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The Granzon is an incredibly powerful robot designed and developed by Shu Shirakawa as his personal unit, it runs on a perfectly efficient and constant antimatter reaction, twisting time and space to wipe out any foe he comes across. It is later possessed by the Dark God Volkruss, becoming the unfathomably powerful Neo Granzon. However, it was destroyed along with Shu thanks to the combined efforts of the heroes in each timeline in the Alpha universe but was accidentally revived by Louzorl, freeing Shu from Volkruss's grasp and allowing him to use the Neo Granzon's power for his own benefit.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 4-C, 4-B with Prototype Degeneracy Cannon | At least 3-C, 3-A to Low 2-C with the Degeneracy Cannon

Name: Granzon | Neo Granzon

Origin: Super Robot Wars

Gender: N/A (a robot), piloted by Shu Shirakawa, who is male

Age: Several years old (invented by Shu during the war against the Divine Crusaders)

Classification: Super Robot | Masou Kishin, Host to the God Vulkruss

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Teleportation via Wormholes, Spatial Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Forcefield Creation, Black Hole Creation, | Magic, Existence Erasure with Shukutai Ho

Attack Potency: Star level (Runs on a continuous anti-matter reaction , can attack with 65536 micro black holes simultaneously), Solar System level with the Prototype Degeneracy Cannon (Alpha only) | At least Galaxy level, likely much higher (evident that he has powered up Neo Granzon due to encountering Dark Brain and Shu stated that a fight between him and Astranagant would've destroyed the universe), Universe level to Universe level+ (Can wipe out the universe with Degeneracy Cannon, comparable to albeit a bit weaker than Full Possession Cybuster, his black holes are explicitly stated to devour space-time and the Degeneracy Cannon is the maximum application of this feature)

Speed: FTL+ (Comparable to the Cybuster, casually blitzed the Inspectors) | Massively FTL+ (Can fly out of the range of the explosion of the Degeneracy Cannon)

Durability: Solar System levelGalaxy level | Universe level to Universe level+

Stamina: Virtually limitless, the Granzon runes on a continuous anti-matter fusion reaction and can easily fight off entire armies with little effort

Range: Extended mecha melee range, likely Interplanetary (At least several AU) with ranged attacks | Universal

Standard Equipment: Shu's familiar, Chika, who helps monitor the Granzon's systems

Intelligence: Shu is considered to be one of the most intelligent characters in the Super Robot Wars franchise and nothing short of a genius, single-handedly designing the Granzon and outwitting the much older Inspectors and even the God Volkruss to allow the Neo Granzon to retain his power without being under the god's control. The systems of the Granzon are incredibly complex and require extreme management to ensure that the black holes he creates are stable along with the Granzon's dangerous power source, both of which Shu accomplishes effortlessly with the help of the artificial intelligence system he designed (and is later supplemented by Chika), easily annihilating entire armies and clashing with foes as powerful as the Masou Kishin.

Weaknesses: Shu is somewhat arrogant at times, but rarely to the point of being a detriment

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Gran Worm Sword: Melee weapon in the shape of a sword. The blade causes dimensional tremors and banishes space itself to an imaginary dimension. It can also launch imaginary space.
  • Black Hole Cluster: The Granzon's most infamous weapon, in which it creates micro black holes sheathed in gravitational energy to fire at its opponents as projectiles, crushing them targets with sheer gravitational force. Since the Granzon is designed to engage up to 65536 targets at once, it is assumed that this is the number of black holes it can create at any one time.
  • Graviton Cannon: The Granzon fires a single ball of gravitational energy which splits into countless numbers of additional balls of gravitational force which rain down on all opponents.
  • Shukutai Ho (Degeneracy Cannon): At its full output, the Granzon is able to create a gravitational distortion so massive that it wipes out a Solar System. This is only at prototype however, as the Neo Granzon, bolstered by the powers of the Darkness God Volkruss, is able to wipe out an entire universe for all eternity in a single attack. He also states that any foes caught in this attack will have their existences wiped from the face of the universe.

Key: GranzonDark Granzon


Super Robot Wars OG Dark Prison - Neo Granzon (ENG)

Super Robot Wars OG Dark Prison - Neo Granzon (ENG)


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