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I haven't finished yet. We haven't finished yet! Growlmon is still willing to fight, and as long I'm still breathing, I'll be right there by his side. It's time to use the power that brought us here in the first place. Are you guys ready? Because we're gonna do this even if you're not. This battle has only just begun!
~ Takato


Takato Matsuki is a main character in the Digimon Tamers anime and has appeared in various other media, such as movies, video games and crossover events. In contrast to the "leader" characters before and after, Takato Matsuki is very shy, meek and sensitive, but he is none the less a courageous and brave leader.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C | 8-B | 8-A | 7-C | 3-C physically, Low 2-C via the Digital Hazard | 3-C | At least 3-C, Low 2-C via Digital Hazard

Name: Takato Matsuko, Guilmon, Growlmon, Wargrowlmon, Megidramon, Gallantmon, Gallantmon Crimson Mode

Origin: Digimon Tamers

Gender: Male | Genderless but referred to as Male

Age: 10 | Probably two months old

Classification: Human, Digimon Tamer, Digidestined | Digimon

Powers and Abilities: Ability modification and amplification (see "Notable Attacks"), Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Fire Manipulation, Flight, Light Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Weapon Mastery, Can BFR opponents, Molecular Manipulation

Attack Potency: Below Average level (Takato is a young kid and is non-athletic) | City Block level (Destroys a large chunk of concrete) | Multi-City Block level (Should be much stronger than Guilmon) | Town level+ (Overpowered Vikaralamon, who destroyed a town-sized portion of Tokyo and caused a minor Earthquake by just walking) | Galaxy level (Inferior than Gallantmon, but not by much, temporarily overpowered Beelzemon), Universe level+ via Digital Hazard (His mere presence was causing major damage to both the Digital World and the Real World) | Galaxy level (Consistently fought against the D-REAPER and its agents, a program so powerful that it devastated the Digital World and overpowered the Four Digimon Sovereigns. Is a member of the Royal Knights and fought Mephistomon) | At least Galaxy level (Vastly Superior than Gallantmon base and was able to destroy powerful agents the D-REAPER such as the ADR-01: Jeri Type), Universe level+ via Digital Hazard (he is able to harness the full power of the Digital Hazard, which can destroy the entire Digital World which is composed of countless miniature dimensions and damaged the Human World as well when used by Megidramon. Moreover, his Crimson Light technique can completely destroy the bond between the Digital and Real Worlds)

Speed: Normal Human. Possibly higher (Reacted to Beelzemons bullets and had more then enough time to dodge them. Comparable to Henry, who reacted to the lightspeed rotations) | Subsonic (Able to keep up and react to Renamon, able to intercept Behemoth, faster with Digimodify) | Subsonic (Faster than Guilmon) | Possibly Relativistic+ (Has fought foes who kept up with Rapidmon) | Relativistic+ (Kept up Beelzemon) | FTL (He should be on par with the other Royal Knights, who can trade blows with foes like MagnaGarurumon and the Great Angels and should be faster than Rapidmon who can keep up with Magnamon.) | At least FTL (He should be faster than Gallantmon Base.)

Lifting Strength: Unknown, at least Superhuman.

Striking Strength: Human Class | City Block Class | Multi-City Block Class | Town Class | Galactic Class | Galactic Class | Galactic Class

Durability: At least Street level (When Guilmon gets hit, Takato feels the pain. Takato has shown to take a lot of damage from this.) | At least City Block level (Has traded blows with Renamon who should be on par or even superior than Guilmon), likely much higher (Has survived beatings from champion and even ultimate level Digimon) | At least Multi-City Block level, possibly higher (Should be much more durable than Guilmon) | Possibly Galaxy level (Survived blows from Beelzemon) | Galaxy level (Superior than Beelzemon) | Galaxy level (Consistently fought against the D-REAPER and its agents, a being that wiped out countless Mega-level Digimon including and overpowered the Four Sovereigns) | Galaxy level (Vastly superior compared to base Gallantmon, fought against the strongest agents of the D-REAPER)

Stamina: Generally pretty high, though Guilmon has shown to tire out after long battles.

Range: Varies on form and attack, though his higher ranged attacks Kilometers.

Standard Equipment: D-POWER and various Digi-Modify cards (see "Notable Attacks").

Intelligence: Takato has shown to be clever and resourceful throughout the series. Guilmon is smarter than he first appears and acts, but is still not very bright.

Weaknesses: Takato and Guilmon are linked and therefore need to fight together. Since Takato isn't very fast, strong nor durable this can make him an easy target. Takato gets hurt when Guilmon gets hit. These two issues are a non-issue for Gallantmon and Gallantmon Crimson.

Key: Takato | Guilmon | Growlmon | Wargrowlmon | Megidramon | Gallantmon | Gallantmon Crimson Mode







Gallantmon Crimson Mode (Gallantmon + Grani)

Notable attacks/Techniques: Takato

  • Digi-Modify Speed: Major movement and probably reaction speed increase on Guilmon
  • Digi-Modify Hyper Wing: Gives Guilmon wings
  • Digi-Modify Hypersonic: Even greater speed increase
  • Digi-Modify Mega Pyrosphere: Makes Pyrosphere stronger
  • Digi-Modify Digmons Drill: Gives Guilmon a drill for digging
  • Digi-Modify Power: Increases Guilmon's power
  • Digi-Modify Metalgarurumon Blaster: Grants Guilmon the "Metal Blaster"
  • Digi-Modify Aerowing: Gives Guilmon Aeroveedramon's Wings.
  • Digi-Modify Digivolution: Digivolves Guilmon into Growlmon
  • Digi-Modify Matrix Digivolution: Digivolves Growlmon into Wargrowlmon (or Guilmon into Wargrowlmon)


  • Pyro Sphere (Fireball): Guilmon spits a concentrated blast of fire from his mouth.
  • Rock Breaker: Guilmon hits his opponent with a huge amount of force, almost like he is throwing a rock at his opponent.
  • Kurogane Maru
  • Quake-a-lator (Rock 'n' Roll Breaker): Drills through its target with its claws.


  • Pyro Blaster (Exhaust Flame): Spews out a powerful blaze with a roar.
  • Dragon Slash (Plasma Blade): Develops plasma along the blades on its elbows, then strikes the opponent.
  • Howling


  • Atomic Blaster: Fires a strong energy beam from the two cannons on his chest.
  • Radiation Blade (Double Edge): He powers up the blades on his arms and fires them at the enemy.
  • Trinity Burst: In this combined attack with Taomon and Rapidmon, WarGrowlmon turns into a crystal-like form, then a beam of energy, and then he combines with the other two (also in the form of energy beams at this point) into an energy arrow that resembles a crane.
  • Megalo Spark: Emits an electric shock from its chest.
  • 'Hammer Edge: Stabs the enemy with its Chrome Digizoid claws.


  • Megiddo Flame: Megidramon exhales a vicious maelstrom of purgatorial flames.
  • Hell Howling: Megidramon howls while facing the enemy; the shock of the sound itself is critical to most weaker Digimon.


  • Lightning Joust (Royal Saber): Gallantmon shoots out energy at the opponent from his Gram Lance.
  • Shield of the Just (Final Elysium): Gallantmon fires an energy beam from his Aegis Shield.
  • Dragon Driver: A joint attack with Grani—the two drive themselves right into their opponent.
  • Yuggoth Blaster: A joint attack with Grani—a blue tri-bolo energy attack that shoots from Grani's mouth.
  • Saber Shot
  • Spiral Saver: Spins upwards in a very short tornado within a fire tornado.

Gallantmon Crimson Mode

  • Crimson Light (Quo Vadis): Gallantmon Crimson Mode shatters the bonds between this world and next, casting his enemies into oblivion.
  • Final Justice (Final Elysian): He obliterates his adversaries with the full might of his Gungnir.
  • Invincible Sword (Royal Saber): Attacks with the full might of his sword Blutgang, the sword glows and releases a huge slash.
  • Royal Saber: Dispatches a strong blast of lightning.



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