Demon Gowther

Memories are merely information. Creating or erasing them is not difficult. What I want to understand is the emotion that reaches beyond them.
~ Gowther explaining his intentions


Gowther (ゴウセル) is a member of the Seven Deadly Sins and is known as the Goat's Sin of Lust. Gowther was revealed to be a doll, created by a great wizard and a former member of the Ten Commandments. His Sacred Treasure is the twin-bow, Herritt which is necessary to fully utilize his power, Invasion. In the current arc, Fraudrin claims that he was formerly part of the Ten Commandments, as the Selflessness, but that the curse of his own Commandment has caused him to lose his memories and feelings.

Powers and Stats

Tier: Unknown. Possibly at least 7-B | Possibly High 7-A

Name: Gowther

Origin: Nanatsu No Taizai

Gender: Genderless (Is an enchanted doll)

Age: At least 3500 years old

Classification: Human, Goat's Sin of Lust, Member of the Seven Deadly Sins, Sentient Doll, Former member of the Ten Commandments, Demon

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Immortality (Type 1), Mind Manipulation, Shapeshifting, Can detach and reattach body parts, Memory Manipulation, Telepathy, Transformation, Summoning

Attack Potency: Unknown. Possibly at least City level with physical blows (Capable of injuring the likes of Dreyfus with simple punches. However, due to the fact that this event took place within a dream realm of Gowther's design, it is unknown if he would be able to do so in the real world), though he focuses on the usage of mind attacks, which ignores conventional durability | Possibly Large Mountain level (Dolor and Gloxinia had to avoid one of his attacks in the past)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic via scaling from Meliodas (Also rescued Guila from Dreyfus) | Possibly Massively Hypersonic+

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown. Possibly at least City Class (Staggered and sent Dreyfus flying with his punches while in a dream realm of his own design, but it is unknown if he would be able to do so in the real world as it was only an illusion projected into Dreyfus' mind) | Possibly Large Mountain Class

Durability: Unknown, though he is hard to kill due to his physical body being a doll (He took attacks from Dreyfus and Hendrickson, but in both cases, his body could not withstand the impact of the attacks. However, he could compete with Diane in a physical struggle for some time.)

Stamina: Superhuman, possibly endless (as a doll, it is unlikely that he produces fatigue toxins, in addition, he was able to use Invasion on Dreyfus even after being impaled)

Range: A couple of kilometers

Standard Equipment: Twin Bow Herritt, Gowther's Sacred Treasure, twin bows made of energy that allow Gowther to use his magic across long distances, Balor's Power Eye, a special earring that allows Gowther to gauge the overall strength of his foes

Intelligence: An eccentric romantic at a glance, Gowther is an extremely pragmatic and logical individual, weighing options individually based on what he deems best at the time, easily altering the minds of dozens of Holy Knights who had been enhanced with Demon's Blood at once. He will also torture foes with their worst memories if he deems it necessary, showing a ruthless streak. He will even turn on his own comrades if it means accomplishing his goals, rewriting Guila's mind to forget Zeal in order to learn about what it means to have a heart and "stain" her as well as causing Diane to forget King and the Sins again.

Weaknesses: His curiosity sometimes gets the best of him, causing him to make irrational decisions to discover emotions and gain "a heart", he has poor eyesight and thus requires his glasses to see and aim properly.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Not much is known about Gowther's true strength as Gowther usually use his Invasion to trap people in illusions instead of fighting them directly. However, despite preferring indirect combat, Gowther is still known to be the most dangerous of the Deadly Sins due to his ability to break and trap minds, as proven in his fight against Dreyfus, a Great Holy Knight. Gowther can easily parry most attacks with his bare hands and dodges most attacks with ease.

Transformation: Gowther has the ability to change his appearance to a limited extent, such as changing the length and color of his hair along with his skin color.

Immortality: Gowther appears to be an immortal of some sort. He survived being pierced with a sword through his chest and having his neck broken as if nothing happened. The true nature of this ability is yet to be revealed. It might also be due to the fact that he is a doll.


Invasion (侵入, Shin'nyū): A power that allows Gowther to entrap his opponents within their own memories. It also grants him the ability to read the thoughts and memories of others.

  • Searchlight (詮索の光, Sensaku no Hikari; literally meaning "Prying Light"): Gowther fires a small light arrow from the tip of his finger that allows him to invade the thoughts and memories of anyone it hits. The ability also grants him access to subconscious memories.
  • Rewrite Light (瘡蓋の記憶, Kasabuta no Kioku; literally meaning "Scab Memory"): A technique Gowther uses in tandem with his sacred treasure, Herritt. A multitude of light arrows are fired at the enemy, passing through any shielding or armor. Upon contact, Gowther can rewrite the memories of anyone struck by these light arrows. However, this technique's effect is only superficial and the targets will return to normal once they realize the inconsistencies in their memories. Any new memories created while under the effect of this ability will also be erased.
  • Nightmare Teller (悪夢語り, Akumu-katari; literally meaning "Nightmare Narration"): With this technique Gowther can induce nightmarish visions by reawakening traumatic memories within an opponent. Once activated it is possible the opponent may never wake from the nightmare. Similar to the base effect of Invasion, the target is left immobile and defenseless while under the effect of this technique. Should the target awaken, they will be both mentally and physically exhausted.

The effects of Nightmare Teller

  • Broadcast (光矢伝達, Kōshi Dentatsu; literally meaning "Light Arrow Transmission"): Using this technique Gowther can broadcast his thoughts to a large group of people, providing them with information and strategy. Gowther places one hand to his temple, using the other to fire a beam of light carrying his thoughts directly into the minds of his allies. The beam zigzags through each of his allies until the instructions have been relayed to everyone in the area.
Gowther's Broadcast

Gowther's Broadcast.

  • Blackout (大停電, Daiteiden; literally meaning "Great Power Outage"): After summoning his sacred treasure, Gowther uses his power to envelop everything within a three mile radius of himself. Everyone with a spirit level of less than 400 caught within range of the technique is rendered unconscious for exactly ten minutes.
    • Blackout Arrow (大停電の矢, Daiteiden no Ya; literally meaning "Great Power Outage Arrow"): Gowther directs his Blackout technique into a light arrow that can be fired from his hands. After charging himself with his power he presses his hands together and fires the Blackout Arrow towards his target to render them unconscious. While strengthened by Merlin's Power Amplify spell, the technique was strong enough to render Escanor unconscious at his peak strength.
  • Jack (傀儡縛り, Kugutsu Shibari; literally meaning "Puppet Bind"): Gowther can use this technique to forcibly control an individual against their will. Once under Gowther's control, the affected is no longer capable of controlling their own body and can be turned on their comrades. It was first shown being used on the vampires, Ganne and Mod, forcing the brothers to slay one another. This technique is ineffective against enemies that are being controlled by someone else.
    • Hijack (傀儡返し, Kugutsu-gaeshi; literally meaning "Puppet Counter"): After using Herritt to strengthen his magic, Gowther can assume control of artificial constructs by firing light arrows directly into their heads. When the constructs are under Gowther's control, they can be turned on their original masters and used to attack. Herritt bends into rings when this technique is active. The technique was first used to commandeer Diane's golems.
    • Gatling Jack (傀儡乱れ撃ち, Kugutsu Midare Uchi; literally meaning "Puppet Random Fire"): Gowther rapidly fires off a barrage of Jack arrows in all directions with no definite target.
  • Lost World (消えゆく彼岸, Kieyuku Higan; literally meaning "Vanishing Equinox"): A technique that allows Gowther to induce memory loss in a person. Those under the effect of this technique will gradually have their memories erased, starting from their most recent ones.

Gowther explaining Lost World

  • Playback「心象鏡プレイバック Shinshō-kyō (Pureibakku); literally meaning "Mental Image Mirror"」: Using his powers, Gowther can playback his memories to people by projecting them onto a magical screen.
  • Breaker Off「神経切断ブレーカーオフ Shinkei Setsudan (Burēkā Ofu); literally meaning "Nerve Severance"」:With this technique, Gowther is capable of completely disconnect his opponent's nerves for almost ten seconds.


  • Balor's Magical Eye: Gowther has been "loaded" with Balor's Magical Eye, allowing him to see the overall power level or the magic, strength and spirit levels of an individual.


  • Herritt: Gowther's Sacred Treasure; Herritt, is a twin bow made out of energy that can be summoned when Gowther needs it. It draws out the full capacity of his power, Invasion, allowing him to target dozens of enemies at a time with pinpoint accuracy.

Key: Before accepting his memories | After accepting his memories


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