is now capable of doing a Full Body Djinn Equip. After compressing Zagan's powers around his guan dao, he summons a two-sided spear with a pointed tip on each. He has shown impressive skill at handling this spear and even reinforcing it with Magoi to attack and makes it capable of blocking even Amol Saiqa, which is capable of cutting through anything, as long as he has Magoi.
    • Combination Move: It is a combination between Zagan’s powers and Hakuryuu's Magoi Manipulation. Zagan can only manipulate the plants that are in contact with his Metal Vessel, but by sending Zagan’s Magic inside of the plant seeds, thanks to Hakuryuu's Magoi Manipulation, he is able to manipulate the plant as long as the Magoi he sent inside of the seed doesn't run out
    • Netsumegusa: It is a kind of grass belonging to the pea family. It has ridiculously long roots that can be used as fragrant herbs. Hakuryuu uses his Djinn, Zagan, to bring out the limit of its special characteristics
    • Brain Plant: After brainwashing a person with Belial, Hakuryuu can implant inside the targets brain special plant circuits to stimulate his hatred and excitement. Thanks to that he can muster the maximum strength of his soldier's bodies. 
    • Zaug Mobarezo: This attack originates from his artificial arm, it releases several wooden projectile dragons able to bite an opponent.
    • Zaug Al-Adhra: He can also fire his monsters off by holding his spear like a bow and arrow, firing off multiple monsters at once.

Key: Base | Pre-Timeskip | Post-Timeskip


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