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Goosebumps is a long running franchise, originating as children's comedy-horror novellas, but eventually branched out into a successful T.V. series, video games, graphic novels and even a major motion picture. Nearly every book in the series is a self contained story, with occasional sequels and follow ups. The stories can range from fantastical tales to science fiction but always keep an element of horror.

Power of The Verse

Insanely strong if you take into account every single book and spin-off.

-Monsters: Big Foot can destroy walls with ease, a giant mantis that can destroy buildings, a Werewolf that can turn another human into a werewolf with a bite or scratch, a bunch of gnomes that have teleportation and very aggressive, a puppet that is a serial killer and very unpredictable, a vine that can create plant clones and can grow to the size of a building, zombies, ghosts that are intangible, velociraptor like humans that turns you into one of them if you eat a cookie, etc

-Weapons: A camera that causes accidents to anyone on the frame, a remote control that can stop and accelerate time + reality warping at universal scale, a clock that sends you a day then a year and then 10 years into the past, the reality hole which creates a new universe each time someone sleeps on it and can fade things away, etc. 

Overall, this verse has a lot of hax.





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Goosebumps Full Intro!

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