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Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 5-B | At least Low 2-C, possibly higher

Name: Giegue | Giygas

Origin: Earthbound

Gender: Male | Inapplicable

Age: Around 80 or 90 years old | Inapplicable

Classification: Psychic alien, Adoptive son of Maria and George | Universal Cosmic Destroyer, Entity "Made" of Evil, Almighty Idiot

Powers and Abilities: Psychic Abilities, Telepathy, Telekinesis, Invunerability, Shielding, Reality Warping, Object Animation | Non-Corporeal, Omnipresence, Time Manipulation, Mind-Attack, Re-Animation

Attack PotencyAt least Planet level (Capable of altering the entire earth with his presence alone, even while holding back) | At least Universe level+ (Infinitely more powerful than the likes of Ness, who had become one with the universe, Was going to effortlessly destroy it if not stopped), possibly higher (Due to the Mother verse being revealed to have an unknown amount of alternate universes, it is possible Giygas' influence extends beyond the confines of a single space-time continuum)

Speed: Speed of Light (Vastly superior to Ninten and his friends) with at least FTL+ interplanetary travel | Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: Unknown | Inapplicable

Striking Strength: Unknown | Inapplicable

Durability: At least Planet level (Completely unharmed by anything that was thrown at him by the main cast, Only defeated by his own guilt and love for his adoptive mother) | At least Universe level+ (No force in the universe, physical or psychic, had any effect on Giygas), possibly higher

StaminaImmense | Limitless

RangeAt least planetary (His mere presence when approaching Earth caused global chaos) | At least universal+, possibly higher

IntelligenceGenius on a level beyond human comprehension | Almost completely mindless

Weaknesses: Maria's Lullaby | The Eight Melodies, Paula's Prayer

Key: Mother | Earthbound/Mother 2


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Sans (Undertale) Sans' profile (Speed equalized, 5-B Giegue is being used here. Win by K.O or Death. Both characters are bloodlusted.)

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