Gomez is a peaceful resident of the FEZ universe, and the story's main protagonist. He is a Flat-Head and a descendant of the Zu. He lives by himself in his tiny home within the Village, and likes to play the drums. One day Gomez is led through a series of events that forces him to set off to repair the broken Hexahedron and save the universe.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 11-A | Unknown | High 2-A

Name: Gomez

Origin: FEZ

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Flat-Head, 2-D Being

Powers and Abilities: Reality Warping, Universal Plane Switching

Attack Potency: Plane level (he is normally a lower dimensional being) | Unknown (although he can access 3D, it is debatable whether he is or not) | High Multiverse level+ (became one with The Hexahedron at the end of the game)

Speed: Not Quantifiable | Possibly Human level (as a 3D being he now can qualify for distance and speed) | Immeasurable (as a 5D being he cannot be quantified)

Lifting Strength: Not Quantifiable | At least Class 1 (lifts giant stone cubes above his head and tosses body sized bombs a short distance from him) | Unknown

Striking Strength: Unknown | Possibly Class KJ (Turns giant levers and blocks by switching planes, making him transfer the force of switching into a "push") | Unknown

Durability: Unknown, most likely Human level (he is only known to withstand large falls, or being crushed, and in some instances being killed by bombs and black holes) | Likely High Universe level (he may share the Hexahedron's durability)

Stamina: Unknown (Has never tired out from any physical activity, running, climbing, jumping, pushing/pulling or carrying heavy objects)

Range: Unknown

Standard Equipment: His fez, the 4 artifacts used to solve the Monolith Puzzle, the hardest challenge of the game. They also allow him to understand and read the Zu language.

Intelligence: Very far above normal Flat-Heads, and humans. He knows basic English and "Zu-ese". He solves very difficult puzzles across many planes of space by working through them. (Being able to solve the Monolith Puzzle took several fans of the FEZ community to figure out, over a long period of time, possibly making Gomez himself around group intelligence in game cannon) | Unknown (After being exposed to the endings of the game, he might have greater knowledge than humanity about how the universe looks and works, as well as beyond a universal scale)

Weaknesses: Can only access 2 dimensions at a time. X,Y or Z,Y. This is removed once he is part of the Hexahedron.

Notable Techniques: 

Note: These are all abilities Gomez can only due with the fez. Gomez by himself, and as part of the Hexahedron are not expanded upon enough in FEZ

- Plane Switching: He can turn and switch into and out of different dimensions.

- Dimension Fusing: While not a player controlled action, Gomez posses that ability to take things from one dimension, or negative dimension, and putting it together with another to form something new. He does this with bits to form blocks, and at the end of the game, return the 3-D blocks, to remake the Hexahedron into its former 4-D self.

Key: Gomez | With the fez | As part of the Hexahedron/Absorbed into multiverse


- Feats: At the end of FEZ, if Gomez collects the entire 64 sides and anti sides of the Hexahedron, the multiverse does a full reset. Here Gomez is shown in a inverse dimension, like a negative X,Y or Z,Y. If he doesn't, the other ending shows the what universe is when fully dissected. He survives either event in the case of a reboot, and can start the entire story over again. He could be beyond certain dimensions, or the FEZ multiverse's only constant. This is speculation left by the creator, Phil Fish, that was never expanded upon, likely due to the cancellation of the sequel, FEZ II.

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