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A prehistoric creature having slept under the ocean for tens of millions of years, Godzilla is a radioactive monster created by Toho and the titular character from the film franchise of the same name.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 4-B, higher with Transformations, Power-Ups, and Reactive Evolution.

Name: Godzilla, Gojira, King of the Monsters, Species 5146_Adam, Kaiju Alpha, God of Destruction

Origin: Godzilla

Gender: Varies

Age: Over 250 million years old

Classification: Kaiju, Irradiated Prehistoric Amphibious Reptile, Mutated Hyperevolved Plant/Metal Hybrid, Alien, Collective Spirits of Victims of World War II.

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Skilled in Hand to Hand Combat, Large Size (Type 3, over 5000 meters tall, Rozan intestines reached a size of 300 meters and has a liver of 500 mts.), Self-Sustenance (Types 1 and 2; Can survive in the vacuum of space, pressure of the bottom of the ocean and without food for long periods of time), Enhanced Senses, Instinctive Reaction (Has a natural Phased-Array Radar that allows him to instinctively intercept approaching threats), Sixth SenseDanmaku (Can produce several energy blasts at a time), Immortality (Types 1, 3, Limited 4; One version of Godzilla managed to come back to life an hour after being beaten to death, 6; Godzilla can possess others to stay alive after death and 7; GMK Godzilla is essentially a dead body possessed by millions of souls), Regeneration (Low-Mid in battle, Low-High Can regenerate from as little as a single cell, though the time necesary was never specified to High over time; One version of Godzilla managed to regenerate himself after beign exposed to the Oxygen Destroyer, that isolates oxygen molecules and splitting them, It was confirmed to be the same Godzilla who attacked Tokyo in 1954 and had been attacking during 13 years . However in order to regenerate it took to Godzilla some months and is thus not combat applicable), Expert Swordsman, Skilled in stealthAble  to endure extreme pain, Berserk Mode (Increases his power, strength and durability to a greater extent), Rage Power (His strength and general power levels are directly proportional to his anger, Increases his speed and strength), Flight, Breath Attack, Energy Projection, Manipulation, and Absorption, Radiation Manipulation, Magnetism Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation and Absorption, Fire Manipulation, Plasma Manipulation, Heat Vision, Darkness Manipulation, Homing Attack, Precognition (Godzilla can feel the presence of other monsters and predict where they will appear), Reactive Evolution (Godzilla has the ability to mutate his DNA at will to adapt to any situations and threatsGodzilla has been evolving until reaching his current form, Godzilla possesses eight times the genetic information of human beings), Possession (Able to possess Godzilla toys), Soul Manipulation (Able to absorb souls and use them to prolong his life, can divide one soul into millions of parts), Forcefield Creation, Gravity Manipulation (Via the Null Gravity Barrier), Life Force Absorption (Godzilla can absorb the life force of multiple individuals at same time ), Telepathy (Has a telepathic link to Baby Godzilla), Resurrection (As Burning Godzilla, in another body, or completely, though this is non-combat applicable), Transformation (Acid ManipulationLeukocyte GodzillaCancer Cell GodzillaSupercharged Godzilla, Tyrant ), Statistics Amplification (Via Red ItemAmplifier bracelet, Explorer Gloves,   Physical power amplification via Fire Surge, Ranged attack amplification via Electrical Surge, Speed amplification via Speed Surge, and Durability amplification via Shield Surge. Can increase the statistics of all allies), Can temporarily nullify up to Low-Mid regeneration With Radiation Surge, with Oxygen Destroyer and Can temporarily negate ranged attacks with Darkness Surge, 4th Wall Awareness and Breaking the Fourth Wall, Vehicular Mastery, Asexual Reproduction, Limited Biological Manipulation (Can make new species of flora and fauna that contain his genetic structure, though this takes extensive time), Weather Manipulation ( The electromagnetism generated by Godzilla causes planetary scale climate change, Though this is not combat applicable), Limited Plant Manipulation, Limited Earth Manipulation (Godzilla possesses an awareness of underground activity. This was demonstrated when he located the underground nest of Burtannus , and when he prevented a volcano from erupting), Aura (Has an Intimidation Aura that works specifically on beings with Enhanced Senses), Anti-Spatial Manipulation (Eye Bombs), Magic (Godzilla can produce Magical damage of the Earth, Darkness Fire, Aqua and Nature Attributes to all enemies), Damage Boost (Increases between 80% and 180% ), Oxygen Destroyer  (Air Manipulation, Atomic Destruction, Durability Negation), The probability amper ring gives Godzilla higher chances of hitting his target, dodge and attack, best chances of win and Good Luck increases +1000 (Via using of The Probability Ring ), Self-Destruction (Cannot be controlled by will), Electro-Magnetism (Capable of creating an EMP), Vibration Manipulation (Able to project a sound wave that destroys things on a molecular level and Negates durability, as well as vibrate its molecules rapidly to drastically increase the temperature around itself), Size Manipulation (Able to shrink down to the size of a housecat), Duplication (Can make multiple clones of himself, Godzilla Earth can create cell-clones of himself Ex. Godzilla Filius), Godzilla's body can unleash giant parasitesIncluding Shockirus, Some abilities requires Preparation (Red Spiral Particle Breath), Time Stop (Can stop time with Sandglass for over fifteen seconds), Portal Creation (Via Master Key), Explosion Manipulation (Via Exploding Boulder Item and Bombs), Bolts discharges (Via Thunder), Teleportation (Able to warp between long distances and to different Dimensions), Invulnerability (Via Green Item and During 25 seconds due crystal surge), Healing (Via Life Twister Ax, Via Blue Item, Yellow Item, Heart Item, Meat and self recovery at regular intervals), Resistance to extreme heat (Able to resist heat in excess of 1000 degrees Celsius and temperatures high enough to melt stone), Resistance to Mind Control, Acid, Poison (Godzilla resisted a deadly toxin during months), Electricity Manipulation (Godzilla Ignored over a million megawatts pouring into him), Fire (Resisted tank fire), Disease Manipulation (Even while infected with multiple Cancer Cells in all of his body, Godzilla's healt was not affected), High Sound Waves (Unfazed by Bagorah’s focused Sound attacks), Petrification (Resisted the Siren's powers, which can turn humans and kaiju to stone in seconds), Magic (Godzilla has resistance to Darkness, Earth, Nature, Aqua, Ice and Fire based Magic attacks), Matter Manipulation (Resists Micro-Oxygen, which breaks down most matter on a molecular level), Black Holes and Absolute Zero temperatures (Resisted Kiryu's Absolute Zero Cannon), Limited Resistance to Sleep Manipulation (G-Force used a “nervous system suppressor” on Godzilla, which would force him to fall asleep. He resisted for a period of time, but eventually did succumb), Limited Resistance to Spatial Manipulation (Briefly resisted being torn apart and stretched like an Origami by a warp, but would not have survived if he didn't sacrifice his eyes).

Attack Potency: Solar System level (Matched Thor, with Thor comparing his strength to the Midgard Serpent, and Hercules had to put in extreme effort to overpower a simple stomp from him), higher with Transformations, Power-Ups and Reactive Evolution. Can ignore conventional durability with Sound Wave and some equipment.

Speed: Supersonic+ Movement Speed (Crossed 4.7 kilometers in 5 seconds, from Gate Bridge to the last point in front of Alcatraz Island), Sub-Relativistic Attack Speed (His attacks can move this fast), FTL Reactions and Combat Speed (Kept up with SpaceGodzilla, who can telekinetically control his crystal projectiles, which move faster than his flight speed in space, and shot down SpaceGodzilla's crystals in midair), possibly Massively FTL+ Flight Speed (Travelled to Earth from the Godzilla Planet, which is located in another galaxy, though the method and timeframe for this is unknown)

Lifting Strength: Class Y (Easily overpowered the magnetic beam of a spaceship capable of effortlessly hurling a moon-sized asteroid into deep space. Matched Thor, with Thor comparing his strength to that of the Midgard Serpent)

Striking Strength: Solar System Class (His physical attacks can hurt monsters invulnerable to his Atomic Breath)

Durability: Solar System level, higher with Transformations, Power-Ups, Reactive Evolution and Forcefields.

Stamina: Extremely high, can fight while poisoned and severely injured and against other monsters for several hours. Can swim long distances across the globe.

Range: Planetary (His Atomic Breath traveled around a large portion of the globe before hitting Gorath at an altitude many thousands of kilometers away from the Earth, and then pushing it tens of thousands of kilometers out into space), Interdimensional with Teleportation.

Standard Equipment: A samurai sword, a divine sword, shield and divine armor with cannon lasers, A giant Mecha-Kong, Binoculars, Godzilla's Item list, Life Twister AxSandglassMaster KeyExploding Boulder ItemBombsThunder, Oxygen Destroyer, Probability Ring, Gloves , Meat and Amplifier bracelet .

Intelligence: Gifted (Intelligent enough to understand teamwork and to analyze and use the battlefield to his advantage. Has some knowledge of martial arts including judo and kickboxing, can adapt to complex fighting styles and exploit enemy weaknesses , More intelligent incarnations are capable of human activities such as speech, close quarter and ranged combat, mastery of several weapons, and even piloting of complex mechas or ships as a sailor )

Weaknesses: Will explode if he absorbs too much radiation, destroying the second brain near his tail will paralyze him.


  • This Profile only covers official licensed canon Godzilla incarnations from different types of media (comics, manga, novels, video games, etc.)
  • Due to the large amount of Godzilla incarnations across media, It is pertinent to clarify that there might be some powers that are not listed in this profile yet.
  • Zilla Jr is considered a Godzilla incarnation as he still retaining the Godzilla copyright and trademark in any Official Toho Media since 2003 including books, comics and videogames.


Godzilla vs Biollante Soundtrack- Bio Wars

Godzilla vs Biollante Soundtrack- Bio Wars


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