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Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-A | Low 2-C

Name: Giegue | Giygas

Origin: Earthbound

Gender: Male | Inapplicable

Age: Around 80 or 90 years old | Inapplicable

Classification: Psychic alien, Adoptive son of Maria and George | Universal Cosmic Destroyer, Entity "Made" of Evil, Almighty Idiot

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Psychic Abilities, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Shielding, Reality Warping, Object Animation | Energy Manipulation, Time Paradox Immunity (Would have destroyed the entire universe from the past, thousand of years before he was born, and would have still lived, changed the past by deploying his army and twisting space around, but his present form did not suffer any change)  Void Manipulation (In the future, he turned everything into eternal darkness, is capable of absorbing and erasing Paula's call for help, would have fully erased the kids if not stopped), Attack Reflection (Can reflect both Physical and Psychic attacks back at the enemy), Non-Corporeal (Completly destroyed his physical body to become evil energy), Omnipresence, Time Manipulation (Can attack from many years in the past, is able to destroy both Time and Space), Space Manipulation (Can create a dimension of darkness were he fought the kids), Re-Animation (Can reanimate Zombies and Ghost), Status Effect Inducement (Can cause Paralysis, Uncontrollable cryingOne Hit Kill and Confusion), Ice Manipulation (Can completely freeze an enemy), Electricity Manipulation (Can use lighting capable of breaking both physical and psychic shields).

Attack PotencyAt least Mountain level (Superior to Maria's Magicant) | Universe level+ (More powerful than the likes of Ness, who had become one with the universe, was going to effortlessly destroy it if not stopped)

Speed: Speed of Light (Vastly superior to Ninten and his friends) with Massively FTL+ interplanetary travel | Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Inapplicable

Striking Strength: Unknown | Inapplicable

Durability: At least Mountain level (Completely unharmed by anything that was thrown at him by the main cast, Only defeated by his own guilt and love for his adoptive mother) | Universe level+ (No force in the universe, physical or psychic, had any effect on Giygas)

Stamina: Very high | Limitless

Range: Planetary (His mere presence when approaching Earth caused global chaos) | Universal+

Intelligence: Genius on a level beyond human comprehension | Almost completely mindless.

Weaknesses: Maria's Lullaby | Paula's Prayer.

Key: Mother | Earthbound/Mother 2


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