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Go! Princess Pretty Cure (Go!プリンセスプリキュア,Go! Purinsesu Purikyua) is a Japanese magical girl anime series produced by Toei Animation and the twelfth installment in Izumi Todo's Pretty Cure franchise. It started airing on February 1, 2015, succeeding Happiness Charge Pretty Cure! in its initial timeslot. Tanaka Yūta is the director while Tanaka Hitoshi writes the story. The series' main motifs are princesses, hope, and dreams.


Haruno Haruka dreamed of becoming a princess like those portrayed in her books, even now at the tender age of 13. However, she wasn't quite expecting to achieve it this way, as her life quickly turns for the magical. Fairies approached her, chased by monsters and told her that they were created by a witch who turns dreams into despair and locks them away in the Gate of Despair. With no choice,the fairies gave Haruka a Princess Perfume, with her becoming Cure Flora, a Pretty Cure to oppose the dark witch and the musketeers of Dysdark along with Kaido Minami (Cure Mermaid), Kirara (Cure Twinkle) and Towa (Cure Scarlet).

Now equipped with great power, they strive to be true, Grand Princesses: Strong, Kind and Beautiful.

Power of the Verse

Surprisingly pretty high. Go! Princess Precure is a pretty strong verse in its own right. The verse has impressive hax such as space-time manipulation, dream manipulation, pocket dimension creation, and even the weakest characters can seal individuals. It consists of several planet level entities, with others characters being either small island level or wall level.


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