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Gladiolus Amicitia (Often referred to as just Gladio) is one of the four protagonists of Final Fantasy XV. As a member of the Crownsguard, Gladio acts as Noctis' shield, having known the prince since childhood. While initially just Noctis' bodyguard without holding him in high regard, Gladio eventually grew to respect Noct and became one of his closest friends.

In 756 M.E., Gladio was ordered to accompany Noctis to his journey to Altissia to wed Lady Lunafreya as part of the Lucis-Niflheim treaty, only to be diverted to stopping the Empire due to their invasion of Lucis.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 6-B, possibly High 6-A | High 6-A

Name: Gladiolus Amicitia, "Gladio"

Origin: Final Fantasy XV

Gender: Male

Age: 23 | 33

Classification: Human, Crownsguard Member

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Electricity Manipulation, Healing, Regeneration (Mid-Low)

Attack Potency: Country level, possibly Multi-Continent level (Capable of harming Titan) | Multi-Continent level (Harmed Ifrit along with the rest of the party)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Can dodge attacks from Coeruls and Thunderocs, both of whom use natural lightning to attack)

Lifting Strength: Class T (Able to hold back Titan)

Striking Strength: Country Class, possibly Multi-Continent ClassMulti-Continent Class

Durability: Country level, possibly Multi-Continent levelMulti-Continent level

Stamina: Extremely high (Capable of fighting for several days straight without rest or sustenance)

Range: Extended melee range with his greatsword

Standard Equipment: His greatsword and shield

Intelligence: As a member of the Crownsguard, Gladio has been training for nearly a decade to protect the Lucian royalty, mastering the usage of a greatsword that delivers slow but powerful blows. In addition, he is skilled in the use of a shield, protecting himself and his allies from harm at a moment's notice and even using it offensively. He is also in perfect sync with his teammates, protecting them when needed and utilizing combination attacks while only communicating with a few words.

Weaknesses: None notable

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Tempest: Gladio swings his greatsword in a 360-degree spin, knocking the enemy off their balance and leaving them more susceptible to assault.
  • Dawnhammer: Gladio leaps into the air and cleaves his enemy in two with a single stroke, dealing far more damage than his regular attacks.
  • Cyclone: Gladio slams his shield into the ground, sending out a shockwave that throws all surrounding enemies into the air.
  • Impulse: After concentrating for a second, Gladio proceeds to swing his greatsword, causing a massive electrical shockwave in front of him, devastating all enemies in the vicinity.

Key: Pre-Timeskip | Post-Timeskip


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