Guy (Final Fantasy II)Render

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-C

Name: Guy

Origin: Final Fantasy II

Gender: Male

Age: Appears to be in his late teens or early 20s

Classification: Human Fighter/Rebel

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic, proficient at wielding Battle Axes, potentially possesses the likes of teleportation and dimensional BFR, Petrification, Transmutation (in the form of transforming others into a regular toad), Elemental Manipulation (of the fire, ice, and lightning variety), Poison Manipulation (in the form of Scourge), Mind Manipulation (in the forms of Confuse, Fear, Fog, and Sleep), Time Manipulation (in the forms of Haste, Slow, and Stop), Healing (mid-low via regeneration scale, in the forms of Cure and Life), Barrier Creation

Attack Potency: Moon level (Comparable to Firion, helped to defeat Emperor Mateus's form as the Emperor of Hell)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Fought and contributed to killing Emperor Mateus)

Lifting Strength: Class M (Should be comparable of Joseph by the end of the game)

Striking Strength: Large Country Class (The party is shown capable of harming Dark Emperor Mateus with physical attacks in a scripted cutscene)

Durability: Moon level (The party is shown capable of tanking Mateus' most powerful spell, Starfall, in a scripted cutscene)

Stamina: Superhuman+

Range: Extended Melee Range with his battle axe

Standard Equipment: Rune Axe

Intelligence: Guy is mysterious and quiet and a skilled warrior, being particularly proficient with axes. However, he tends to let Maria and Firion lead and thus does not take much of a leadership role and is not in the position to show his intelligence very much. However, he is empathic and perceptive, being able to communicate with animals easily and skillfully completes his tasks as a member of the Wild Rose Rebellion alongside his friends.

Weaknesses: Nothing notable

Note: Little canon information is available in regards to what magic the party may or may not possess, thus it is up to the thread maker to specify what sort of magic, if any, Guy has at his disposal at the start of a match.


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