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H2 Hollow Ichigo Feat
The emergence of Ichigo's H2 Hollow Ichigo form, as it was known by the majority of the fanbase, was a surprising. I (Catalyst75) personally thought it was a demon when I first saw the spoiler image for it. Boy, did it deliver in it's so far only battle

The purpose of this particular article is to calculate the power of the wake of its swing on the Dome. It was not even a proper attack. H2 Ichigo was only swinging Tensa Zangetsu down after it had summoned it to its hand. In other words, it was a casual gesture.

I'm still inexperienced at doing calculations, so my apologies if it seems weak.

As you can judge by the picture above, I took into account a variety of different calculations:

H2 Hollow Ichigo: 61 pixels

Height: 1.74 meters

Length of destruction area: 345 pixels

Measurement in meters: 9.84 meters

Curve of destruction wake: 178 pixels

Measurement in meters: 5.07 meters

Width of destruction wake: 89 pixels

Measurement in meters: 2.53 meters

Radius: 131 pixels

Measurement in meters: 3.73 meters

Depth of trench: 64 pixels

Measurement in meters: 1.82 meters

Thickness of debris: 64 pixels

Measurement in meters: 1.82 meters

284 pixels x 294 pixels

Total volume: 229.72 m^3

The above calculation definitely does not look like much in comparison to Deicide Ichigo and Aizen's later feats, and to tell the truth, it isn't much. However, the wake of Hollow Ichigo's sword still displaced a good amount of material of whatever Las Noches is made out of with just a casual swing. To top it off, it the same circumstances for Ichigo's power applies to H2 Ichigo, it was only at half power, due to half of the Shihakusho being missing of Ichigo's Bankai, which is indicative of how much reiryoku Ichigo has left, or the level of his reiatsu.

As I stated, I'm inexperienced at calculations, so this one could be wrong. At the most, a casual swing from H2 Ichigo, and the wind pressure it generated, would rank at Building + Level, if one goes by the standards of OBD. However, this feat is still very impressive. Most Building + Level are caused by either a physical attack (a punch or a kick), to an energy blast or explosion. The wind pressure generated by H2 Ichigo's swing was able to do it without effort.

To put that into perspective, normal sized buildings are ripped out of their foundations and carried considerable distances to disintegrate in F5 Tornadoes based on the Fujita Scale. The wind speed and power would have to be excessive to uplift and break apart 229.72 m^3 of stone in an instant.

In other words, while the feat itself might not be impressve, the phenomenal amount of energy required for such a feat, the same as Ichigo and Aizen's feats in Deicide, is indeed very impressive.

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