Norman Osborn, also known as The Green Goblin, is the main antagonist of the 2002 film, Spider-Man. Desperate to save his company, Norman secretly used himself as a guinea pig for testing an experminetal drug, to increase his strength. The formula did greatly increase Norman’s physical abilities but did so at the cost of triggering a psychotic break that focused all of Norman’s worst instincts into a new persona, the Green Goblin.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-A physically, 9-B to 8-C with weaponry

Name: The Green Goblin, Norman Osborn

Origin: Raimi Spider-Man Trilogy

Gender: Male

Classification: Founder and CEO of Oscorp, Enhanced Human, Scientist, Psychotic Supervillain

Powers and Abilities: Hand to hand combat, Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Flight (With glider), Various "exotic" weapons

Attack Potency: Small Building level+ physically (He was almost equal to Spiderman, almost beating him in a fist fight), Wall level with grenades (Capable of devastating most of an entire floor of a building in a single blast), Building level with glider rockets (Bunker-busting at highest)

Speed: Subsonic with Supersonic reactions (Kept up with Spider-Man in combat)

Lifting Strength: Class 25 (Able to hold the weight of a cable car full of passengers with one hand and is close to Spider-Man in strength)

Striking Strength: Small Building Class+

Durability: Small Building level+

Stamina: High

Standard Equipment: Armor, high-tech jet glider with a built-in weapon arsenal, exotic grenades

Range: Melee, several meters with grenades, several hundred meters with rockets

Intelligence: Gifted, brilliant scientist who built his company Oscorp by applying his scientific genius to developing military equipment

Weaknesses: Split personality



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